Jagiellonian University

Kraków, Poland
The Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe (est. 1364).Today, it consists of 15 faculties, including 3 medical faculties, which make up the Medical College. The University provides education to almost 50 000 students. Aware of the incredible value of the internationalization of the academic comunity, the Jagiellonian University aims to meet the expectations of candidats from abroad and widens its offer of programmes in foreign languages every year. For the past few years, the JU has consistently occupied top positions in various rankings of the best universities in Poland.



Founded in 1364 by King Casimir the Great, the Jagiellonian University has been an integral part of Kraków’s history for over 650 years. The Studium Generale - as the University used to be called at that time - consisted of three faculties: of law, medicine and liberal arts. In 1400 the University was re-established by King Vladislaus Jagiello.


The JU offers professionally focused courses in over 80 areas of the most notable academic disciplines.

The University offers study programmes in foreign languages on every level of education: 1st-cycle (licencjat, Bachelor), long-cycle and 2nd-cycle (magister, Master), 3rd- cycle (doctoral) and non-degree post-diploma courses in the field of humanities, social, natural, exact and medical sciences, most of them carried out in English. There are also study programmes available in German, Russian and Ukrainian.

The Jagiellonian University's offer includes study programmes where part of the programmes is completed at partner universities (double diploma programmes).


One of the key tasks of the Jagiellonian University is to carry out world-class research as well as disseminate commercialise their results. The University staff are engaged in local and international research and educational projects in a number of different fields, including interdisciplinary studies, which give them vast opportunities of collaboration and exange of knowledge with scientists and scholars from other research centres.

There were about 120 international projects at the Jagiellonian University in the last years, run in collaboration with 405 foreign research centres. 54 of these schemes were directly funded by the European Comission.


The goal of the Careers Service is to offer JU students and alumni assistance and support in an effective job search and career development by:

  • providing access to tailor-made career advice,
  • organising and conducting training for job seekers,
  • providing information about jobs and educational market,
  • conducting research projects,
  • being professional, impartial and discreet.
According to the research conducted by the JU Careers Service, a majority of Jagiellonian University alumni find employment no later than three months after graduation. Nearly 83% of students are satisfied with the curriculum of their study programme.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


Student services

The International Cooperation Section is responsible for:

  • supporting activities related to initiating and coordinating international cooperation of the Jagiellonian University with universities and research institutions at the university level;
  • preparing bilateral agreements on scientific cooperation realised at the university level;
  • providing support to JU units interesting in signing cooperation agreements on faculty and institute level;
  • coordinating the JU's participation in IRUN;
  • organising trainings and meetings for international relations officers from partner universities;
  • editing the IRO's periodical Newsletter;

Housing services

  • JU Rector's Conference and Reception Centre in Modlnica
  • Floria´nska Guesthouse
  • Przegorzaly Guesthouse
  • S. Pigo´n Guesthouse
  • Bydgoska Dormitory and Hotel
  • Nawojka Dormitory and Hotel
  • Piast Dormitory and Hotel
  • Zaczek Dormitory and Hotel

Library services

The Jagiellonian Library System comprises the main research library and the libraries of JU faculties and departments.

Thanks to an exceptionally rich collection of Polish books published in Poland and abroad, the Jagiellonian Library is regarded as a national repository.

Student Life

Campus life

The Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival, known as the Third Campus and located in Pychowice, in the eastern part of Kraków, consists of modern buildings housing departments of science, natural science and Faculty of Management and Social Communication. The enlargement of the campus ground (by more than 100,000 m2) will help to make a proper use of the JU research and educational potential. As the Campus borders with the Kraków Technology Park and the Kraków Special Economic Zone, which is unique in Poland and in Eastern Europe, it allows for the development of close relationships between higher education and business.

Other Degrees