University of Twente (UT)

Enschede, Netherlands
High tech, human touch. That is the University of Twente. Some 3,300 scientists and other professionals working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real-world relevance and inspiring education for more than 9,000 students. The enterprising university encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and is a partner of Kennispark Twente.
  • #152 Ranking
  • 34 Masters
  • 9000 Students


The University of Twente is a research university which focuses on the development of technology and its impact on people and society. This focus can be seen in the range of 23 Bachelor's degree programmes and 31 Master's degree programmes which the university offers in the field of technology and behavioural and social sciences. Our students are always challenged to look beyond the boundaries of their own field and establish links with other disciplines.

This multidisciplinary approach encourages scientific and social innovation and reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of the university. There are 5,500 Bachelor's degree students and 2,500 Master's degree students at the University of Twente.


The University of Twente offers a range of educational qualifications, including Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, PhDs and post-academic programmes. The basis for all our education is the three-year Bachelor's programme which culminates in a Bachelor of Science degree. The Bachelor's degree allows you access to one or more Master's programmes, which in turn lead to a Master of Science degree. If, during this time, you discover a particular field of research which you find fascinating, you could opt to continue studying after your Master's degree and apply for a four-year doctoral programme. After four years, this will lead to the title of doctor.

The unifying theme which can be found throughout all our educational activities is entrepreneurship. You will find at least 100 businesses (including student-run companies) on campus, for example, and the University of Twente has already generated over 700 spin-off companies. The Kennispark Twente business park provides a home for all our business activities.

Information about our Education is mainly available in Dutch and English (this page). Information about bachelorís programmes is also available in German. Additionally, we offer some basic information for prospective students from Brazil in Portuguese, for students from Mexico in Spanish and for students from Indonesia in Bahasa Indonesia.


The University of Twente is where talent can best realize its full potential. Students and staff are the key. Together, 3,300 scientists and professionals carry out ground-breaking research, bring about socially relevant innovation, and provide inspiring teaching for more than 9,000 students. To us, entrepreneurship comes as second nature. The campus is home to around 100 businesses, including student-run businesses. The University of Twente has also generated more than 700 successful spin-off companies.

The university's business park, Kennispark Twente, encourages and assists entrepreneurs to start new companies. But there's so much more than that happening on our wonderful, green campus. Our sports and cultural facilities are unique and we host events such as the world's largest student think tank, Create Tomorrow. Another legend of the Twente campus is the Netherlands' largest student sports event, the Batavieren Race.

The campus is a hive of activity - a truly inspirational place to be! - University of Twente, the entrepreneurial university.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (14)
Computer Science & IT (8)
Business & Management (5)
Social Sciences (5)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)
Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Education & Training (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Medicine & Health (2)
Humanities (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at University of Twente (UT)!


The University of Twente is proud to be the only campus based university in the Netherlands. Our campus boasts a variety of facets, ranging from a park-like landscape and open air architectural museum to a hub for golden ideas and a 'living lab'. Its a place where education, research, accommodation, sport, culture and student life come together. The university was set up in the 1960s, based on the English model of a private community. Right from the start it has been an open institute keen to share its multitude of modern facilities with schools, businesses, institutes and the inhabitants of Enschede. Experience the campus!

Booking office

The UT booking office is there to help you arrange your meetings, symposia, congresses, cultural, sports and other activities and overnight accommodation at the University of Twente. We are your one-stop shop for booking all the facilities and accommodation you need, quickly and simply. It is our aim to facilitate the organization of your stay at UT.

Once you have made your choice, the UT booking office will help you to arrange all the details. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us, or make an appointment for a talk where we can advise you without any obligation on your part. What does the University of Twente have to offer?

  • A very wide range of facilities, all on campus
  • Lots of free parking space
  • Good accessibility by public transport
  • Conference space for up to 900 persons
  • More than 50 conference rooms of varying sizes
  • Cultural facilities
  • Sports facilities (tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gymnasium, climbing wall etc.)
  • A wide range of catering facilities
  • Hotel accommodation
  • 7 chalet units, accommodating up to 105 persons
  • A big arena at the heart of the campus, suitable for holding a wide variety of events

What can the UT booking office do for you?

Provide information and advice about the facilities available, and guide you through the booking process. We will be glad to tell you about the wide range of facilities the university has to offer you to make your stay on campus a success conferencing accommodation, sports and cultural facilities, catering, hotel accommodation and more.

The Horsttoren tower ( T1300)

The university has its own VIP lounge at the top of the Horsttoren tower (building T 1300), one of the landmarks on the University of Twente campus. The lower floors of the building house the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. The VIP lounge offers a splendid view over the green campus and the surrounding countryside for miles around.

This peaceful environment is the ideal spot to hold a meeting or presentation where it is important that you should be free from disturbance. You are welcome to make use of the terrace on the north, east and west of the

lounge during breaks in your programme. The VIP lounge is just the place for top-level meetings, conferences, presentations and workshops. Audio/visual aids such as a beamer, screen, and PC are provided.

It is suitable for groups of from 10 to 60 persons, is easily accessible and there is plenty of free parking space in the vicinity.

If desired, you could also have lunch served in the comfort of the VIP lounge during a break in activities, or enjoy a quiet drink there at the end of the day.

Events on the campus/Event office

There is much more to do on the campus than research and education! Activities for students and employers can be found almost every day, hosted by study- and student organizations, studies, institutes, Kennispark Twente or by the University itself. Regularly there are events for people outside the university as well. Think of lectures, workshops, theatre, symposia, etc.

Known events from the last couple of years:

  • Batavierenrace (biggest relay-race worldwide, from Nijmegen to Enschede with 8000 students)
  • Create Tomorrow (biggest student collaboration of the Netherlands, where groups work on creative solutions for business and governmental cases)
  • Concerts/festivals like Campuspop/Citymoves (with for example Anouk, Caro Emerald, Waylon, Candy Dulfer, Tiësto)

Events of the UT, that are accessible for everybody, will be announced on (direct link: Specific events for students and employers can be found on the student and employers portal or on the website of the concerning study/faculty/study association. Would you like to add an event on the UT-website? Use the button on the event page or send an email to

Introducing the Events Office

As the name implies, the Events Office has been set up to organize events at the University of Twente. We can take care of all details, from hiring a marquee to applying for the necessary permits and requesting estimates. Our services range from providing support to arranging the entire event from a visit by Queen Beatrix to a student party, from a guided tour for two persons to a concert for

an audience of 35 000. Whatever the event you have in mind, we are there to help you. The head of the Events Office is Tonnie Buitink.

Safety first

The University of Twente attaches great importance to safety. It has therefore been decided that all events great and small held on campus must be reported to the Events Office. We are not there to play Big Brother, but to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to avoid the risk of accidents. In the case of big events, we contact the police and the fire brigade right from the start, to ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities. We take care of permit applications for all big events.

Practical help

The Events Office can also arrange the hire of equipment for events and congresses. Our regular suppliers are well acquainted with the requirements on the University of Twente campus. This allows us to relieve you of much of the routine work of arranging an event always, of course, in close consultation with you and after your approval of the arrangements.

We can also help you to arrange the participation of carpark attendants, stewards, first-aiders and the construction crew who put up any structures needed for your events and dismantle them after use. The involvement of the Events Office can cut your costs: we can make the necessary arrangements quickly, thanks to our years of experience, and our knowledge of market prices means that you will not pay over the odds for the services you require.


We have a creative approach to our work at the Events Office. We get satisfaction from arranging events, in full consultation with you, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all participants have a good time. And we are very approachable. The door of our office, situated in the Vrijhof building, is always open. If you have any queries, why dont you just drop in?

Possibilities in Sports and Sportscentre

The only Dutch university with a real campus also has unrivalled sports facilities. The skys the limit in Twente! People outside the University of Twente often envy the superb facilities offered to students and staff. But there is no need to be envious: you too can make use of the UTs sports facilities if you want to.

Top-class sports facilities to suit every taste

  • Are you looking for an attractive spot to hold a big event lasting one or more days?
  • Are you planning a big activity which is not necessarily related to sport?
  • Do you need good training grounds for your team?
  • Do you want to hold a sports day with a wide variety of sports?
  • Are you thinking of setting up a university-level training camp?
  • Would you like to engage in sport yourself on an incidental basis?

Then you need look no further: the University of Twente is the place for you.

With our 3 sports halls, 2 playing fields with artificial turf and 3 with natural grass, an outdoor climbing wall 30 metres high, extensive athletics facilities, an archery range, a water-sports complex where rowing is possible, a baseball field, 9 beach volleyball fields, a basketball court, 9 tennis courts and of course an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, we can meet all your sporting needs. Our sports halls can also be put to a wide variety of other uses, not directly related to sport for holding examinations, for example, or for information fairs, graduation ceremonies or sleeping accommodation for big events such as the Batavierenrace with its 7000 participants. The accommodation has also been used for TV shows and for live performances by the Dutch country singer Ilse de Lange and the Orkest van het Oosten (Netherlands Symphony Orchestra). Bearing in mind that the UT Sports Centre is easily accessible and that there is plenty of free parking space in the vicinity, it may be concluded that we have a lot to offer you.

Possibilities Culturecentre Vrijhof

De Vrijhof of the University of Twente (UT) houses a number of theatres and conference rooms that are used by the Vrijhof Cultural Department and the 20-odd dramatic, artistic and cultural associations, set up by the students at the university. While many of these rooms are primarily intended for theatrical, dance or musical performances, they can also be used to good effect for other activities such as meetings (spread, if necessary, over several days), congresses and symposia. Groups of up to 300 people (operating as a whole or split up into smaller groups) will find suitable accommodation at de Vrijhof for a wide range of activities.

If you have come to the UT for a business conference or a training course, for example, it may not initially have occurred to you to include a spot of culture as part of your overall programme. Nevertheless, the staff of Vrijhof Cultural Department will be glad to explore with you the possibility of arranging such a meaningful adjunct to your main activities such as a guided tour with an architectural or artistic theme, a workshop on an appropriate cultural topic (many of which are run by students from one of the UTs many associations), live music at your farewell cocktail party or perhaps even a performance that illustrates some aspect of your own activities. In addition, some of your participants might be able to take part in an existing cultural activity.

It would go beyond the bounds of this introduction to mention all the possibilities. In many cases, Vrijhof Cultural Department can deliver a special programme tailored to meet your needs. Why not ask about the possibilities when you book your activities? The staff of Vrijhof Cultural Department will be glad to talk things over with you and give you advice.

Vrijhof Cultural Depart ment

Vrijhof Cultural Department organizes a wide range of activities in the field of art and culture. Apart from its three theatres, De Vrijhof houses art galleries, workshops and studios for classical and popular music. De Vrijhof is the home base for 20 student associations in the cultural sphere, including choirs, orchestras, dance, drama, cabaret and theatresports societies (theatresports is a form of improvisational theatre first developed in Canada in the 1970s). They rehearse in De Vrijhof, and produce about 80 performances and concerts every year.

A culture sandwich

A lunchtime performance has been held in De Vrijhof every Monday at twenty-five to one, in a tradition extending back more than 40 years. This culture sandwich has a highly varied filling, ranging from a performance to dance, film, a lecture, cabaret, classical or contemporary music.

Evening performances

There are also evening performances in De Vrijhof. Most of these are organized by the student associations that are based there. But sometimes De Vrijhof Cultural Department puts on a special event with contributions from outside the Department.

Exhibitions in and around De Vrijhof.

New exhibitions are held monthly in the two art galleries on the ground floor of De Vrijhof. The organizers do their best to ensure a wide variety in the exhibitions they put on, ranging from painting and sculpture to graphic art, photography, new media art and installations. The aim is to provide a showcase for young artists from the region of Twente.

Art in the open air

The Campus of the University of Twente is uniquely sited in the green lung of the city of Enschede. The buildings that have been erected there over the past 50 years form an open-air museum of modern architecture, with examples of both structuralism and functionalism. In addition, 20-odd works of art often by renowned artists are displayed on campus. Visitors can explore these by taking the Architecture and Art walk (details of which are available on request).

Open-air theatre

The Campus also has an attractive open-air theatre, where an audience of 600 can enjoy the shows that are put on from time to time (weather permitting).


Vrijhof Cultural Department offers a wide range of cultural courses and workshops, intended in the first place for students, every year. The subjects on offer range from basic and artistic welding to plastic design, voice techniques for singers, dance, photography, radio production techniques, furniture design and even yoga, massage and meditation. The staff of Vrijhof Cultural Department would also be glad to arrange special workshops, lasting from about an hour and a half to a whole morning, afternoon or evening session. On request for groups making use of the universitys conferencing facilities.

Housing on the campus

Renting rooms on the campus

More than 2000 students live on the campus . A social environment, on which you can experience something every day. Do you want to live on the campus as a student? Acasa is the organization that rents the rooms. There are a few 1-person apartments available, but most of the rooms are in houses with up to 15 other students.

Kamersite of the Student Union

Students post the empty rooms in their houses on the kamersite (housing website) of the Student Union. You can find rooms for downtown as well as for on the campus.

Furnished rooms for international students

The International Office supports international students who need (temporary) houses.

Student Life

The Student Union Welcome at the portal that informs you about the Student Union. We are an organization that is in close contact to numerous parties varying from the smallest student association to the executive board of the university. Our goal is to let your student days be both good fun and stimulating. By means of several alliances we create as many opportunities as possible for both associations and individual students. If you feel like organizing an event or starting an enterprise we can, for instance, help you with finding the right contacts or a cheap office space. We also give various subsidies and we have a sponsorship fund for interesting projects.

To make your student days even more exciting and to offer opportunities to enhance yourself, we also organize events ourselves. Every year we start with a major party by means of the Kick-In, a committee that we are very proud of. Furthermore, we bi-annually organize the largest student think tank of the world: Create Tomorrow. Besides we also operate the UnionShop, to purchase all of your study materials, and the Xtra-Card, accessing you to a wide range of low-priced sports and culture facilities. All of these activities and facilities are a definite must for a great time!

Moreover, we ensure that you get to know the right people, are able to express your opinion, or strive for gaining some extra skills. We organize a drink with the rector several times a year. Here you can discuss various topics with your fellow students and, obviously, the rector. We also provide trainings and hand out prices and certificates to students who want to extend their skills. You could, for instance, receive an activism recognition as an extension to your degree, when you did a full-time board function for your association.
In short: whatever type of student you are, the Student Union helps you to optimally experience your student days here!


All Master of Science and Bachelor of Science programmes at the University of Twente are NVAO accredited.

NVAO(in Dutch:Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie) is the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders. The organisation was established by international treaty and it ensures the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders.

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