United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)

Torino, Italy
UNICRI's programmes aim to promote national self-reliance and the development of institutional capabilities. To this end, UNICRI provides a one-stop facility offering high-level expertise in crime prevention and criminal justice problems. Technical co-operation is enhanced by the use of action-oriented research to assist in the formulation of improved policies and concrete intervention programmes. Institutional and on-the-job training of specialized personnel form an integral part of UNICRI activities.



UNICRI is a United Nations entity established in 1965 to support countries worldwide in preventing crime and facilitating criminal justice.


The Institute's current priorities include:

  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear risks mitigation;
  • Cyber-crimes;
  • Illicit trafficking in precious metals;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Urban Security;
  • Security during major events;
  • Counter-terrorism;
  • Addressing gender issues in drug abuse and treatment;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Protection of vulnerable population and victims;
  • Juvenile justice;
  • International Criminal Law.


  • UNICRI’s programme on Counterfeiting is based on a long tradition of research in matters of organized crime. Counterfeiting is an important part of the work of the Institute due to the growing interest of criminal organizations in this area.
  • UNICRI considers environmental crime, including its links with other forms of crime, a serious and growing danger for development, global stability and international security.
  • Urban Security


The United Nations is looking for competent and motivated persons with a strong belief in its purpose and mandates, who are willing to dedicate themselves to a rewarding international career in different locations around the world. The United Nations provides an opportunity to serve in a dynamic, multicultural environment in a variety of jobs in the support of global causes.

Master's Programmes

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Library services

The Library holds more than 20.000 monographs, 1.250 journals and yearbooks, tens of thousands documents by the United Nations System, other international and regional organizations, national institutions and NGOs, multimedia material, grey literature on crime prevention and criminal justice issues.

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