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At New Bulgarian University you will join a young and thriving academic community whichvalues diversity. You will join our academic society where we exchange ideas and learn from each other every day. We are proud to have about 11 000 students studying different programs.

The New Bulgarian University is a modern university which offers many attractive features to international students: * A wide variety of Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs and joint programs to choose,including online learning and qualification courses for students willing to continue or upgrade their education

* High quality academic programs enabling students to meet the demands of the labour market

* A stimulating environment with modern conditions for learning combined with opportunity for cultural and social enrichment with the NBU Museum, the UniArt Gallery, the sport facilities and many others

* A credit system which allows accreditation of study periods at other universities and individual study plans

* Access to modern information technologies and modern training methods with access to world-wide academic resources

* A high standard of educational resources and facilities

* A friendly and hospitable atmosphere with responsive colleagues and highly qualified academic staff


New Bulgarian University was established on 18 September 1991 with a resolution by Bulgarian Parliament. The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, which reviews Bulgarias higher education teaching, granted NBU maximum accreditation in three consecutive accreditations in 2001, 2006 and 2012. Since 2004, NBU is an accredited partner of the Open University UK.

New Bulgarian University pioneered the introduction in Bulgaria of a credit system, Professional Bachelors, Bachelors and Masters programs, distance and continuing education. The list of NBU Honorary Doctors and Honorary Professors include individuals of international renown such as Richard Rorty, Vera Mutafchieva, Julia Kristeva, Jean-Pierre Vernant, Milcho Leviev, Robert Young, Raina Kabaivanska, Lord Ralf Darendorf, Terry Eagleton, Geert Hofstede, Daniel Libeskind, Ennio Morricone etc.

The mission of New Bulgarian University is to be an autonomous liberal education institution dedicated to the advancement of university education by offering accessible and affordable opportunities for interdisciplinary and specialized education and research of high quality. Bringing its academic potential to the service of society, the University prepares its graduates for the challenges of modern democratic life cultivating critical and creative thinking, sensitivity to cultural difference, and problem-solving



On 5th July 2001 NBU obtained from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency an institutional accreditation for the maximum 6-year period. This accreditation entitles NBU to enrol students and issue higher education diplomas, recognized by the state. In the month of September 2005, the New Bulgarian University passed through the second procedure of institutional accreditation. The masters program Law of the New Bulgarian University obtained program accreditation from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Outgoing No 397, 22nd June 2004.

ACCREDITATION BY The Open University, London -

On 18th October 2004 the New Bulgarian University obtained accreditation for an initial five- year period from the Open University, Great Britain. The accreditation entitles NBU to offer education on the programs of the Open University.


In the beginning of 2004 the foreign language general educational courses of NBU were accredited by OPTIMA the Bulgarian branch of the international association for quality language services (EAQUALS-ALTE). OPTIMAs logo guarantees quality of the language environment and high level training, high standard of teaching and training, ensured by qualified teachers, professionalism and high morality, correctness and reliability of the information, related to the training conditions and payment, engagement in the implementation and development of the foreign language training standards, regular monitoring (inspection) of the educational process, precise evaluation of the language level of the students through entry tests, tracking the progress of the students through current and final tests, opportunity for the students to express their opinion of the course, clear and correct procedure for solving of problems related to complaints, issuing of a certificate for a completed level and results at the end of the course.


The university campus consists of two buildings (Building 1 and Building 2) housing the Aula, Library, University Theater, NBU Museum, UniArt Gallery, Medical Center with a First-Aid Room and a Dental Office, Sports Center, coffee shops, a restaurant and a Bulgarian Posts branch surrounded by trees and with large open green spaces. Campus and facilities development at NBU is aimed at ensuring modern teaching and learning conditions satisfying the most stringent quality standards.

Study options that NBU offers: * Full-time degree programs combine the most demanding academic tradition with an interactive approach promoting independent learning.

* Distance learning programs offer online feature videotaped lectures of courses held on campus, with accompanying printed and visual course materials, and regular consultations with course advisors.

* Intensive (part-time) learning programs lead to Professional Bachelors degrees. They take three years to complete and are offered only at the local centers in Varna, Vidin or Plovdiv. Classes are conducted in three consecutive days (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) with assessment of student work performed the following week. Students in intensive learning programs do not use manuals or the MOODLE NBU platform.

* eLearning is used as a tool to enhance both the full-time and distance study options. The MOODLE NBU platform is easily accessed from the NBU websites home page at It provides access to eMaterials for each course including lectures, articles, projects and required reading lists. The platform offers opportunities for online consultations and communication among teachers and students, task assignment and test preparation, progress assessment etc.

Student life

As the countrys capital Sofia offers a huge range of possibilities to socialize, get fit, meet new people or just relax. Our campus is within short distance from the Vitosha mountain making walks, picnics or skiing a frequently chosen option for spending some free time.

The history, the culture and the population of the city allow for numerous places to go and enjoy. Starting with museums, theatres, cinemas, and concerts you would never fall short of the choices. Outdoor events are also common among festivals and group venues. Getting to the City Centre, the central bus station or the airport takes up to 30 minutes making it easy for you to choose how and where to spend your free time or vacation. Travelling within the country is relatively cheap. Some of the most famous tourist attractions are within a two-hour drive from Sofia.

Bulgarian cuisine is exceptionally diverse as it provides a huge variety of dishes combining different tastes, spices and cooking techniques. Many of the dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation over the centuries. You will still be able to find plenty of products in the markets as well as specialized shops in case of specific preferences.

Master's Programmes at New Bulgarian University

Mass Communication Department

Jean Monnet Center of European Politics

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