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The New Bulgarian University was established on 18th September 1991 upon decision of the Great National Assembly. On 5th July 2001, NBU obtained institutional accreditation from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency for the maximum 6-year period, and in December 2005 it passed through the second accreditation procedure. In 2004 NBU was accredited by The Open University in Great Britain.

It was the first university in Bulgaria, which introduced the credit system, the study for the educational degrees specialist, bachelor and master, the distance learning and continuing education.

Among the Doctors Honoris Causa and Honorary Professors of NBU are persons of world renown - Richard Rorty, Vera Mutafchieva, Yulia Krasteva, Jean-Perre Vernant, Milcho Leviev, Robert Young, Raina Kabaivanska, Lord Ralf Dahrendorf, Terry Eagleton, etc.

Annually, 12 000 students and single-course students study at NBU. Up to 2006, 9 940 bachelors, masters and post-graduate students have graduated at the university.

The mission of NBU is:

* To be a student-oriented, autonomous academic institution for cultivating of enterprising persons, responsible for their own development.
* To serve as environment for the development of socially concerned persons, prepared for the life under the conditions of democracy, civil society, market relations, European and world integration.
* To be a liberal academic institution, based on the relation between education, research, and entrepreneurship.
* To provide general interdisciplinary and narrowly specialized education, based on research work and related to the practice.



On 5th July 2001 NBU obtained from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency an institutional accreditation for the maximum 6-year period. This accreditation entitles NBU to enrol students and issue higher education diplomas, recognized by the state. In the month of September 2005, the New Bulgarian University passed through the second procedure of institutional accreditation. The masters program Law of the New Bulgarian University obtained program accreditation from the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Outgoing No 397, 22nd June 2004.

ACCREDITATION BY The Open University, London -

On 18th October 2004 the New Bulgarian University obtained accreditation for an initial five- year period from the Open University, Great Britain. The accreditation entitles NBU to offer education on the programs of the Open University.


In the beginning of 2004 the foreign language general educational courses of NBU were accredited by OPTIMA the Bulgarian branch of the international association for quality language services (EAQUALS-ALTE). OPTIMAs logo guarantees quality of the language environment and high level training, high standard of teaching and training, ensured by qualified teachers, professionalism and high morality, correctness and reliability of the information, related to the training conditions and payment, engagement in the implementation and development of the foreign language training standards, regular monitoring (inspection) of the educational process, precise evaluation of the language level of the students through entry tests, tracking the progress of the students through current and final tests, opportunity for the students to express their opinion of the course, clear and correct procedure for solving of problems related to complaints, issuing of a certificate for a completed level and results at the end of the course.


The connection between the University and the practice finds another expression in a range of services developed by the New Bulgarian University that can be ordered both by individuals of the University community and outside users. CONTINUING EDUCATION

* Taught programs and courses in personnel qualification developed depending on the wishes and specifics of the company or organization. Forms of studies offered are full-time, distance, intensive - seminars, workshops, summer schools. Teaching can be organized in the respective company or at the local centers of NBU in Plovdiv, Varna or Vidin.
* Taught programs in professional qualification and re-qualification of specialists in various fields in compliance with the requirements of the company or organization.
3. Training of unemployed to acquire new professional skills and short-term courses for all ages.
* Teaching by distinguished scholars, artists and public figures intended for general audience.
* Tuition of pupils to help them prepare for university studies.


The New Bulgarian University Library was founded in 1995 comprising the collections of three libraries - the old AONSU library, The Master's Faculty Library and the Library of the Law Department. This was the beginning. Overall reconstructure aiming at the furter functioning and development of the newly created library was the next step. The renewed complex was inaugurated on 17 June 1998 and in 2007 was opened the new reading room "Prof. Ivanka Apostolova".

Student life

New Bulgarian University is situated in residential quarter Ovcha Kupel, Sofia City. The university complex of NBU consists of two buildings building 1 and building 2, AULA, Library, University Theatre and Museum, Medical Center with a Dental Surgery, coffee-clubs and restaurant. The main objective in facility development is the ensuring of modern training conditions for the students, who are provided with all the necessary equipment and advantages.

At NBU, there are over 100 auditoriums, specialized computer halls, language training halls, specializied halls in drawing, music, dancing, design, architecture etc. with capacity of more than 2500 seats. The technical equipment of the lecture halls allow for the use of multimedia applications and interactive technologies. The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia projectors, video and audio equipment, overhead projectors, slide projectors, etc. Some of the auditoriums are named after distinguished scientists and artists, whose archives are donated to NBU Prof. Ivan Sarailiev, Prof. Petar Mutafchiev, Prof. Vasil Stoilov, Prof. Konstantin Katsarov, Prof. Tseko Torbov, Prof. Georgi Mihailov, Prof. Raina Mihailova, William Gladstone.

The university AULA is the place for official ceremonies, academic lectures, international conferences, film festivals, concerts and master classes. It is supplied with modern audiovisual equipment, interpreter booths, organ and grand piano.
At the university, there is constructed a Training Court room for the students in Law program, and for the students in the art programs there are equipped professional fashion design, animation cinema, drawing and ceramics, video editing ateliers, musical, theatre and ballet rooms, foreign language training rooms, there are also simultaneous and consecutive interpretation rooms.

NBU provided 365 computers for study purposes and individual work of the students. The student computer centers offer free access to the Internet and ensure permanent connection with online libraries and resources.
For the purposes of research and experimental activity, there are equipped laboratories for information technologies, informatics, telecommunications, neurosciences and gemology, animation cinema, as well as laboratories for study of the usability of products and services, laboratory for experimental psychology, laboratory for sociological and socio-anthropological research work, multimedia language laboratory, photography laboratory, laboratory for graphic design and animation and university film center.
The students and teachers exhibit their works in the permanent and provisional galleries of the university.
The university teachers and administration work in modern offices, where the communication processes are facilitated by the integrated information system, providing for the use of the needed data at any time.
There is a Health Center in Building 2 of NBU, disposing of medical and dental room. The university has two copy centers, 3 bookstores, 3 coffee clubs and a restaurant.

The Library is situated on three floors and represents a cultural and information center. The library is supplied with special reader equipment for people with disabled eyesight.
The university is supplied with facilities, providing access for physically disabled people to the university resources.
During the non-academic periods, the New Bulgarian University can rent the university premises to external users for carrying out of events. The facilities and equipment are suitable for carrying out of conferences, seminars, presentations, business meetings, etc. As extra services, which may be used, the university offers a movie theatre, copy center, Internet connection, technical equipment, health center, guarded parking lot. The offers are drawn up on a case-by-case basis.

Master's Programmes at New Bulgarian University

Mass Communication Department

Jean Monnet Center of European Politics

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