TheSchool of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE)is the international Business School of the Steinbeis University Berlin (SUB), the largest privately owned university in Germany. We conduct degree programs for ambitious, upwardly mobile working professionals who desire to be enabled to better contribute to the success of their employers or own companies. Our experienced-based-curriculum focuses on graduate courses in management and law and includes both open enrollment as well as corporate programs.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The key difference of learning at SIBE is knowledge application based on real-world challenges.
  • As a SIBE student, you apply knowledge, tools and techniques from the courses and conduct real analysis, derive strategies, and assess results.
  • A systematic competency development process accompanies you to gain a picture of your strengths, because you are best at which you are competent.



SIBE studies combine theory application, skill development and practical qualification with actual, ongoing real-life business challenges in a continuous learning process. Thus equipped, SIBE grooms its graduates to become more than merely experts in their field of studies. Our goal is to promote the lasting competence to manage and overcome any kind of business challenge, may it be now or in the future and no matter how unforeseen, open or unpredictable the situation may appear. We aim to strengthen our students' creativity, self-regulation and ability to create solutions for themselves, their teams, and at their place of work. We challenge their critical thinking and ability to cooperate and lead. With these qualification goals, we strive to equip our graduates with the right skills needed in the labor market and the edge to drive their careers.


  • Leadership & Competency Development
  • Innovation-Management (including Internationalization)
  • Foresight-Management
  • Applied Management Science


During our study program, we already think together with our students about their future. This is reflected in our study integrated competency development, a close student network, and supported with our alumni statistics. Three years after graduation, 89% of SIBE graduates are in permanent employment. The remaining 11% are in a fixed term employment (5%), business owners (3%), or in between jobs (3%).

From a financial point of view our graduates earn three years after graduation:

  • 70.000 15.000 (43,5%)
  • 40.000 70.000 (48,3%)
  • 30.000 40.000 (6,5%)

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (1)


Student services

Comprehensive and good student support is particularly important in online study programs. This is why we have organized the M.A./MBA (USA) completely around our students needs and have assigned real people that work with you and who you can turn to for questions and support.
Academic Success Counselor (ASC):

  • Each class has one ASC assigned who is the "go-to" person for all administrative and organizational matters. S/He guides and supports you personally on your path to successful graduation.
  • Professors in the M.A./MBA are experts in their field and are assigned by SIBE and Post University. They are the "academic heart of the program and your contact partner for all questions regarding program content and academics.

Library services

Students have access to SIBEs and Post Universitys online libraries. Personal library service is provided for Post Universitys libraries.

ICT services

Both, SIBE and Post University provide IT support for their learning platforms.


  • Steinbeis University Berlin M.A. in General Management FIBAA premium seal accredited
  • Post University Master of Business Administration (MBA) ASCSB accredited, and ranked among the top 160 online MBA programs US News and World Report

Other Degrees

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