Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Ås, Norway

No. Students: 5,200 No. of Academic staff: 1,000
Funding type: Public
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

studies available.


The university's main specialisation areas are:
· biology
· food
· environment
· land use and natural resource management.

Together with other research institutes established at Aas, NMBU provides state-of-the-art knowledge based on a broad range of disciplines. A broad range of study programmes are offered at Bachelor, Master and PhD level.

These include:
· Animal science
· Aquaculture
· Biotechnology
· Chemistry
· Applied Mathematics and Statistics
· Physics
· Spatial Planning
· Biotechnology
· Environment and Natural Resources
· Plant Science
· Forestry
· Ecology and Natural Resource Management
· Food Science
· Landscape Architecture
· Economics and Resource Management
· Development Studies
· Teacher education in Natural Science

About 38 % of the 660 courses at the Bachelor and Master level are taught in English, as well as many PhD level courses.


The Norwegian University Library of Life Sciences offers documentary- and lending services to staff and students at NMBU.

The university park is probably the oldest arboretum in Norway. Some of the trees date back to the founding years of the NMBU. The park covers about 60 hectares (150 acres) and contains some 1400 different varieties of plants.

These include 330 varieties of roses concentrated in a rosarium and some 250 perennials in their own garden.
A second arboretum, Norskogarboretet, was established in 1920 and covers roughly 50 hectares. This contains some 70 species of forest trees planted in stands.
In addition to functioning as parks and recreational areas, the arboreta are used for teaching and research at NMBU.

Student life

Student Housing

Most first year students live in the Pentagon, a building south of the NMBU campus. The Pentagon enhances the international NMBU experience. Up to six people share a flat, which includes a private room and a shared toilet, shower, kitchen and living area. The University Foundation of Student Life (SiÅs) oversees the Pentagon. Private housing in Ås is also available.


University Foundation for Student Life in Ås (SiÅs) The University Foundation for Student Life in Ås was established in 1955 under and in pursuance of the Act of 28.06.96 of Student unions. SiÅs shall:

* provide the students with good and reasonable welfare offers
* promote the students interests
* contribute do that NMBU becomes and attractive place to study and work

SiÅs is in charge of the student accommodations, sports center, bookstore, print shop, restaurant and cafeterias, nursery, kiosk and booking of meeting and function rooms.

Studensamfunnet in Ås The NMBU student community consists of 60-70 clubs and societies that both alone and together offer most students unique and social activities with many challenges. Studentsamfunnet in Ås is the oldest and most powerful society that owns most of the buildings that bring most of the social activities together.

The Student Board The Student Board (NSO Ås) deals with everything that concerns student democracy, including daily contact with SiÅs and contact with the different student representatives in various boards, assemblies and committees. The Student Board is the administrative head of the Student Parliament, but it is the Student Parliament that controls the Student Board. The Student Committee consists of elected representatives from each department plus elected members of the Student Board. The highest body in the student democracy is the general assembly (Allmøtet). Here, all students have speaking and voting rights. Representatives to the Student Board are elected at the general assembly, which is held every autumn and spring. at the department general assemblies, student representatives on department level are elected. All students have speaking and voting rights on their departments general assemblies.

International Student Union The International Student Union (ISU) is an organization composed of international students that attend various universities and Høgskolen throughout Norway and who have particular interest in student politics and international student rights. ISU is a democratic, non-profit, non-religious, multicultural and non-partisan organization that seeks to serve and promote the interests of foreign students who are studying in Norway. ISU represents the voice of international students in political and academic matters and has to main aims:

* to ensure that the rights and interests of all international students are suitably represented and protected
* to maintain social welfare

ISU also promotes the relationship between Norwegian and international students and works to sustain the connections with local student organizations. Membership with ISU is free and open to all international students in Norway. Elections are held once a year in September and all international students have the right o run for office and vote. The members of the board meet in the student post office approximately every two weeks after classes and work as a team to discuss many different aspects of the international student life. ISU is a democracy and each member has the right to propose, suggest and advise. The highest branch of the ISU is the National Assembly that carries out the working plans and approves budgets for all of the ISU branches. Local branches have the autonomy to decide the conditions for their own activities.

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