Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)

Ås, Norway
The university is recognised as a leading international centre of knowledge, focused on higher education and research within environmental- and biosciences.



NMBU's research is enabling people all over the world to tackle the big, global challenges regarding the environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, food production, and land- and resource management.


The Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology is comprised of three departments: Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management, Department of Environmental Sciences and Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology.

  • Department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management (INA) combines research on, and education in, fundamental biology and ecology, renewable energy, nature-based tourism, natural resource management and forestry.
  • Department of Environmental Sciences (IMV)
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences and Technology (IMT)


NMBU offers exciting research opportunities, competitive pay and benefits and a stimulating, international work environment. We have two campuses, one in Oslo and one in Ås, both with a mix of majestic listed buildings and top-modern facilities set in stunning locations.

Master's Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (6)
Agriculture & Forestry (5)
Social Sciences (3)
Applied Sciences & Professions (2)
Business & Management (1)
Humanities (1)


Student services

Services at the Service Centre:

  • Switchboard
  • Reception
The Service Centre is NMBU's main reception. We welcome visitors to the University and guide them on through the NMBU system. We also issue temporary parking permits and guest parking permits. The Reception area in Ås has a seating area and newspapers for people who want to sit here and read.
  • Lost property
The Service Centre in Cirkus acts as Campus Ås' lost property office. If you find a lost item or if you have lost something, please contact us – either in person or over the phone.
  • Post service
  • Access cards
  • Hiring rooms

Housing services

On-campus Housing

  • Upon admission, students at NMBU-Campus Ås are given instructions on how to apply for accommodation provided by SiÅs (University Foundation for Student Life). SiÅs is a student-owned organization responsible for various services for students, such as on-campus housing, cafeterias and the bookstore.

Private Housing Off-campus

  • Private housing options can be considered and investigated from the very beginning. You might also consider other locations than Ås. For example Ski (7 minutes from Ås with train/car), Vestby (8 minutes from Ås with train/car) and Oslo (30 minutes from Ås with train/car). The train station in Ås is about 15 minutes walk to campus.

Library services

Staff and students at NMBU have to search the library database, and find materials on their own. The loan period is normally 4 weeks, journals 1 week. Remember to take along your library card. Any material being stored at one of NMBU’s departments has to be borrowed at the department directly.

Medical services

Health care is generally provided by your assigned General Practioner, if you are a member of the insurance scheme. The local Health Care Center offers certain medical services for students and youth in the municipality.

Student Life

Campus life

The university park is probably the oldest arboretum in Norway. Some of the trees date back to the founding years of the NMBU. The park covers about 60 hectares (150 acres) and contains some 1400 different varieties of plants.These include 330 varieties of roses concentrated in a rosarium and some 250 perennials in their own garden. A second arboretum, Norskogarboretet, was established in 1920 and covers roughly 50 hectares. This contains some 70 species of forest trees planted in stands. In addition to functioning as parks and recreational areas, the arboreta are used for teaching and research at NMBU.

Sports facilities

NMBU has a football and sports field and a large indoor sports facility. The university is located in close proximity to both a ski track and a national rowing facility.The Student Union (Samfunnet) is a large facility offering students a cafeteria, bar and numerous rooms which students can use for student activities, such as concerts and dances.For more information about sports offers see Sias sports or Samfunnet for other.

Student clubs

University Foundation for Student Life in Ås (SiÅs) The University Foundation for Student Life in Ås was established in 1955 under and in pursuance of the Act of 28.06.96 of Student unions. SiÅs shall:

  • provide the students with good and reasonable welfare offers
  • promote the students interests
  • contribute do that NMBU becomes and attractive place to study and work
  • SiÅs is in charge of the student accommodations, sports center, bookstore, print shop, restaurant and cafeterias, nursery, kiosk and booking of meeting and function rooms.
Studensamfunnet in Ås The NMBU student community consists of 60-70 clubs and societies that both alone and together offer most students unique and social activities with many challenges.

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