ERAM Crossmedia College

Girona, Spain

No. Students: 350 (50 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 30
Funding type: Public
  • Girona / Spain
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10 Reasons for choosing Eram CrossMedia College

1. The Quality of its Education. ERAM College was created to take the lead in university education in the new audiovisual communication technologies. Its primary asset is the transfer of knowledge, providing students with professional and personal identity.

2. Double degree. University networking greatly benefits a students careers. As a result our courses have double degree, BA has UK degree and a Spanish degree or, due to the agreements signed with educational institutes in China, the master degree can be studied in either of the two countries.

3. Internationally student community. Teaming up individuals from all corners of the world done with the aim to promote and strength cultural exchanges. Bachelors and masters are taught in English, offering both the possibility to improve language learning while getting a degree in the multimedia and audiovisual environment, but specially allows students to take part in the international workshops and other activities organized between universities.

4. Job placement opportunity. The use of new technologies grows everyday. Because the diverse range of population that have access to a computer and growing online network options increases the production of digital content. On the other hand there is a clear tendency to integrate devices besides improving the accessibility from any digital platform to any information. The sector that includes telecommunication industries and services, information technologies, consumer and professional electronics or e-Business demand Crossmedia professionals.
New fundamentals like simple online interaction, new media languages, easy access to information, and the marketing of digital educational material or entertainment calls for a specific formation. Our studies are evolve everyday to be the answer to that call, and specially to propose new future solutions.

5. Multidisciplinary and cross-sectional studies. Multidisciplinary because we offer education in different disciplines such as research and conceptualization, scripting and storyboarding, audience and social analysis, user-centered design, interactivity and usability, computer science and technology or content management. Cross-sectional because we connect them all together. Multi-faceted professionals are very important for modern companies.

6. Creativity, the key to innovation. Within the curriculum we place great importance on student creativity as competency that will set them apart from other professionals. From the CrossMedia Bachelor degree to the Master of Creativity, Design and Technology the educational methodology empowers human creativity in order to discover talent as a tool for understanding and designing future. As leading intellectual on economic competitiveness and technological innovation Richard Florida says Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steelmaking because human creativity is the driving force of economic growth.

7. Excellent Infrastructure. We work in on- and off-campus facilities where students and teaching staff remain in close contact and share experiences to assess the knowledge and/or technological mastery of the students. Always wired, every student can check the calendar, classes at any time.

8. Approachable University experience ERAM Colleges strength is its small groups, the good working environment and the fact that communication and networking is really easy. The school is a University center with a friendly atmosphere, where information and orientation office is providing all-year-round reception service for students for all their inquires.

9. Motivation and self-efficacy improve students outcomes. The healthy balance between studying and creating helps to develop personal aptitudes, social life and enjoyment. A comfortable environment is very important for education, which makes Girona an ideal choice. Its small and quiet but offers a wide range of variety: fantastic landscapes, that let the imaginations run free, live music, cultural activities, night life, sports and much more.

10. Our Professors. Last but not least is our eclectic and professionally renowned teaching staff. Quoting Richard Florida again: Innovation at the regional level is positively and significantly associated with both human capital and creativity. Thats why in ERAM College values human capital and provides low barriers to entry for talented and creative people of all backgrounds.


College affiliated to the University of Girona

New factory located in Cross Cultural Eat Salt, University College ERAM is a school attached to the University of Girona in the field of social sciences, which imparts a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia official and several diplomas and courses specialization.

The EU ERAM is a center of interdisciplinary studies related to communication and a commitment to the arts and creative education transdiciplinar, oriented to the professional world.

The center, a pioneer in the delivery of Girona studies in the field of audiovisual, multimedia and design, perfectly integrated into the social and industrial surrounding, leading sectors where training takes place.


ERAM The EU was created in 1998 by a group of interdisciplinary professionals from diverse areas such as economics, design and engineering with an interest in the world of education in order to create new professional profiles in the field of media studies and provide a response to new emerging professions.


Our graduates are able to act in the field of broadcasting and media, which requires consolidation of interdisciplinary thinking because of the diversity of actions requires the use of emerging technologies, knowledge of the means of expression and appropriate aesthetics and ethics training.

New media and the current dynamics are at work producing new products in the audiovisual and multimedia. Future professionals must provide specific content with singularities communication, technical and creative.


The faculty, composed of doctors, graduates and professionals specialized in different areas related comes to broadcasting: culture, art, music, journalism, film, television, design, advertising and history.

This team works with an open design and integration to create a personalized and creative learning. Space conducive to personal and professional growth of all students ERAM.


BA (Hons)
2 SPAIN Two years of Cross Media studies
1 UK year in Lincoln University or Northampton University. (Getting an official BA degree in the option you chose)

Contemporary Lens Media (Lincoln University)
Graphic Communication (Northampton University)
Interactive Design (Lincoln University)
Media Production (Northampton University)

BA (Hons)
4 years = 2 degrees

2 SPAIN Two years of Cross Media studies
1 UK year in Lincoln University or Northampton University(1rst degree)
1 SPAIN in Audiovisual and Multimedia(2ond degree) in Audiovisual and Multimedia (University of Girona)

MA. Master in creativity, design and technology.

1 SPAIN. One round year from October to September.
You get a degree by the University of Girona


In ERAM CrossMedia College students have immediate access to information and every tool available at any time. All facilities are equipped with everything the creative mind needs and technology can offer, from multimedia laboratories to comprehensive libraries. Education Management System also uses an internal net that allow students to be updated through mobile phones about classes, lectures or other activities, and to book the technical materials or spaces when needed.

ERAM College is now housed in a former textile factory in Salt, the Coma Cross Factory, a factory of 16.000 square meters that now produces creativity, ideas and business.
From stage set, computer labs and classrooms, audiovisual media laboratories, conference rooms and study halls, libraries, photography studio, auditorium, exhibition and projection rooms to leisure spaces like comfortable coffee lounges among other infrastructures.

From its big study halls, libraries, sports services, athletic installations, Modern Language Service, publishing service, employment service office or the job bank to the cafeterias the UdG has a unique and alive university environment.

ERAM College provide students discounts to materials and services within some shops and information regarding how to get introduced to the cultural activities of the city, from theater to music or exhibitions and conferences.

By the other hand we just recive 2 millon euros from the European Comunity that we spend in technology. ( if you want to know more just contact us)

Master's Programmes at ERAM Crossmedia College

Eram College +Research Center University of Girona

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