Tallinn University, as a university in Estonia, offers and develops education and research focusing on the needs of Estonia as a society. Given the new trends in higher education, we also value internationalisation. One in ten academic staff members comes from abroad, we increase the number of foreign students and our contribution to international research yearly.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Tallinn University is a partner in 14 European Union regional programmes, and a coordinator to one of them - Learning Layers.
  • Tallinn University is autonomous in its decision process.
  • Tallinn University is situated in a compact campus within the city centre.



A parliamentary decision by the Republic of Estonia consolidated several Tallinn universities and institutes into a single institution that resulted in the founding of Tallinn University as a public university on 18 March 2005.


The five interdisciplinary focus fields are educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and society and open governance.


Research in Tallinn University is conducted in five focus fields, six institutes and two regional colleges. In order to support interdisciplinary and international cooperation, Tallinn University has launched five centres of excellence, where researchers and teams with a shared interdisciplinary research focus are united.


The objectives of the Career and Counselling Centre:

  • to support students in their studies
  • to offer a number of services that help students to develop personal life skills and achieve success in the labour market.
The Career and Counselling Centre also provides information and support for students with disabilities.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (5)
Computer Science & IT (4)
Social Sciences (4)
Humanities (2)
Journalism & Media (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Business & Management (1)
Education & Training (1)


Student services

The objective of the Academic Affairs Office is to guarantee the smooth provision of education services from the moment a student is admitted to the university to the day he or she graduates.The Academic Affairs Office coordinates the following activities:

  • informing prospective students of the learning opportunities available at Tallinn University and coordinating the admission of new Estonian and international students
  • issuing various certificates to students, diplomas to graduates and coordinating the issue of diploma supplements
  • coordinating student mobility by administering different academic exchange programs, including the LLP/Erasmus programme

Housing services

The University is mediating the places between dormitories and the students. It should be kept in mind though, that applying for a dormitory place does not automatically mean that there is a place available. The places in the dormitories are limited and therefore not all of the students can be accommodated in the dormitories.

Library services

Tallinn University Academic Library is one of the most comprehensive research libraries of Estonia in all fields of knowledge, except construction and agriculture.

ICT services

The objective of the Information Technology Office is to guarantee the efficient operation of data communication networks as well as the other general network services within Tallinn University. The activities of the Office are:

  • planning and developing the IT infrastructure of the University
  • preventing problems and resolving critical situations that occur in the IT infrastructure of the University.

Student Life

Campus life

The campus is located in the centre of Tallinn, next to Kadriorg Park and the Tallinn bay. A strip of land next to Narva Road situates most of our educational, research and creative activities. Only a few areas of study are located outside the main campus.

Sports facilities

The main campus has a ball games hall, a fitness studio and a gymnastics hall. It is also possible to join one or many of the Tallinn University sports teams and take sports lessons as elective courses.

Student clubs

NGO Tallinn University Alumni Association is a voluntary association founded on May 9th 2014. NGO Tallinn University Alumni Association comprises of the alumni of Tallinn University, its predecessors, as well as the alumni of the TU Student Union.

The goals of the association:

  • Connecting TU alumni and organising common events;
  • Developing TU cooperation in the fields of education, culture and research.
  • Contributing to TU development, promoting anad participating in internship and entrepreneurial projects;
  • Giving feedback to TU
  • Cooperation with the TU Development Fund, including cooperation in gathering alumni donations;
  • Developing cooperation with locan and international alumni associations.

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