Established in 1963, ISC Paris - School of Management is committed to producing true professionals of a high academic standard who will be fully equipped to meet the new global business challenges and be highly valued by their future employers.
  • 5 Masters
  • 2600 Students
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ISC Paris is part of the highly selective French Grandes Ecolesrecruiting system, which groups higher education establishments that operate outside the sphere of Universities. In France, only 50 management schools are entitled to run a Grande Ecole program with a Masters in Management, and a mere 30 of these are, like ISC Paris, members of the prestigious Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The Masters Degree awarded by ISC Paris is endorsed by the French Ministry of Education. After obtaining all the required national credentials in France, we are currently paving the way for international recognition and certifications.

ISC is located in Paris, where the majority of leading French multinational corporations are based. The school benefits from the business reputation of the French capital, a major location where professional forums, conferences, and trade fairs are held. It follows that studying at ISC Paris can open doors to multiple careers in a variety of areas, including those involved in fashion, finance, high tech, hospitality, information systems, international trade, luxury goods, retail distribution, technology, as well as multimedia.

All our programs in Business and Management Studies, with 20 subject areas, give our students access to unlimited competences which will surely boost them in their later careers. With our network of more than 160 partner universities in a total of 50 countries, we not only provide unlimited career opportunities for our students, but also encourage them to discover a diversity of cultures in order to gain a broader international perspective. Most of our programs are bilingual - English / French. We are sure that if you are ambitious to have an international career and want to study in one of the most fascinating and dynamic cities in the world, ISC Paris - School of Management is the right place for you.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (5)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at ISC PARIS Business School!



While in Paris, you will be exposed to the citys diversity and to French culture. In order to guide you, the International Department works closely with the COSMOPOL junior enterprise. Cosmopol is one of the23 ISC junior enterprises. Their job is to help international students with administrative steps (accommodation, visa, insurance...). They also help international students discover Paris, its monuments and museums, etc.

Cosmopol: the social program for international students

Whenever and whatever the need, someone from the International Office or COSMOPOL will help you find solutions to problems.

Help includes:

1. Administrative assistance: formalities

  • Help with housing
  • Daily presence at the International Office and at COSMOPOL

2. Integration

  • Day-trips out: experience a weekend in a French place of interest, such as Mont Saint Michel, the vineyard route and more.
  • Erasmus Parties: parties and events for international students

Student Life

23 ISC Junior Enterprises

The 23 non-profit Junior Enterprises are at the heart of ISC Paris and distinguish us from other schools. No other institution in France offers as many services covered by junior enterprises.

They are part of the pedagogical system of the school because of the hands-on experience they give to students. Junior enterprises are comparable to small companies. Students have the same opportunities to create and develop projects and to evolve as in a real company. Each institution has a company framework with a president, a communication department, a financial manager

As one of our students said: Being a member of a non-profit junior enterprise is being part of a family. As an international student, you can be part of an ISC Paris nonprofit Junior Enterprise.

ISC Library

The ISC library is a calm place to study. It has more than 80 newspapers and magazines, including 20 international publications. (Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Stern, WirtschaftsWoche, Werben & Verkaufen, Cambio 16, Tiempo, Business, France Japon Eco, TextArab, ect). There is full research support for the academic subjects taught at ISC Paris (Economics, Law and International Law, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Accounting, International Business, Communication, E-Business). An additional 70,000 books are available on-line.


Choosing Paris for your studies is choosing a highly colourful,intensely cultural, historical and dynamic city. From Montmartre to the Parc de la Villette, including the Marais, Chinatown and the boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris has many varied tastes. Paris, the City of Lights, reveals multiple faces for you to discover throughout your stay by day, as well as by night Via its museums, monuments, bars, bistros, concerts, theatres, exhibitions, and also via its neighbourhoods and demonstrations, you will be plunged into the very heart of Parisian cultural diversity. Paris is swarming with fun events and festivals Nuit Blanche in September, photography month, music festivals, Paris Beach in summer, book fairs, Gay Pride, Paris Jazz Festival all put a strong accent on the rhythm of Parisian life with its many sounds and images.


ISC Paris is a member of the selective Conference de Grandes Ecoles and grants a Masters degree which is accredited by the French Ministry of Education.

The Global Study Awards

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