Luleċ University of Technology

Luleċ, Sweden

No. Students: 16,000
Funding type: Public

*: Approximate


Luleå University of Technology is the northernmost university of technology in Scandinavia and with world-class research and education. Our strength lies in our cooperation with companies and with rest of the world around us. Our contact with companies and society help us develop research and education that satisfy the demands that the world around makes on us and our students.

Luleå University of Technology conducts research in the Faculty of engineering and the Faculty of arts and social sciences. Research at the University has an annual turnover of approx. EUR 69 million and comprises 69 research subjects in 6 research profiles and 6 development profiles.

The research is characterised by multidisciplinary cooperation between the University´s research departments and close interaction with trade and industry and society.
Both major international and national companies and small enterprises in the region are involved in the University's research and development projects. The companies also cooperate in the University´s research centres.


IT Services and Support for Students
In the left-hand column you can see what general IT services the University provides for students, how you gain access to them, and where you can get help with using them.

Do you have problems with reading and writing or any other disability? Do you need extra support in your studies? At the Luleå University of Technology all are welcome.

Here at LTU students with disabilities can get support in order for them to experience their period of study as a secure and stimulating time. Our goal is to give every student the opportunity to partake in their chosen studies on as equal terms as possible. Depending on your disability there are different kinds of educational support and - assistande available, all paid for by the university. For aids regarding to your own personal needs, you should contact your municipality or your county.

Learning resource center
We are staff at the Library/LRC. We are working with support to teachers, faculty members and students at Luleå Universtiy of Technology.
We offer services for support of learning. We have also usage support in many LTU systems.

Student Health Services is there to help and inspire you who study at Luleå University of Technology to take care of both your body and soul during your studies.
Visiting Student Health Services is free, so come by when you want some advice or are worried about something!
Everyone who works here has a vow of confidentiality, meaning that we never divulge what you have told us in confidence.
There exists a wide spectrum of knowledge at Student Health Services, but if despite this, we cannot fulfil all your wishes, we will try to help you further.
Student Health Services is based in Luleå, but is even represented at other campus in different ways.

Support while studying
You are welcome to contact the International Office for enquiries about your studies.

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