Top 3 reasons to study here

  • We are one of the largest and most popular multidisciplinary universities in Finland.
  • Quality of research and education.
  • Limitless activities in all seasons.



The foundations of the University of Jyvskyl lie in the first Finnish-speaking teacher training college, Jyvskyl Teacher Seminary, established in 1863 by Uno Cygnaeus. He is often called "the Father of the Finnish Primary School System".

Teacher training and forward-looking work in teaching are counted among our strengths, along with natural sciences, humanities, sport and health.


The University of Jyvskyl offers high-quality, research-based masters degree programmes in English in its fields of special expertise. International students are welcome to apply to the two-year programmes, which lead to an officially recognised masters degree and qualify for doctoral studies.

We also offer non-degree programmes and courses with instruction in English for exchange students in a variety of fields.

The University of Jyvskyl Graduate School for Doctoral Studies educates professionals in research, helping them become competent and versatile experts in various fields for the needs of society. Approximately 160 doctors graduate yearly from the Universitys seven faculties.


The University of Jyvskyl is one of the most successful multidisciplinary reseach universities in Finland. It also is one of the world's leading universities in the fields of learning and teaching. The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is the only one of its kind in the country.

The university has strong ties with top national and international research, business and innovation communities. In global rankings, research activity at the University of Jyvskyl is among the top three per cent of all universities.


The Career Services is the place to turn to, if you have any questions related to working life or a career in Finland. Career Services task is to further the interaction and cooperation between the university and employers.

Career Services ensures that all students have an opportunity to get a contact to working life during their studies. We aim at giving students a realistic picture on working life, their preparedness for it and employment opportunities.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (4)
Social Sciences (3)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (2)
Education & Training (1)
Humanities (1)


Student services

The University Services of the University of Jyväskylä offers support, assistance and services for the education, research and other operations of the University.

Housing services

When moving to Finland there are different options for accommodation depending on the length of your stay.

  • Short-term accommodation
  • Long-term accommodationStudent apartments are located within walking distance or a short bus ride away from campus.

The apartments are single study-bedrooms with a shared kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom. All the apartments in the housing quota are furnished. There is an Internet connection in each apartment. Laundry facilities, saunas and common rooms are available in the buildings.

The apartments are gender neutral. In other words, you can be placed in an apartment with the opposite sex. However, each student has his/her own room.

Library services

The Jyvskyl University Library is one of the oldest libraries in Finland. Today, the Library serves over 2 000 customers daily and over a half million annually. The collections exceed over 1.5 million volumes and include 7 500 currently subscribed printed journals. Customers have access to several Finnish and foreign databases and over 20 000 electronic journals.

ICT services

The University of Jyvskyl provides a wireless network on its campus areas.

Medical services

The Finnish Student Health Service (generally referred to as YTHS) provides health and medical care for Bachelor's and Master's level students who have joined the Student Union.Doctoral students are not entitled to the services of YTHS.

Student Life

Campus life

Over the last few decades, the University has extended its grounds with two new campus areas on the opposing banks of Lake Jyvsjrvi.

Encouraged by the positive experiences of Seminaarinmki, the Mattilanniemi and Ylistnrinne areas have been planned carefully and they have their own unique features.

The Seminaarinmki (Seminar Hill) campus of the University of Jyvskyl has often been said to the most beautiful in the country. Its reputation stems from the integration of different designs which have been carefully assembled over the course of centuries.

Sports facilities

  • Gym
  • Hall of ball games
  • Hall of rhytmic sport
  • Hall of apparatus gymnastics
  • Hall of gymnastics
  • Tenniscourt
  • Hipposhall
  • Training ice rink
  • Kuokkalas Graniitti
  • Ice stadium Synergia
  • Monitoimitalo (Multipurpose Sports hall)
  • Swimming hall AaltoAlvari
  • Swimming hall Wellamo
  • Scholl centre of Cygnaeus
  • DanceStyle
  • Hutunki
  • KO Gym in Kortepohja
  • Ladun maja
  • Lohikoski school
  • Sauna at Opinkivi
  • Savela
  • Lutakko dancehall
  • YTHS

Student clubs

Student Union of University of Jyvskyl is our Universitys students interest and service organisation. Student associations of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science are Syrinx ry (Students of Biological and Environmental Sciences), Otsoni ry (Students of Environmental Science and Technology), Radikaali ry (Students of Chemistry), Ynn ry (Students of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology) and Tiltti ry (Students of Statistics).


University of Jyvskyl:

  • Quality assurance system audited by Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council FINEEC in 2015

School of Business and Economics:

  • Accredited by Association of MBAs

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