Heythrop College - Psylosophy and Theplpgy, University of London

London, England, United Kingdom
For over 400 years, Heythrop College has specialised in the study of Philosophy and Theology. Here, these subjects are not merely departments within a larger institution; the whole College is devoted to their study. Our students have access to one of the finest libraries in its field, and are taught by one of the largest teaching staff in these areas. We are a unique community of scholars, passionate about discussing and exploring Philosophy and Theology in the context of the modern world and the diverse city of London.



Heythrop was established in 1614 in Louvain by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) for the study of philosophy and theology. Since 1970, it has been a College of the University of London, while retaining a modern Catholic ethos, and offers an educational experience that respects all faiths and perspectives.


In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, it also provides a resource for faith communities and others, especially through the work of the Centres and Institutes. College staff have a wide range of expertise, with particular strengths in Abrahamic religions, interfaith relations, ethics, philosophy of religion and psychology of religion


Research is an increasingly important part of the College's academic life and Heythrop participated for the first time in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, gaining recognition for its work at an international level.

Heythrop's research is based in the departments of Philosophy, Theology and Pastoral Studies and segmented into our research centres and institutes. The often interdisciplinary work done by our staff and research students also brings in visiting research fellows and representatives of faith and community groups.


It is never too early to start thinking about your next steps. Some students may be in part-time employment or know exactly what they want to do when they leave Heythrop. Some may only have a vague idea about their career, whilst still others will have no idea what they will do with their degree. Don't worry! You're in good company as many students use their time at university to work out what they want to do with the rest of their life.

Master's Programmes

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Student services

The Student Support Office coordinates access to a range of resources including health, welfare, disablity and dyslexia, equality and diversity, and wellbeing support to help you stay happy, healthy and get the most of your time here.

Housing services

The Alban Hall is on-site and just for Heythrop students. It has 94 single study bedrooms and 15 single study bedrooms with en suite toilet. The Hall is divided into flats with bedrooms, shared bathroom facilities, a communal living area and kitchen in each. Internet access and a food catering package are included.

Library services

As a student at Heythrop College you will have access to a wide range of Library and Learning Technology services to help you get ahead in your studies. This includes access to the College Library.

Heythrop Library is an amazing resource. It is on two sites – Philosophy in the main building, and Theology, Social Sciences, Language and Literature in a separate building on the campus.

Medical services

We help facilitate students' access to basic healthcare and to promote physical and mental wellbeing. If you have left home to come to University, you should register promptly with a local GP. Students living in the postcods listed below may register with the University of London Central Institutions Health Service (CIHS):

Student Life

Campus life

Outside of studying Heythrop also has a dynamic student community. Around campus are relaxing areas for students to study or meet up with friends. There are four common rooms maintained by the Heythrop Student Union (HSU) and the HSU also organises and promotes a variety of social events throughout the year, ending with a big celebration at the HSU Summer Ball.

London, England, United Kingdom