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London, United Kingdom
The University of Westminster was founded as Britain's first polytechnic in 1838. Since then it has developed into a university that combines both metropolitan and cosmopolitan dimensions, and which is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London, as well as overseas.
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Why should I study here at University of Westminster?

  • International Westminster - Wherever you come from, we can offer you a distinctly British learning experience within a truly international environment. We have one of the largest and most diverse overseas student bodies of any university in the world, drawn from over 150 countries.
  • Location, location, location - London is one of the worlds most vibrant and exciting cities and we are at the centre of it. From business and finance to fashion, art, music, cinema and sport, London is where things tend to happen first. Home to 400,000 students your classroom goes well beyond the walls of the University. Studying at Westminster means everything that London has to offer is on your doorstep.
  • Enhancing your employability - We know that career prospects and progression are a priority for many of you, which is why we make sure our courses are professionally relevant. Weve built strong links with business and professionals across London, throughout the UK and around the world. And the team at our Career Development Centre can help to develop your employability and offer advice on your path after graduation.
  • A high-quality education - We lead the world in research in architecture, art, and media and communications, while our research work in areas such as business, computing, law, life sciences and the environment, and planning, has been recognised as internationally excellent. Many of our courses have also received excellent quality ratings. We have more than 900 teaching staff supported by a further 700 plus visiting subject specialists, delivering high-quality learning and research.
  • International student support - Studying at Westminster will be a life-changing experience. We have one of the UKs largest international student populations and plenty of experience in giving you the help and support you need to make the most of your time with us. Westminster has the most generous scholarship scheme of any British university, valued at close to £5m and we have extensive network of tutors, administrators, counsellors, health service, financial advisers and an interfaith adviser to support you in every aspect of your life at Westminster.
  • Excellent facilities - We are committed to creating the best environment, equipment and facilities, to help you to achieve your potential during your studies. For example, our state-of-the-art film and television studios, computer technology, broadcast equipment and music studios at Harrow Campus are among the best media and creative arts educational facilities in Europe.
  • Choice - As well as offering an extensive range of MPhil and PhD courses, we deliver more than 140 taught Masters courses, many of which have a specifically international focus. Every course is designed and constantly updated to reflect our position at the cutting-edge of industry and academia. Some Masters courses also have both September and January start dates, giving you more flexibility.

About University of Westminster

The University of Westminster was founded as Britain's first polytechnic in 1838. Since then it has developed into a university that combines both metropolitan and cosmopolitan dimensions, and which is closely involved in business, professional and academic life within London, as well as overseas.

The University has always been, and continues to be, imaginative in recognising new needs and developing appropriate offerings for its many target markets. The University also has a strong and historic commitment to promoting equality and embracing diversity. As a place to work or to study, we strive to strengthen our reputation as a welcoming and inclusive organisation.

We have devised a corporate strategy to help us continue the following.


The experience we offer

A vibrant learning environment fostering innovation and creativity, informed by practice, inspired by research, focusing on the globally relevant areas in which we excel.

The difference we make

We are building the next generation of highly employable global citizens to shape the future.


We will shape the future of professional life by:

  • being a diverse, vibrant and inspirational learning environment
  • establishing the University of Westminster as the leading practice-informed teaching and research university
  • being a responsive, metropolitan and cosmopolitan university serving the needs of diverse communities
  • embedding internationalisation, employability and green-thinking in all that we do

Courageous: We know that without risk theres no innovation. Were bold enough to question ideas, provoke new ways of thinking, strip away the superfluous and focus on those things at which we can excel.

Connected: We are an integrated team. We are about trust, collaboration and connectivity across our different disciplines and throughout the world.

Generous: We respect and celebrate diversity. With a generosity of spirit, we value emotional intelligence as well as knowledge, empowering each other and enabling our students to realise their full potential.

Rigorous: We demand excellence. We understand the importance of critical thinking, discipline and responsibility, and we expect the very highest standards of ourselves and our students.

Sustainable: Green-thinking is at the heart of all we do. Our common goal is to respect the planet and we are committed to sustainable practices, both on the global stage and in our own working environment.


At Westminster, we are known for high-quality internationally recognised research in a wide range of subjects, for our combination of pure, practice-led and applied approaches, and for using our knowledge for the betterment of society. We have a well-developed research degree programme and a reputation for delivering high standards in research degree study in subjects ranging from Literature to Life Sciences, and from practice based Art and Design projects to political theory.

Graduate School

Doctoral researchers at the University of Westminster belong to an academic School and also become members of our wider research community of doctoral researchers and research staff who meet and engage in a range of research focused events and activities through the Graduate School.

We support our doctoral researchers to work towards a timely and successful completion of their doctoral programme by providing informed and supportive supervision and an annual programme of events for supervisors and doctoral researchers to take part in and contribute to, such as inter-disciplinary research seminars and our bi-annual Graduate School Assembly.

Research study

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Professional Doctorate (DProf)
  • Master of Research (MRes)

Research areas

  • Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Business
  • Electronics and Computer Science
  • Higher Education
  • Law
  • Life Sciences
  • Media, Arts and Design
  • Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages

Accreditations of University of Westminster

Professional accreditation

Our courses are designed to provide a professionally orientated education and we use our central London location to great effect. You will benefit from the strong connections and regular contact with professional bodies and the leading practitioners involved in the delivery of our courses.

We have had a long association with the main professional bodies for the sector, including:

  • the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,
  • the Chartered Institute of Building,
  • the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, and the
  • Association of Building Engineers.


Our facilities and services

Whether youre studying, playing sports or enjoying the arts, our facilities make the University of Westminster an exceptional place to learn, live and work.

From the £20m investment in new, state-of-the-art facilities at our Marylebone Campus, to the fully-equipped sports facilities at Regent and Chiswick and our specialist resources, such as the purpose-built Financial Markets Suite, our world-class facilities are there to support your professional and personal development.

Take a look at our calendar of community events, sports and leisure facilities and exhibition spaces to see ways you can become part of the University of Westminster community.

Student life at University of Westminster

Based in the heart of one of the worlds most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities, we can offer you all the academic, cultural, career, and sporting opportunities you could wish for. Youll be supported through your studies by an extensive network of tutors, counsellors and advisers as well as our popular and active Students Union that provides numerous clubs, societies and social events to participate in.

Living costs

Before you hit the South Bank, visit the London Dungeon or start eating out in swanky restaurants, remember that your student funding has got to last you all year. You dont want to run out of funds and be living off baked beans for the last few months of your course.

Heres an outline of your average student spending essentials only. And that doesnt include what you spend on clothes, music and socialising! You'll need about £800 a month, as a minimum.


Most students spend around £100 - £200 a week on accommodation. Whatever you do, make sure youve got this essential expense covered the stress and worry of finding your rent payments each month is a problem you can seriously do without.

If you've got a place in one of our halls of residence, remember that you'll have to pay an advance deposit. The fees for halls include council tax and utility bills (heating, hot water etc.), but not telephone calls. Halls are self-catered and rent prices for each are different.

If you'll be looking for private rented accommodation, bear in mind that rent prices vary depending on the area of London, the type of accommodation and the number of people sharing. Accommodation in central London can be hard to find - and is usually expensive. Most students travel in to our central London campuses from London Transport Travel Zones 2 and 3.

Most rent prices don't include bills like gas, electricity, phone and broadband. If you're going to be a full-time student, you won't have to pay council tax, but you will have to provide your local council with a Council Tax Exemption Certificate, which confirms you're a full-time student.

You'll usually need to pay one month's deposit and one month's advance rent - make sure you have enough money to cover this (we recommend that you set aside about £1,500 for this).


If your food isnt part of your Halls of Residence deal, this will probably be one of your biggest expenses. Club together with your flatmates and do a big weekly shop at a local market and you can expect to eat and drink very well indeed for under £30 a week.


Very few students can afford to live in Zone 1, so its more than likely you will have to pay up for travel costs. Make sure you enquire about the TfL Student Oyster card, and cycle and use the bus wherever possible a single journey costs from just £1.30. Around £10 - £15 is a safe estimate for your weekly travel costs.

Course essentials

Youll need to put aside an amount for books, photocopying and stationery. Make good use of the library and research the option of buying books second hand and you can help to keep the costs down. The average student will spend about £10 a week on course essentials.


Whether its an old-school Nokia or the latest smartphone, your mobile is one essential students cannot do without. Make sure you do your research before you choose your pay-as-you-go deal or 18-/24-month contract - there are plenty of good price comparison websites, including and Get the best tariff for the way you prefer to communicate and try not to spend more than £10 a week.


A new laptop can cost anything up to £1,000. Lots of companies do student discounts, so be sure to ask.


Youll need cash for washing your clothes every week, unless youre in private rented accommodation with the luxury of a washing machine. Expect to pay around £5 per week.


How longs a piece of string? The minimum most students spend each week is £10, but that really depends on the individual.

Going out

The student experience is as much about the social life as it is about learning. Plan how much spare cash youve got to socialise very carefully and try not to go wild in the first few weeks. It can cost as little as £10 a week to over £100, depending on your tastes and cash flow. Work out what you want to do and how you can keep the cost manageable this is a serious lifestyle decision. There are plenty of student discounts in London take advantage of them.


The University of Westminster provides an extensive range of sport and fitness facilities as well as activities for students, staff and members of the general public.

The Sports and Leisure department is a progressive, innovative and expanding unit with a clear corporate strategy for future development and provision.

Our excellent facilities include a major sports ground at Chiswick and on-campus sports halls as well as two fitness suites at Regent Street and Harrow.

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Master's Programmes at University of Westminster

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Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at University of Westminster!

The Global Study Awards: get funded with up to £10,000 to study abroad

Together with the ISIC Association and British Council IELTS we offer you the chance to receive up to £10000 to expand your horizon and study abroad. We want to ultimately encourage you to study abroad in order to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages.

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