Montpellier SupAgro

Montpellier, France
Montpellier SupAgro is a French higher education university specializing in agriculture and agronomy situated on la Gaillarde campus in Montpellier. It trains students from France and abroad in most of the agronomy and life sciences fields.


Montpellier SupAgro,
International Center for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences

A leading institution in teaching and research, under the trusteeship of the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, widely open to the Mediterranean and Tropical Environments, Created in January 2007 as a single unit combining the four former institutions,

  • Montpellier National Superior School of Agronomy
  • The National Center for tropic and sub-tropic environments
  • The National Superior School of Agro Food Industrys Division for tropical and subtropical regions
  • Florac Pedagogical Teaching Experimental Center

Some key facts:
100 teacher- researchers among 460 academic staff,
150 students,
21 Joint Research Units

A full training course program strongly adjoined to the Agropolis Intl research units.
Three engineering degrees
A significant amount of preliminary and permanent courses registered to the European referential framework (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
Three institutes offer a joint study course and an expertise graduate education
Institute for Higher Education in Tropical Agri-food Industries and Rural Development(IRC)
Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine Studies (IHEV)
SupAgro Florac, Institute for Education in Agro-environment


Montpellier SupAgro is based on a campus of 28 hectares in the heart of the city and thus offers students an exceptional environment in which to study and live.

The school offers a excellent facilities for study (classrooms, IT, audio-visual equipment, laboratories and practical rooms), restaurants and accommodation, and facilities for sporting and other extra- curricular activities.

Student Life

Le Cercle organises extra-curricular activities, manages relevant budgets and is legally responsible for the activities it organises.

Grants for extra-curricular student activities and clubs are managed by Le Cercle: for example : field trips, Gala, photographic club, bass guitar, art club, astronomy, music practice, comic strips, improvisation, drama, Arabic , Christian Union, book club, wine tasting, bird watching, cheerleaders, diving, marathon, sailing club, rock climbing, kayaking, African dance, walking, cooking, la Valette, club Pécho, Kfete

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