University of Cambridge

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
With more than 18,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world, nearly 9,000 staff, 31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools and other institutions, no two days are ever the same at the University of Cambridge.



The University of Cambridge is rich in history - its famous Colleges and University buildings attract visitors from all over the world.

The University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centres, and a self-governed community of scholars.


The University of Cambridge is known worldwide for the excellence of its teaching and research and the quality of its graduates.

Undergraduate teaching consists of a variety of lectures, seminars and practical classes, as well as more personalised teaching arranged through the Colleges.

There are a range of courses for postgraduate students, including taught courses, courses offering research training and skills and other research opportunities.

All students freely interact with scholars of all levels, including those who are world leaders in their field, both formally and informally.


In Cambridge, we are committed to achieving excellence in research and scholarship, and to ensuring that our research contributes to the well-being of society.

The excellence and diversity of our research across the Schools of Arts & Humanities,Humanities & Social Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Technology, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences, and our role as one of the founder members of the Cambridge Network, means that in addition to our achievements in fundamental research, we are also well-positioned to make significant contributions to the global innovation agenda and, by conveying the implications of our research, to contribute to the formulation of policy.


The University provides strong support for your personal, professional and career development and consequently provides information and opportunities to enhance and develop your skills to help you achieve your full potential, both personally and professionally.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (12)
Law (3)
Computer Science & IT (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)


Student services

This section provides pre-arrival information on some of the practical aspects of living and studying in Cambridge as an international student as well as details on the support you can expect to receive during your first few weeks.

Our International Student Guide provides practical pre-arrival and orientation information to help students coming from outside the UK plan their move to Cambridge.

It includes guidance on travelling to Cambridge, opening a bank account, living in the UK and the University's support services. It also has a useful glossary of Cambridge terminology and provides some practical advice from current international students to help you settle in.

Housing services

For full-time students, Cambridge is a residential University. Colleges generally accommodate all undergraduates and some graduates.

If you are not in College accommodation, the University has an Accommodation Service. This service offers information and support in finding accommodation, whether on long, medium or short-term periods. The Accommodation Service also list providers of temporary accommodation, such as Bed and Breakfasts, Hostels and Hotels.

Not only must you live within a certain distance of the centre of Cambridge, to be eligible for your award, you also have to bein residencefor a minimum number of nights per term and engage with your studies for a minimum period.

Library services

The Campus Library, known as the Ashburner Library, provides staff and students with access to the most up-to-date information sources available, assisting researchers to maintain their position at the cutting edge of scientific progress.

The Library never closes and is open to all Campus researchers. An extensive range of online journals and databases is accessible.

Medical services

The National Health Service (NHS) is the UK’s state healthcare system providing a wide range of health care services including appointments with a doctor, hospital treatment and dental care.

You should register with a doctor as soon as possible after your arrival in Cambridge.

You will need your passport and a letter from your College as proof you are a student.

Student Life

Campus life

The historic and multi-cultural city of Cambridge offers a range of facilities and activities from historic buildings to contemporary and modern art galleries, restaurants to meet every palate and budget, theatrical and music events providing varied programmes, access to green spaces and sporting opportunities.

  • Public events
The University’s What’s On lists daily activities including exhibitions, music, talks, theatre, film, courses/workshops, sports, science, and family friendly events.
  • Cambridge area and beyond
Visit Cambridge provides information on Cambridge and the surrounding area.
  • Cycling

Student clubs

The Graduate Union is the University-wide representative body for graduate students at Cambridge and is run by a Committee of elected officers.

Undergraduate students are members of the Cambridge University Students Union that represents students and provides dedicated services as well as having a separate international CUSU team. Undergraduate students might refer to CUSU's Freshers' Guide.

There are also over 700 registered student societies; of these more than 100 are internationally focussed and 30 are faith based.


Cambridge English has achieved the prestigious ServiceMark accreditation, the national standard of customer service accredited by the Institute of Customer Service. At the end of last year, the Cambridge English network services team was assessed by the Institute in the areas of customer satisfaction feedback and how employees engage with customer service.

Cambridge, England, United Kingdom