Friedensau Adventist University

Friedensau, Germany
Friedensau Adventist University (Theologische Hochschule Friedensau) is an institution run and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany, an independent protestant church (Freikirche). It offers state recognized courses and degrees. Throughout its hundred-year history, the men and women educated here have shouldered their responsibility for humanity through mission work and pioneered development cooperation in many countries of the world. Even today, FAU is committed to its aim of enabling individuals to assume responsibilities in the church, society and their country.



The facility, founded in 1980 at the Marienhöhe Theological Seminary in Darmstadt, is conceived as the central scholarly archive of the Adventists in Europe and has been located at Friedensau Adventist University since 1997.


In terms of the philosophy of science, the School of Social Sciences advocates a methodological pluralism developed to meet various needs, which finds practical application in projects initiated and supported by the university in Germany and abroad. The programmes of study aim to combine social ethics with the acquisition of professional qualifications and personal skills.

Programmes offered by the Department of Theology

  • Bachelor of Arts Theology (B.A.)
  • Master of Arts Theology (M.A.)
  • Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (1)


Housing services

Surrounded by magnificent meadows and extensive woodlands, the campus of the Friedensau Adventist University is set in the midst of an idyllic natural landscape. The meadows and woods encourage long walks and sporting activities.

  • Furnished rooms for single students

Our campus has 26 double and 65 single rooms, located in different buildings and halls of residence. All the rooms are furnished, all have a telephone, and most have a hand basin. Communal showers and WCs are found on each floor. In the Erich Meyer House, renovated in 2006, each room has its own shower and WC.

Library services

The library offers a varied collection of over 150,000 items spanning from scientific books and journals, music notes, hymn books, music and films, to entertainment literature, including books for children and youth. Access to electronic databases and journals complements our physical collection.

ICT services

The IT department plans, manages, and maintains the infrastructure of electronic communication on campus.

  • It supports students and employees at university with work-related hardware and software problems
  • It is responsible for the purchase of new hardware and software
  • It also grants internet access at Friedensau Adventist University

Student Life

Campus life

The Friedensau campus differs from other university sites in many areas.

The campus is close to nature, and the facilities are within easy reach of one another, saving time and reducing stress. The proximity between students and teaching staff allows a space for mutual trust and a relaxed coexistence. Alongside the programmes of study there are numerous spiritual, cultural, artistic and sporting opportunities for an active extra-curricular life in Friedensau.