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Rome, Italy
Link Campus is a small-scale university with a strong international vocation. Its primary ambition is to educate and form professionals capable of responding to the challenging demands of the changing world.
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Link Campus is a small-scale university with a strong international vocation. Its primary ambition is to educate and form professionals capable of responding to the challenging demands of the changing world. Thanks to the education imparted at Link Campus University and as a result of participating in many internship programs in successful companies and enterprises, our graduates have found employment in a short period of time and went up the hierarchical business ladder at a fast rate.

Link Campus started as an Italian branch of internationally-reputed University of Malta and was the first foreign university to have received authorization to operate in Italy. Link Campus University activated an entire study cycle based on 3 plus 2 model, which maintains the traditional methodological setting of the Anglo-Saxon system, the most appreciated didactic model in the world, in line with the Bologna Process. After successful completion of studies, students receive a double title which allows them to further their studies in both European and Anglo-Saxon countries.

Our university is characterized by a strong emphasis on the use of new technologies and by heavy investment in teaching-learning foreign languages (with placements abroad), focusing on English, which is the language of instruction for the BA in International Management course and for some of our masters courses.

During the past years, Link Campus has made a number of successful and close partnerships with major Italian and renowned foreign universities. All of our students have the possibility to carry out an entire semester of their studies at one of the universities connected with Link Campus, such as the University of Malta, or other partner universities in Europe and United States.

Being a small university, Link Campus encourages a direct contact and interaction between students, lecturers and the academic staff which makes possible for students to receive meaningful and personalized guidance in every sphere of their academic life.

Master's Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Business & Management (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)

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As the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome: the history of art and architecture, of religion and government.

Throughout much of its long, noble history Rome was a city-state unto itself, developing and basking in its own grandeur and uniqueness. Built on seven hills, halfway between the country's fertile, industrious northand balmy, Mediterranean south, Rome has been at the centre of Italy's empire building as well as her inspiring cultural and artistic expressions.

Short history

It is hard to believe that the Dark or Middle Ages ever existed in a city so steeped in light and littered with magnificent white marble ruins. Rome is a living museum, a unique environment to understand the ups and downs in the history of mankind. The ancient Romans bequeathed such famous monuments as the Colosseum, Forum, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Baths of Caracalla and Catacombs. From the Renaissance came the Vatican City, St. Peter's Square & Basilica and a priceless array of art treasures commissioned by the incomparably wealthy trade dynasties. Over the centuries, numerous piazzas, palaces, fountains and churches have congregated, in Rome, to form one of the world's most beautiful cities. Studying in Rome means learning from Rome and its Mediterranean pace of life, from the open markets to the sudden strikes, from the humorous Romans to the high politics of a European capital.


The area surrounding Piazza del Popolo, the ancient Campo Marzio, is today the paradise of shopping, thanks to the high concentration of shops and boutiques. The spectacular square today is a pedestrian precinct, and it has been brought back to its ancient splendor. The difference in level between the square and the overlooking hill of the Pincio was a problem overcome thanks to winding ramps, from which terrace it is possible to admire a wonderful panorama on the city. The so-called Trident starts from the square as there are three sunburst streets penetrating into the center of the city: via del Babuino, via del Corso, via di Ripetta. On Via Del Babuino there are famous antique shops specialized in pieces of furniture and paintings, prints and ancient jewelry. Parallel to it is the vivacious via Margutta, the street of the painters, a seat of romantic artist studios. Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina used to come here. Via del Corso, the main street as Stendhal called it." It is narrow and long, and it houses several casual clothes shops, which distinguish it from the "exclusive" style of the adjoining streets. Just think of the par excellence street of fashion, with its boutiques of the most important brands, that is, via Condotti -where you may have an "intellectual" stop at the historic Greek Cafe - or of via Borgognona . The background of Piazza di Spagna, the most famous in the world, houses every summer the fashion show called "Rome under the stars". Once you have crossed via Frattina, another important shopping place, you get to piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, recently adjusted with benches and gazeboes, where you may find excellent bars and confectioners.
Rome is an unrepeatable city and that is why it is called "eternal", for having alternate sumptuous ages with those of decadence and it is always reviving as it gathers treasures and memories with the charm of itsincomparable landscape. Rome is a result of the subtle integration of power, art order and transgression through twenty centuries of history.

Student Life

Welfare & Student Affaire is a service of the Link Campus in charge of all the non-academic necessities of the students. During the entire academic year, from Monday to Friday, students may ask for assistance on any problem or any necessary information."Vivere" the Link - We provide indications concerning the everyday life inside of the University, such as usage of the common spaces and materials at students' disposal, and extra academic initiatives and activities.

Accommodation search - The accommodation selection is constantly updated and published on the University's web site. The announcements are completed with typology, accommodation description, its location, costs and landlord's telephone number or address. Since this is a direct service, students are personally followed in searching and finding their housing solution. The first accommodation solutions - We select the first accommodation: hotels, bed & breakfast or with full board, that permit students to seek a definite housing solution with major attention. This service is availableall year round, also for students' families.

Services of "Area" - We make a constant research of services of all typologies in the University's quarter which students can require: garages, copy centres, stationery stores, bookbinder's, bookshops, fastfood, pizzerias, postal services, banks and other things of immediate necessity near the Link Campus.

Services of "City" - Together with the Link Campus Students Association, it is possible to stipulate agreements with various commercial and service typologies, according to students' specific requests.

Communication and contacts - All further services, requests or information asked by the students will be communicated to the predisposed competent inner structures. Stage & PlacementThe experience of stage is a significant opportunity for one's own study.

It favours a direct contact with the world of work, and an applicative elements' acquisition of a specific professional activity. The Link Campus offers students all the opportunities to know the contents and procedures to activate the stage, by deepening each person's desire on the base of his/her academic course.

For the students of Link Campus the stage is:

  • continuation of study;
  • opportunity of confrontation with the world of work;
  • cognition and verification of their own capacity and professional choices;
  • acquisition of a practical qualifying experience;
  • enrichment of their curriculum vitae.

The Link Campus offers students an opportunity of one-semester study abroad that will allow them to:

  • continue their study in international sphere;
  • confront with knowledge globalization;
  • interact with their school mates in the life and study;
  • go through an unique experience of personal and academic enrichment;
  • deepen their own knowledge of languages.

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