Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Among top 4% of top universities in the world: Kaunas University of Technology brings together highly talented students, researchers and academics.
  • The leader in cooperation with business: from the development of study programmes through case analysis to technology transfer.
  • Wide range of services for the students: exchange programmes, internships, Startup Space, sports.



The present Kaunas University of Technology originated from the School of Higher Studies, which was established in 1920. Two years later this School was reorganised and became the University of Lithuania. In 1930 it was named Vytautas Magnus University, and in 1946 was renamed as the State University of Kaunas.


KTU is famous throughout the world for its breakthroughs in ultrasound, organic chemistry, mechatronics, system diagnostics, environmental engineering and in many other fields of science. The University successfully implements European education programmes and closely collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign industry.

KTU offers six main fields of study: technological, physical and social sciences, arts, humanities and biomedicine. Our university gives an actual opportunity to gain perspectives and demand in contemporary labour market and to reach career heights. Many Lithuanian business leaders and senior managers are the graduates of KTU.


Scientific research and research-based studies are the basis of the University activity, therefore, all members of the University research-academic staff commit at least one third of their working time for research. The University also employs over one hundred research staff who are mainly dealing with research work.

Participation in research projects is very important for Master’s and Doctoral (Ph.D.) students as it is a productive form of learning, which enables to gain practical experience and to take part in the creative scientific process.

Master's Programmes

Engineering & Technology (14)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (5)
Business & Management (3)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Medicine & Health (3)
Arts, Design & Architecture (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Social Sciences (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)


Student services

Everybody agrees that Students Life is integral part in each students days! The session at university wouldn't be so nice without the opportunity to enjoy a stirring-youthful lifetime. Kaunas city offers really dynamic and attractive activities, so every student can find the field he likes most.

Housing services

KTU owns eleven dormitories. This is where student life is at its most intense - especially in the evenings, when students study, meet friends, have discussions, and throw the occasional party. This is where new friendships are born, where students get to know themselves and learn to be friendly and tolerant with each other.

Library services

The Library of University is one of the largest in Lithuania, it stores and continuously replenishes one of the richest collections of printed books and periodicals on engineering, technology and sciences in Lithuanian and foreign languages, it provides access to e-resources.

ICT services

- More than 5000 computers;

- More than 40 computer rooms. All the computers have internet access.

- 1 Gb/s Internet at all University buildings and student residences.

- More than 40 Eduroam wi-fi points operate at KTU premises.

Once enrolled at KTU, student get for an e-mail account and VPN service for secure remote access to KTU network.

Medical services

Facilities for Special Needs Students

Kaunas University of Technology has been constantly improving the accessibility of its premises by installation of new elevators, barrier-free accesses etc in order to have well-equipped environment for special needs students.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Sports facilities of our University are located at KTU students campus, so students and community members have a convenient location to spent leisure time and achieve high sports results.Convenient location and quality of infrastructure determines that Sports facilities of the University are favorited by townspeople and sports federations.

Student clubs

The Student representative of Kaunas University of Technologies (KTU SA) is the place where your dreams can come true. It is the place where you are able to realize your projects, plans and ideas. Here you can find congenial which always will be there to give an advice, to support you and to help you out whenever you need.

KTU Students Cooperation Plienas is an independent public organization uniting young people studying at KTU, as well as graduate engineers and University lecturers. Plienas means celebrations of national holidays, sport events, various discussions and parties. It also includes sportsmen who defend the honor of the Corporation at Kaunas Basketball Lovers League.

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