Vilnius University

Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius University is an active participant in international scientific and academic activities and boasts many prominent scientists, professors and graduates. Scientific development and the expanding relations with global research centres have contributed to the variety of research and studies at Vilnius University.



Since its establishment in the 16th century, Vilnius University, as integral part of European science and culture has embodied the concept­ of a classical university and the unity of studies and research.


  • Vilnius University is a comprehensive university.
  • Vilnius University offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in humanities, social sciences, physical and biomedical sciences and technologies.
  • University studies are of two types: degree and non-degree.
  • Degree studies are to gain a university degree and (or) qualification.
  • Non-degree studies are for improving skills, or change, add to already education.


Research Areas:

1. Humanities.

2. Lithuanian Studies.

3. Structure and Development of Society.

4. Biological and Sociopsychological Cognition and Evolution of Man.

5. Healthy Man, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Diseases.

6. Genomics, Biomolecules and Biotechnologies.

7. Changes in Ecosystems, Protection, Natural Resources.

8. New Functional Materials and Derivatives.

9. Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics.

10. Laser Physics and Light Technologies.

11. Fundamental and Applied Mathematics.

12. Informatics and Information Technologies.


Non EU students who intend to work in the Republic of Lithuania must obtain a permit (Work permit) in the Labor Market. The students can work up to 20 hours per week after the first year at Vilnius University.


Student services

Orientation Week is designed to assist you - a new student - to settle into University life at Vilnius University.

Orientation week takes place in the first week of the beginning of each semester for all international students free of charge.

Participation in the Orientation Week is strongly recommended.

Housing services

Accommodation in Vilnius University dormitories is available only for Vilnius Unive­rsity students during the academic year.

  • Accommodation in Kaunas

Regarding accommodation in Kaunas students should contact International office of Kaunas Faculty of Humanities.

  • Accommodation in Vilnius
Dormitories in Vilnius are situated in Sauletekio, Olandu or Didlaukio streets. They are close enough to the faculties. The time that is necessary to reach a faculty or any other object depends on their geographical location and the traffic causes.

Library services

All students of Vilnius University may to use the university library. Vilnius University Central Library is located in the central building of the old campus.

There are libraries in each faculty as well. Lithuanian student card is necessary in order to use the library.

ICT services

You may use internet in the General Reading Room and Internet Reading Room at Vilnius University Library.

Each month Vilnius University students may use internet for 15 hours free of charge.

Upon exceeding this limit, a reader can't access internet until the beginning of a new month.

Medical services

  • All international students a­re supposed to have medical insurance valid in Lithuania for the study period.
  • Students from EU countries are not required to have any special health insurance.
  • Students from non EU countries may obtain their health insurance either in their country or in Lithuania. It costs approximately 15 euro per month or more if you take it in Lithuania.

Student Life

Campus life

During the academic year students will have an opportunity to attend many events organized by Vilnius University and each faculty separately.

Students can join different lectures leaded by local and invited professors, concerts, cinema evenings and so on. However there are two events that shouldn’t be missed by any student.

Sports facilities

Vilnius university Health and sport center offers students different sport opportunities.

If you want work out or take care of your health we offer:

  • General and specialized physical trainings (also there is a group for students with weak health 
  • Individual trainings (for minimum charge)

Student clubs

Students Clubs:

  • The orchestra “Oktava”
  • Theatre troupe “MINIMUM”
  • VU Kinetic Theatre Troupe
  • Folklore Ensemble "Ratilio“
  • Vilnius University Songs and Dances Ensemble
  • VU Photography and Cinema Club
  • Hikers club

Other Degrees