The University of Groningen provides high quality teaching and research, is internationally oriented, respects differences in ambition and talent, works actively with business, the government and the public, and ranks among the best universities in Europe.
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The University of Groningen provides high quality teaching and research, is internationally oriented, respects differences in ambition and talent, works actively with business, the government and the public, and ranks among the best universities in Europe.

On the pages "mission in person and in practice" you will find portraits of a variety of researchers, teachers, PhD students and students who personify the mission of the RUG.

400 years of passion and performance

After 395 years of excellence in teaching and research the University of Groningen is moving confidently towards the future. The University continues to strive to strengthen its international position, always with an eye to national and global developments and a clear awareness of its strengths and weaknesses. Outlining a strategic plan provides a perfect opportunity to thoroughly analyse our research and teaching achievements to date and to set a course for the coming years on the basis of a critical grasp of past strategic policy.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (34)
Humanities (17)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (15)
Business & Management (14)
Law (8)
Engineering & Technology (7)
Medicine & Health (7)
Education & Training (6)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (5)
Arts, Design & Architecture (3)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (2)
Agriculture & Forestry (1)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Journalism & Media (1)

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A distinguishing feature of the University of Groningen is that its buildings are dispersed: From the historic city centre to its modern outskirts. This university is not located in one campus, like many other universities. Most faculties have a building of their own.

City centre

The heart of the university is the grand Academy building (in Dutch: Academiegebouw), which is in the centre of the historic city. In its attractive auditorium official ceremonies take place: e.g. orations, defences of doctoral theses and the inauguration of the new academic year. In its faculty chambers students who have finished their studies receive their degree certificate. The Academy Building also contains large and small lecture rooms. Opposite the old Academiegebouw the modern University Libraryis located. The eighteenth-century building at the Oude Boteringestraat 44 accommodates the University Board. The nearby Harmonie complex accommodates two faculties: the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts.

On the edge of the city centre

On the east side of the inner city you will find the University Medical Center Groningen, which encloses various medical sciences. Close to the Northern Park (in Dutch: Noorderplantsoen), in the area where once the first Botanical Gardens in Groningen were located, you will find the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.


You can reach the Science Park of the University on the northern side of Groningen in twenty minutes by bicycle. Most of the departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are housed here: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, and the Center for Information Technology. Here you will also find the Faculties of Spatial Sciences, of Economics and Business and the Teacher Training Department of the University (UOCG).

Donald Smits Center for Information Technology (CIT)

The Donald Smits Center for Information Technology (CIT) is a leading national and European institute in the field of information technology. Our ambition is to promote the advanced use of IT in higher education and research institutes and also to support essential processes.

University Centre for Learning & Teaching

The University Centre for Learning & Teaching (in Dutch: UOCG) is the educational centre of expertise of the University of Groningen. It provides quality assurance of education and contributes to the innovation of higher education with aid of ict. In addition the UOCG educates teachers and performs scientifical research in the area of didactics.

KVI: an international institute for atomic and subatomic physics

The research at KVI (Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut) focuses on (1) fundamental forces and symmetries in physics, and (2) applications of the technology and methods developed for fundamental research. KVI is a training centre for young scientists and it contributes significantly to the physics education at the University of Groningen. KVI research and training is available to the community, the university, and the international scientific community. KVI is located at the Zernike campus of the University of Groningen.

The Language Centre: Knowledge to go places!

Communicating successfully, really understanding each other, starts with language. Whether you are preparing for a conference in Atlanta, an internship in Rio de Janeiro, a study period in Peru or to receive foreign guests in Groningen, good proficiency in your own mother tongue as well as your discussion partners language can significantly increase your opportunities. The Language Centre of the University of Groningen is specialized in language, actually in lots of languages. And naturally in language proficiency in writing and speaking, in understanding each other.

The Language Centre is a member of the Vereniging van Universitaire Talencentra in het Nederlands Taalgebied ( NUT ), association of university language centres in the Dutch language area) and the Confédération Européenne des Centres de Langues de l'Enseignement Supérieur (Cercles). Culture, sports and other facilities at the RUG

The RUG offers its students and staff a great deal of culture, sports and recreation facilities.

As a classical university, the RUG feels responsible for its historic academic heritage and therefore it aims to make students more aware of its traditions and its rich history through the University Museum.

More recent culture can be found at Studium Generale , in the University Theatre and via guest writers and critics. The USVA offers various workshops, enabling participants to produce art or culture themselves.

GSp is one of the facilities for university and HBO students. It focuses on the philosophy of life and society whereas other facilities focus on culture (Usva) and sports (ACLO).

Sports fans are welcome at the Sports Centre, the ACLO and the SPR. These three organizations together offer a wide range of sports facilities .

Student Life

For four centuries the University has been a visible presence in the city of Groningen. The heart of this historic city is home to many university institutes, departments and offices. Moreover, student accommodation can be found almost everywhere in the characteristic lanes and alleyways of the inner city. Expansion has meant that some faculties, among others, the faculties of Economics and Management & Organization have moved to more spacious accommodation in the modern Zernike Area to the north of the town centre.

Next to Dutch, English is the second languague in town (and pretty much across the country), and is spoken by most people inside and outside the university. English is the standard first language in the IE&B department of which one third of the staff is foreign as well , and the Faculty and University provide all information to students and staff in both Dutch and English.

Another remarkable characteristic of the city of Groningen is the youthful population: every fourth person in the city is a student, and over half of the citizens are younger than thirty-five! This has produced a wide choice of facilities for just about every taste in sport, culture and recreation at reasonable prices. The University Sports Club offers top-of-the-range sport facilities, ranging from aerobics and a fully equipped gymnasium to sailing and outdoor sports.

The university cultural centre (USVA) organizes courses and workshops in dance, drama, creative writing, photography and video production. USVA also stages regular exhibitions, discussion evenings and film screenings. Needless to say, international students are strongly encouraged to join in these activities.

The weather in Groningen is mild in Winter (0-10

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