Athens University of Economics and Business

Athens, Greece
Athens University of Economics and Business cooperates with more than 200 foreign universities, both through the mobility program Erasmus + for students, teaching and administrative staff, and through research and other academic programs.



The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) was originally founded in 1920 under the name of Athens School of Commercial Studies. It was renamed in 1926 as the Athens School of Economics and Business, a name that was retained until 1989 when it assumed its present name, the Athens University of Economics and Business.


The University offers undergraduate (B.A. or B.Sc.), graduate (M.Sc. or M.B.A.) and doctoral (Ph.D) degrees. It is comprised of 8 departments as follows:

  • International and European Economic Studies
  • Economics
  • Management Science and Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Informatics
  • Statistics

There are 5 Master programs taught in English: MBA International (full time & part time), MSc in Accounting and Finance (full time & part time), Marketing & Communication, Specialization in International Marketing (full time), MA in Heritage Management (full time) and MSc in Business Analytics (part time). All these Programs receive annually approximately 450 international students.


The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is well-known for its research orientation. The activities undertaken by its members in the research field are twofold:

  1. Basic theoretical research, which aims at the production and advancement of scientific and technological knowledge. This type of research is published in international scientific journals, proceedings of scientific congresses etc.
  2. Applied research and consulting, which aims at the resolution of major problems of the economy and society, and of the firms.


The Career Office has been a pioneer in the development of this service by being established in 1992. The career service intends to support students and graduates of our University in matters regarding career development and seeking of employment. The aim of the office is:

  • To provide a picture of the job market by offering a commentary on the trends which are emerging in the market
  • To give advice on career planning
  • To identify and promote new employment opportunities for students and graduates
  • To help students to have their first contact with employees using a data-base tool which includes CVs and job advertisements
  • To provide information about postgraduate studies and scholarships and endowments.


Student services

The International Relations Office of the University was established in 1989. The main objectives of the Office are:

  • European Union educational programs,
  • participation in international student fora and exhibitions,
  • representation at international conferences and congresses,
  • organization of seminars, educational visits and cultural meetings,
  • promotion of the University activities abroad,
  • creation of new cooperation with foreign higher education institutions,
  • counselling to incoming and outgoing students.

Library services

The library comprises more than 100,000 book titles, and more than 1,000 printed academic journal titles covering areas of Economics, International and European Economic Studies, Business Administration, Management Science and Marketing, Informatics, Statistics, Accounting and Finance, and Management and Technology.

ICT services

AUEB has one of the largest and most up-to-date computer center facilities in the country. It occupies an area of approximately 700 m2 and holds an extensive library of educational, scientific and business software.

Student Life

Campus life

The Athens University of Economics and Business is centrally located in downtown Athens.

  • Sports
  • Cultural Activities
  • Student Exchanges
  • Student Organizations
  • Accommodation
  • Health Care/Medical Services
  • University Restaurant and Cafeteria

Student clubs

Students and graduates of AUEB participate in university and international organizations. Examples of these organizations are:

  • "Sotiris Petroulas" Students' Association
  • Erasmus Student Association (ESA)
  • AUEB Alumni
  • I-MBAlumni


Some of AUEB’s Graduate Programs hold very important accreditations, which demonstrate the high quality of their studies, as well as their international nature:

  • AMBA
  • ACCA
  • CFA Institute

Other Degrees