Jacobs University Bremen

Bremen, Germany

No. Students: 1,350 No. of Academic staff: 375
Funding type: Private
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Jacobs University Bremen is a highly selective, international, independent, residential university. Excellence and transdisciplinarity, diversity and community, and leadership and values are the pillars of a Jacobs education.

We are committed to:

* academic excellence and the creation of knowledge
* transdisciplinary research and teaching
* ethnic, socio-economic and gender diversity
* intercultural respect and global citizenship
* environmental responsibility and sustainable campus practices
* promoting an entrepreneurial spirit
* paving the way for careers in the private sector, public service and academia
* creating a worldwide community of lifelong learners

Jacobs University is one of the most diverse universities worldwide. More than 75% of our students come from outside of Germany. This plurality allows our community to break down cultural barriers and create a community where no one group constitutes a majority. Instead, students from all over the world live and study together on our lush 90-acre campus.


Jacobs University is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities and approved by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. In June 2004 all Jacobs University Bremen Bachelor study programs were fully accredited by the Accreditation Council. Jacobs University's programs correspond to the European educational framework that is a result of the European 1999 Bologna agreement for the standardization of European universities.


The 90-acre park-like Jacobs University Bremen campus offers what, in Germany, is a new concept for teaching, research, and living. Undergraduate students live in four residential colleges on the campus. Each college comprises students and faculty of different disciplines, origins, and ages.

The Campus Center is the heart of Jacobs University's campus. The center is home to the Information Resource Center (IRC) and many of the main conference events and community activities held throughout the year.

The IRC is Jacobs Universitys digital and reference library. It is equipped with the latest information technology to disseminate and archive academic material. Jacobs University scientists and students publish their research electronically, establishing a direct global information exchange. Traditional library media, such as a constantly growing stock of books and scientific journals, supplement the highly efficient data network, which connects Jacobs University with other information centers throughout the world.

We are a campus university. All undergraduate students reside in residential colleges. Besides the colleges, research buildings, lecture halls, and research laboratories are distributed on Campus. There is a lot of green space between the buildings and a little pond which allow for a stroll around campus and create a relaxing atmosphere.

A Career Service Center is located on campus, accessible for anyone affiliated to Jacobs University, providing advice and guidance regarding career planning. The Campus Jobs Office administers all jobs that are available to students students are frequently employed in the administration of Jacobs University as student assistants or for their professors as teaching assistants. Additionally, Jacobs University offers counseling for students in need to ensure the well-being of students who may face stressful times or need help to accustom to thenew environment. Regarding the latter, Jacobs University has been creating a network of host families who wish to introduce foreign students to the German culture.

Furthermore, Jacobs University offers language courses in German, French, and Spanish (also for ECTS credits). Students can also pursue language studies in over 20 languages, at their own convenience, at the University Language Lab.

Seven days a week, three times a day, Jacobs University is catered for in the four on-campus cafeterias. A Café, offering sandwiches, coffees, and snacks, is located in the Campus Center.

At the beginning of each Academic Year, Jacobs University offers an orientation week for all incoming students. During this time, students will not only get to know each other but also learn about administration, academics, and workings (including the student life) of the university, and organize their integration into their host city Bremen ( (residence permit, insurance).

All services are free of charge.

Kids at Jacobs is a non-profit parent initiative whose objective is to provide full-time bilingual childcare (German/English, up to 40 hrs. per week) for kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, on the campus of Jacobs University, North Bremen. Our daycare center is open to all staff members and students of Jacobs University, as well as to members of the local community.

Student life

Jacobs University is home to four residential colleges: Alfried Krupp College, Mercator College, College 3, and College Nordmetall. Normally, the undergraduate students live here while the graduate students find housing off-campus.

The colleges provide students with a home away from home with ample spaces for living, studying, and recreation. There are a variety of common rooms which can be booked by students for conferences and meetings, playing games, practicing dance or martial arts, and watching movies or sports in hi-tech media rooms. There are also serveries in each college so getting a warm meal is never far away. Laundry facilities are in each basement and there are also special printing, scanning, and copying services available from the College Offices.

The communities in the colleges are a fascinating mix of students of different nationalities, disciplines, and ages. The colleges also have honorary members from faculty and staff who are interested in greater social interaction and lively exchanges between everyone at Jacobs University. Sometimes you can learn a lot more outside of the classrooms!

Each college is headed by two College Masters, a professor and spouse (and their families!) who live alongside students in the college. Their prime responsibility is to care for the students academic, emotional, and physical well-being in essence to act as surrogate parents to help students learn to live independently away from their homes and families for the first time. A team of Resident Associates, older students or staff who also live in the colleges, work with the College Masters to make the colleges a safe and nurturing home where there is always someone to help students.

Striking the balance between democracy and efficiency: our student's self-governance institutions know their responsibilities. The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), consisting of many committees, represent and support more than 700 undergraduate students with a diversity of activities and ideas. The Graduate Students Association (GSA) takes care of the interests and cultural aspirations of graduate students and offer their own private lounge. The Student Court helps preserve an open productive and tolerant atmosphere all over campus and adjudicates in cases of conflict between students.

There are manifold extracurricular activities, usually student-led, students can participate in on and beyond campus: Rowing, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Cheerleading, Ball Room Dance, Salsa, Breakdance, Slacklining, Frisbee and Martial Arts are only a few of the many sports and recreational clubs on campus. Jacobs University has its own theater where student groups can perform their plays/musicials, student newspaper, and radio. There are art clubs, community clubs and political clubs (Amnesty International, Rotaract. Debating Society, Environmental Club). If you can come up with an idea, that is not yet covered by a student club or campus activity, get one going!

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