Technical University of Munich

Motto: Die unternehmerische Universität - The Entrepreneurial University

München, Germany

No. Students: 21,600
Funding type: Public
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1. Servant of an Innovative Society

Viewing itself as a servant of society, the Technical University of Munich is committed to innovative progress in scientific fields, ensuring sustainable improvement in the lives and coexistence of people. Out of its sense of responsibility for future generations, it has established the following interdisciplinary research areas: Health/Nutrition

2. International Best Standards

The Technical University of Munich orientates itself scientifically, structurally, and organizationally according to the highest international standards. It is therefore part of a global network. For its benchmarks, it draws on international alliances with leading teaching and research facilities. With its "Emerging Field Policy," it opens up new fields of development between science and industry.

3. Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Tolerance

We view "internationality" as the link between our homeland and the world. Based on the liberal set of values of an enlightened society, cosmopolitanism includes respect for the cultural identity of people in other regions of the world. With our international presence in science and technology, we want to foster further understanding between nations.

4. Talent with a Conscience

Young talent stands at the center of the Technical University of Munich. They shape the future. We support our youth in the development of their individual talents and capabilities through their integration into the environment of experienced scientific professionals. Our educational goals include conferring professional expertise, good judgment, and a sense of responsibility. Mental and emotional creativity, cultural sensitivity, and social skills are as important to us as professional sovereignty and entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage the most gifted young scientists, in particular, through participation in the TUM: JUNGE AKADEMIE.

5. Entrepreneurial Thinking and Engagement

With its model as "The Entrepreneurial University," the Technical University of Munich is committed to the principle of competitive excellence. TUM yields fundamental research results in market-oriented innovation processes and inspires an entrepreneurial spirit in all university areas. It initiates growth-oriented employee start-ups and supports them through non-bureaucratic measures until they achieve successful market positions. Our entrepreneurial activities are consistently geared towards taking the European lead in the foundation of technology start-ups from scientific fields.

6. Value Creation through Appreciation

The variety and diversity of individual talents are particularly valued by the Technical University of Munich. The culture of appreciation within the university "family" contributes significantly to our value added. We actively promote equality between men and women. Consequently, we pursue the goal of being Germany's most attractive technical university to women, and we invest in the reconciliation of family and work as a family-oriented university.

7. Living Generation Pact

The "family" of the Technical University of Munich profits from the mutual support and networking of its members across disciplines, nationalities, and generations. It globally connects the enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity of students, the creative spirit of graduates, and the life experience of alumni. It values the expertise of its TUM EMERITI OF EXCELLENCE and their active participation as helpful advisors.

8. Public Dialogue

The Technical University of Munich seeks dialogue with the public. Society should know what we are doing for our future in science and technology. We also want to know what society expects of us.


The Technische Universität München (TUM; University of Technology, Munich; Technical University of Munich) is a research university with campuses in Munich, Garching, and Weihenstephan.

The university has a sound international reputation and was ranked 2nd in Germany, 15th in Europe and 56th in the world in 2010 by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. In the same year, it was ranked 2nd in Germany, 16th in Europe and 58th in the world (overall) and in Engineering & Technology 1st in Germany, 9th in Europe and 36th in the world by the QS World University Rankings. In 2010 Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranked Technical University Munich 4th in Germany, 29th in Europe and 101st in the world.

The TUM, like many German universities, is a non campus university. However, with further expansion plans for the Garching site, more and more departments are to be placed into new buildings in Garching. The Garching campus, unlike the downtown area, is set up more like a traditional quadrangle style campus with a large grouping of buildings. At the moment, university buildings are spread over four main and several minor locations:

* Main campus in downtown Munich
* Garching (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, neutron source); on the same campus, there are also several other research institutes
* Weihenstephan (Center for Life and Food Science)
* Hospital Klinikum Rechts der Isar (Medicine), Munich
* Chair of Land Management "((Lehrstuhl für Bodenordnung und Landentwicklung))"


TUM was system-acc­re­dited by the Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assu­rance in Higher Edu­cation (OAQ) on 14 May 2014, with no stipu­lations im­posed. The decision reached by the OAQ's Acc­re­ditation Commission is valid through 30 September 2021, and applies to all degree programs that have passed TUM's in­ternal QM assessment pro­cedures.


Good information and communication facilities are a service that our students rightly expect

The Career Service of TU München serves as a link between university and business, between studies and career, between research and occupational practice, between students, alumni and potential employers.

The experiences of alumni and dedicated employees can be passed on to the students via the alumni network.

The Munich public transport authority (MVV) offers a ticket for students (student rate II - "Ausbildungstarif II") enabling to use trains, subways, trams and busses with the discounted

Student life

The institutions of the TU München are spread over three principle campuses according to their field of interest. The heart of the university is situated on the main campus in the state capital: this houses the university headquarters, most of the administrative offices and the faculties of Architecture, Structural Engineering & Surveying, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology and Economics. The Department of Sport Science is located at the Olympic stadium, the Department of Medicine is incorporated in the TUM's Clinic 'right of the Isar'.

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