Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona was founded in 1968. The founders aimed to establish four principles of autonomy: freedom to select teaching staff, admission available to all students (but with a limited number), freedom to create its own study plans and freedom to administrate the University's capital. It is therefore a young university, but in its short history it has moved forward at a rapid pace.
  • #146 Ranking
  • 238 Masters
  • 29314 Students



The history of the UAB begins on 6 June 1968, when the decree on the creation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is officially promulgated. One month later the first four faculties are created: Philosophy and Arts, Medicine, Science and Economics.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in its mission, defines itself as a public Catalan university with an international outlook. For the university, internationalisation is one of the tools to achieve its objectives in offering quality education, research and knowledge transfer. The internationalisation strategy is based on three fundamental lines of action: mobility, collaboration and cooperation, and the attraction of talent.Collaboration with other universities and institutions must permit students and lecturers to discover and propose new teaching experiences and open new fields of research together with other prestigious universities.


The majority of great challenges faced by today's society must be tackled with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach from different sides, and this includes research. The institutions which make up the UAB-CIE Sphere include the necessary human and material capacities to carry out successful projects in complex and strategic fields. The objective of effectively communicating these capacities has brought about the creation of strategic research communities under the name of CORE (COmunitats de Recerca Estratègiques).The CORE networks are established depending on the strategic challenge identified at global, European (Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy, ) and national scale.


For those who want to have an international professional experience, there are different portals and resources to find work in other countries.

  • Studies done at UAB
You will find specialized job search portals grouped by knowledge and classified according to studies in the UAB.
  • Portals global research and career guidance.
You will find employment opportunities portals worldwide portals themselves to look for opportunities specific to the field of research and portals that help career guidance for different professional sectors.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (59)
Medicine & Health (41)
Humanities (32)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (32)
Business & Management (23)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (14)
Journalism & Media (14)
Engineering & Technology (13)
Applied Sciences & Professions (11)
Arts, Design & Architecture (10)
Computer Science & IT (10)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (8)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona!


Student services

  • Information Service
  • Mobility Management
  • Everyday life services
  • Service employment
  • Entreprenership at the UAB
  • Helath services
  • Physical activity service
  • Languages service
  • Disability and volunteerism
  • Languages
  • Languages service
  • Publish services
  • Enviroment Office
  • Scientific and Technical Services

Housing services

Vila Universitària is the residential complex of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), located on its campus, which has 812 apartments with a total accommodation capacity for 2193 persons.

Vila offers all the services you may need: student support centre, newsstand-book and stationery store, driving school, supermarket, cash dispenser, dry cleaners, and two bar-cafeterias.Other optional services at your disposal: installation of telephone line, renting of equipment (bed- and bathroom linen, kitchen utensils, etc.) and periodic cleaning of the apartments, among others.Vila also offers the following complementary services: maintenance of the facilities, selective waste collection.

Library services

  • Monographs: more than 55.000 volums ordered acording to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) freely accessible at the Main Room. Available at the Specials Collection Room they have more than 15.000 volums on mathematics ordered acording to the Mathematical Subject Classification of the American Mathematical Society.
  • Journals
  • Digital collection

ICT services

  • Network services
  • Virtual Campus
  • Virtual Secretariat
  • Network of Libraries of the UAB
  • Digital Repository of Documents
  • Blogs UAB
  • Wikis UAB
  • UABtube
  • Polimedia
The Polimedia is a system for creating multimedia content to support classroom teaching.
  • Open Journal System
The Open Journal System is a system for managing, editing and publishing electronic magazines and newspapers documents online.
  • OpenMeeting
  • WIFI

Medical services

The UAP is a service that supports continuous learning process of students at UAB. From the perspective of prevention and intervention in the areas of education and social UAP works in different lines of action and offers a range of activities that provide students tools for comprehensive learning process.

Student Life

Campus life

The Healthy and Sustainable Campus (Campus SIS) project consists of two plans: the Healthy Campus plan and the Sustainable Campus plan. Both are aims at everyone who works and studies at the university. There are 70 activities with a high degree of transversality to improve the health of the university community, promoting environments and habits for a healthy lifestyle and attaining a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly university.The Healthy Campus is inspired in the principles and values of the UAB, the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the proposal for action of the Catalan Healthy University Network which the UAB has belonged to since 2010.

Sports facilities

Campus sports is healthy and in school holiday periods for children under 16 years old (or 16 years to do during the year) where they want to present a wide range of physical activities and sports, especially highlighting their nature more leisure and recreation, not to mention learning and transmission of values through physical activity, so that children can have fun and learn at the same time.

Improved sporting habits by encouraging the acquisition of practical recreational, social and family explain the benefits of sport and how it affects our quality of life, released a variety of sports activities for girls and boys live more experiences and can choose the best criteria to practice a sport.

Student clubs

The mission of the Solidarity Autonomous Foundation (FAS) is to contribute to the construction of a more supportive university with a greater commitment to the social situation, through voluntary participation by the university community as an instrument for the integration of groups at risk of exclusion. In this section they present the activities report of the Solidarity Autonomous Foundation for the 2013-2014 academic year, which offers a summary in words and figures of the experience of students at the UAB who have been involved in their work and also the more than 3,000 beneficiaries of the activities.


The quality of the education system is accredited by:

  • EURHODIP: Association Européenne pour la Délivrance des Diplômes Hôteliers
  • EFAH: European Foundation of the Accreditation of Hotel School Programmes
  • NEW AMFORHT: Nouvelle Association pour la Formation Hôtelière et Touristique
  • Savia Amadeus;

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