Comillas Pontifical University

Madrid, Spain
After a century of university experience, at COMILLAS we are keenly aware that a great many things have changed since the university was founded. Spanish universities have moved on from the education of a select social minority toward a more universal social mission. Catholicism is no longer the Official State Religion and the Church has lived through the fruitful opening of the Second Vatican Council. Spanish society has assumed a more European and even global character.



Our aim is that every person to form part of our University receives a comprehensive education: focusing not only on academic training but also on their own free will, their human, ethical and aesthetic awareness, capacity for personal reflection and sense of responsibility. In short, COMILLAS aims to contribute to the full personal development of all its students.



  • Institute for Research in Technology (I.I.T.)
  • University Institute of Spirituality
  • Institute of Education Sciences (ICE)
  • University Institute of Studies on Migration
  • Institute of Modern Languages
  • University Institute of Family Studies


Student services

Our Pastoral Service aims to foster the integration of human and professional training with the values of the Gospel and Ignatian spirituality. We provide spaces where you can share your faith, queries and findings. Comillas Pontifical University wishes to promote comprehensive training of the individual from a humanist and Christian perspective.

Housing services

The Information and Student Reception Office (OIA) will give you information about:

  • Admission requirements for the different bachelor's degrees, studies programmes, validations and simultaneousness of studies.
  • Pre-University campus.
  • Accommodation in Madrid.

Library services

The Library Service is an operational which acquires, organizes, processes, and cares for all of the University's bibliographic and documentary collection and makes it available to users, regardless of their format, where they are stored, and which budget item they were charged to when acquired, except for documents belonging to the University's General Archive.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Sports Unit of the University, depends on the Vice President for University Services and Student Community. Our goal is to promote the sport, conviviality, camaraderie and the spirit of solidarity among the university community. Values closely linked to the educational project of the university.

Student clubs

  • LINUXEC (Association of student interested in free circulation of Software and Hardware, discussing technological concerns)
  • AUDEMAC (Association of Students from the Senior Citizens University)
  • Comillas Athletics Association
  • ELSA Madrid ICADE
  • Comillas Entrepreneurs Association
  • ICADE International Students Association
  • Ei Comillas
  • (Glasnost Magazine)
  • Network for Social Entrepreneurs
  • EU4 (Association for Students in European Business Sciences EU4)
  • Alumnos para la Experiencia Social – APES
  • AEPSI-CO - Asociación de estudiantes de Psicología Comillas
  • ICADE-ICAI Finance & Investment Society
  • AIE - Asociación ICAI Empresa
  • ICAI Speed Club