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The mission of Bogazici University is to generate knowledge at global scale, to expand the scientific horizons of Turkiye and to educate individuals who will ensure the dominance of contemporary science and technology in the development of the society.

About Bogazici University

The mission of Bogazici University is to generate knowledge at global scale, to expand the scientific horizons of Turkiye and to educate individuals who will ensure the dominance of contemporary science and technology in the development of the society. To achieve this mission, Bogazici University accepts the scientific excellence at international level as a measure and aims to become a leading research and education institution of international standing.


Bogazici University identifies itself primarily as a research university. Accordingly, for graduate education and research extra resources are created and the quality of undergraduate education will not be compromised. These activities are at the international level on the scale of excellence. Bogazici Universitys goals are to bring the very best, or those that are capable of being the best, faculty together with the very best students.


Hair Stylist And Beauty Shop - In the basement of the Men's Dormitory, there is a hair stylist and beauty shop.

Bank - There are two banks in the school and several ATM's. The Garanti Bank is by the Engineering Building and Yapi Kredi Bank right across the Post Office. Both have ATMs and are able to exchange foreign traveler's checks or cash for Turkish Lira and vice versa. As well, a variety of services (such as credit cards, tuition payments etc.) are available.
Is Bankasi has an ATM in the parking lot. Pamukbank has an ATM behind the telephone booths across from the first Girls' Dormitory. In front of the entrance of the North Campus there is a Garanti Bank ATM and a Yapi Kredi ATM.

Food Services - Cafeteria On The North Campus The main Catering Center is the cafeteria on the North Campus, which is open for main meals for students, faculty and staff. Open between noon and 2 p.m.
Cafeteria On The South Campus Open between noon and 2 p.m. The cafeteria on the south campus serves all administrative staff and faculty members.
Kennedy Lodge (Faculty Center) Lunch is served to all faculty and administrative staff. Kennedy Lodge is open between noon and 2 pm.
Canteens There are canteens on the South Campus, located in the basement of the Student Activities Building and the first floor of the Men's Dormitory (formerly Hamlin Hall). These facilities sell a variety of foods and non-alcoholic drinks. Also, there is a store in the basement of the Men's Dorm that sells coffee, tea, sweets, and various other foods.
The canteen in the North Campus below the KB(Square Block) and the Hisar Cafe on the Hisar Campus.
All of these canteens sell a variety of foods and soft drinks.

Housing - The office for on-campus housing has some very helpful people who speak English. Please contact Ms. Ayhan Soylu (Ext.7283) for more information.

Laundry - A dry cleaning and laundry service is located below the student cafeteria on the North Campus.

Medical - There is an infirmary on the South Campus. The resident doctors have various specializations. There is a system of referrals to major hospitals in Istanbul for problems that the campus infirmary can not handle. Medical treatment is free. The infirmary provides a 24-hour service. For further information:

Newspapers and Books - The new University Bookstore located at the main entrance of the Science and Technology Building on the North Campus caters to academic needs as well as carrying a wide range of popular publications. The bookstore also displays a wide selection of Turkish and international journals and newspapers.
In the basement of the Student Activities Building on the South Campus, there is a newsstand that sells the Turkish Daily News, Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Time, Economics, and the like.

Post Office - There is a Post Office in the South Campus, right beside the Registrar's Office. From there you can buy phonecards, tokens and stamps. It is open from 9.00- 16:00. You can send all your mail form here but you can not send or receive packages from the school branch. You need to go a central Post Office, like the one in Levent.

Shoe-Shine and Repair Shop - It is located under the stairs next to the Economics and Administrative Sciences Building, opposite the Men's Dormitory.

Sports Facilities - The University provides a comprehensive sports program in addition to the extra - curricular activities listed above. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and rowing are extremely popular. Matches and exhibitions are held throughout the academic year. An out-doors swimming pool is open to all students, located on the South Campus. Table tennis, handball, wrestling, tracking and cross-country are also included in the sports program of the University. A sports complex including a soccer and track field and a gymnasium with all the training equipment exists on the Ucaksavar Campus. The Sports Director will be glad to provide more information on the sports program at the University to interested students.

Photocopying - The photocopy shop is located in the basement of the Men's Dormitory. A charge is incurred on a per page basis.. It is likely that your department can direct you to a university copy facility that does course-related material for free. Photocopying services are also available for a fee at the library These items are for sale in a store in the basement of the first Men's Dormitory. You can also find a photocopy service there.

Student life at Bogazici University

Bogazici University was formally established on September 10, 1971. While thus appearing to be a newcomer to the community of Turkish universities, it has behind it the long history of Robert College, which was the first American College to be established outside the boundaries of the United States. With the transfer of the site to the Turkish government, Bogazici University became the direct heir to not only the excellent facilities of Robert College but also to its distinguished academic tradition.

In 1971 Bogazici University had three faculties plus one school of higher education. Since 1982, it has grown to include four faculties, six institutes (offering graduate programs), the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Applied Disciplines and the School of Advanced Vocational Studies. The University's four faculties are: Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, and Education. Many faculty members teach in more than one faculty and the faculty structure promotes interdisciplinary teaching whenever appropriate.

Many of the University's buildings are located on its South Campus, with the Bosphorus and the historical castle of Rumelihisar as its boundary to the east. This campus encompasses the oldest buildings of the University. The North Campus, Hisar Campus and Ucaksavar Campus contain the newer additions to the University facilities. A fourth campus, on the Asiatic side of the Bosphorus, houses the historic Kandilli Observatory which is the center of a nationwide network of seismic stations and a prominent research unit of the University. The fifth campus, the Saritepe Campus, situated on the shores of the Black Sea 20 km to the northwest of the South and North campuses.

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