The University of the Highlands and Islands

Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom
The University of the Highlands and Islands gives you the chance to do something different, something special. We offer a diverse range of courses, many taking advantage of our region's unique environment, landscape and culture.



In 1992 The University of the Highlands and Islands Project is established.


Our curriculum portfolio across both further and higher education is designed to meet current and future local and regional needs.

At the University of the Highlands and Islands you will study in various ways such as lectures, tutorials and project work, as well as online.

The university has a diverse range of courses, many taking advantage of our region’s unique environment, landscape and culture, and has 13 study locations spread across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Some courses are only available at one location, for example where there are specialist facilities, research-focussed staff or the required physical environment. For other courses, there will be a choice of location of study.


The University of the Highlands and Islands fosters collaboration and supports innovative, world-class research. We offer unparalleled natural laboratories and opportunities to support research in a wide range of disciplines: physical; ecological; cultural; historical and social.

Our reputation is built on our innovative approach to learning and our distinctive research and curriculum – all enriched by the people, natural environment, economy, culture and heritage of the Highlands and Islands and its communities.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (2)
Business & Management (1)
Humanities (1)


Student services

University students are allocated a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) who will provide academic support throughout your studies and also guide you to other forms of support available to our students.

Housing services

By now you will know that we are a partnership of 13 colleges and research institutions. Each of our campuses are different and their locations have a special characteristic, from the rich cultural life of the islands to the bright city lights of Inverness and Perth.

In addition to the main campuses, the university also provides educational opportunities through a network of more than 70 learning centres located throughout the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire, or online from home.

Student Life

Campus life

We are the only university based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and we're a little different - we offer you the choice of studying at one of our 13 colleges and research centres, over 70 local learning centres, or online from wherever you are.

Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

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