Lisbon, Portugal
IPAM (Portuguese Institute of Marketing Management) was established in 1984 by some university teachers and business managers. In 1991 the course was approved by the Ministry of Education and 1st Congress of the Portuguese Marketing Professionals was also organized this year. In 1995, the first academic and scientific magazine was launched in Portuguese. PAM starts adapting Degree in Marketing Management at the Bologna Treaty in 2005.IPAM has trained a lot of marketing managers in last 26 years.
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Education is synonymous with change, creativity and above all transformation and knowledge. It isthrough the ability to educate, that societies evolve and grow towards knowledge and development.Education is also synonymous with construction, often accompanied by controversial situations,contradictions and focus of discussion. Isn’t this also to educate?

In over twenty five years we have on the field, we have always managed to deal with all the phenomenathat, in a more intuitive or deductive way, came across while educating. However, a principle has alwaysbeen in our minds. We are talking about the importance of placing the student as central element inwhom we try and concentrate all our efforts, motivating the process of learning more and better. We alsoknow that, nowadays, learning is much more than what it used to be. It’s to reflect concepts daily in ademanding society. It is being able to combine knowledge with practical know-how and understanding.
In 1984, IPAM, Portuguese Institute of Marketing Management, wanted to innovate. Creating a schoolthat would teach Marketing was at that time a challenge in which few believed. There is no false modestyon admitting that we did it. We were the first school of Marketing in Portugal. At IPAM, ambition is aconstant. The goals that we want to achieve are becoming increasingly harder, but we fight for them.

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