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Buren, Netherlands
Business School Netherlands has been active as an international business school since 1988 and continues to expand provision of Action Learning programmes beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands, creating a global Action Learning community of business leaders, all following the same steps to success.
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Why should I study here at Business School Netherlands?

  • Most MBAs use traditional teaching methods, Business School Netherlands has, within the set boundaries of the NVAO, changed this approach drastically. Theory doesnt only form part of the outcome of these Action Learning MBA programmes, BSN also includes real life business problems and challenges in the curriculum.
  • Both student and organisation bear responsibility for carrying out the project. The organisation must be willing to protect their participating manager from anything that could frustrate the outcome of the project. This frees the manager of fear of retribution should an error be made. Trial and error is necessary to the success of a project.
  • Action Learning is: Learning together. Small sets or groups of comrades in adversity get to know each other and within the social structure of the group learning takes place. Tutors no longer lecture but participate in tackling new problems, facilitating the reorganisation of thought and searching for the right questions. The set is the personal network of each member.
  • In the Action Learning MBA a learning situation is created in which managers explore and investigate together, with an emphasis on asking the right questions, with the lecturers drawing on their experience to facilitate this process. This management education philosophy requires much effort from both student and lecturer, way beyond the traditional imparting and absorbing of knowledge.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime - Lao Tzu (the original Action Learner).

About Business School Netherlands

As a University of Applied Sciences, Business School Netherlands (BSN) develops MBA and management programmes internationally at a rapid pace with astounding success. ver 2000 managers have graduated from BSNs MBA programmes and many more have become delegates for shorter courses. Today BSN is a recognised private provider of higher education in and from the Netherlands with strong growth intent. It is committed to keeping its focus on the needs of leaders of people and processes in organisations. Managers are responsible for upholding sound and ethical organisational principles and projecting a clear image of their organisations purpose.

Accreditations of Business School Netherlands

  • NRTO, The NRTO, Dutch Council of Training and Education, is the umbrella trade association of all private training and education agencies in The Netherlands. The NRTO promotes the interests of private providers of training and education.
  • Cedeo is founded in 1980 and is an initiative of HR-managers from the largest firms and associations in the Netherlands, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Immediate cause for the foundation was the absence of insight into the quality of the offer of company trainings. The offer contains of over tens of thousands company trainings, offered by more than 8500 organizations. Based on customer satisfaction surveys executed under purchasers, Cedeo meets the need for inventory taking and underwrites the quality for purchasers of training and development as well as for other HR-services.
  • NVAO The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) is the independent accreditation organisation set up by the Dutch and Flemish governments, whose primary goal it is to provide an expert and objective judgement of the quality of higher education in Flanders and the Netherlands.
  • WIAL Business School Netherlands is the first European institution to become affiliates of the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL). With such an outstanding organisation backing our activities, these steps signal our intent to excel even further as a rigorous practitioner of this powerful learning methodology.


Netherlands Fellowship Programme

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme is applicable to the International MBA Programme of Business School Netherlands, offered by Nuffic.

NFP is a fellowship programme designed to foster institutional development within certain parts of the world. Applicants apply for the fellowship to cover the cost of tuition fees, accommodation and international travel for study.

Dick Gerdzen Foundation

The Dick Gerdzen Foundation has made 60 partial scholarships (EUR 15.700,- per applicant) available for 2013.

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