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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt University is a lively, urban, and cosmopolitan university that provides an excellent atmosphere in which to research, study, think, and create. The university was founded in 1914 through private funding.

About Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt University is a lively, urban, and cosmopolitan university that provides an excellent atmosphere in which to research, study, think, and create. The university was founded in 1914 through private funding. Thus, the university owes its establishment to the link - which is characteristic for the city of Frankfurt - between dynamic research, the legacy of the Enlightenment, and the conscious commitment of the citizens of Frankfurt to the fundamentals of international trade and industry.
As one of the major institutions of higher education in Germany, the university is committed to providing a wide spectrum of disciplines in research and teaching, to generating outstanding achievements, and to breaking new ground through the targeted utilization of the advantages and synergies of interdisciplinary work in research and teaching. In competition with the best national and international universities, Frankfurt University aims to fulfill its training and educational mandates through performance and open-mindedness. The university supports the practical application of knowledge based upon solid fundamental research.


Frankfurt University is, and will always aim to be:

  • Urban and open-minded
  • Cosmopolitan and international
  • Effective and efficient
  • Strong in research
  • A vital partner in the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main metropolitan area


Arrival Support

The University facilitates a variety of opportunities to help you get adjusted and settled in Frankfurt.

The WellCome-Project

The WellCome-Projekt is an adopt-a-student program which focuses on the academic-social-cultural integration of international students. Students of Goethe University can adopt an international student. This idea is meant to ease the difficulties in dealing with a new country and study environment.You will not only receive help during this phase but, it is a wonderful opportunity to exchange cultures, languages and life experiences. Participation involves no additional costs.

Integration Program for Guets Students

Goethe University offers the opportunity of integrating guest students through volunteer host families. You are invited to join this program. This program will put you in contact with locals (individuals or families) so that you can learn about the culture and life style in Germany.

International Stammtisch

Each semester, an international stammtisch, or roughly translated a place (mostly like at a location that serves food or drinks) where one meets on a regular and consistent basis, will be offered to ERASMUS/DAAD/ SOCRATES scholars and German students, who are returning (returned) from abroad or planning to go abroad. In a comfortable scenario, students can exchange experiences from abroad, gives tips for future study abroad experiences, tips as to dealing with student life in Frankfurt, and to make new friendships.

Services and Support for International Students

The International Office offers a comprehensive range of advice and services on issues of visa/immigration, financing your studies, social life and personal matters.

Ongoing German language support is available.

The students union ("Asta") provides advice and entertainment, and faith-based organisations offer opportunities for worship and intercultural exchange.


Frankfurt am Main offers a wide variety of accomondation, from University dorms to privately-rented apartments. The biggest providers of dorms are the Studentenwerk (http://www.studentenwerkfrankfurt.de/) and the churches. For further information see:


We strongly recommend that students contact such organizations as soon as they receive their letter of acceptance to the program, as these rooms are high in demand.

Student life at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Studying abroad can be a uniquely powerful and personal experience. Coming to grips with a new cultureand possibly a new languagepresents challenges and significant opportunities for growth. Over 12% of the student population in Hessen is international, and students come from all over the world to take advantage of the high-quality academics and great quality of life.

About the University

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main is frequently ranked as one of Germany's leading institutions of higher education. Although the current organisation was founded as a university in 1914 by prominent citizens of Frankfurt, its actual origins go back to 1763. With currently 37,000 students, including 4,100 international students, the university prides itself on a rich tradition of intellectual and cultural excellence. Numerous Nobel Prize winners in science and medicine, including Max Born, Paul Ehrlich and Max von Laue, were among the students and teachers of the university. It is home to the world-renowned Frankfurt School, the Institute for Social Research of Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, and has enjoyed the teaching of philosophers and theologists such as Paul Tillich, Martin Buber and Jürgen Habermas.

About Town

Since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt am Main has been a major trade and finance centre at the crossroads of Europe's trade routes. Today, as the leading financial marketplace in continental Europe, Frankfurt is the seat of the European Central Bank and international banks such as the "Deutsche Bank", "Dresdner Bank" and "Commerzbank". Thus, Frankfurt is at the centre of European monetary policy and the European Monetary Union. Major public banking institutions, including "Deutsche Bundesbank" and "Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau", one of the EU's leading public credit institutions, are based in Frankfurt, as is the world's fourth-largest stock exchange, the "Deutsche Börse AG". The "Deutsche Börse" also houses the world's largest and most modern, all-electronic derivatives exchange, Eurex.
The region benefits from an outstanding telecommunication and transportation infrastructure. Frankfurt Airport is the leading airport in continental Europe and offers excellent connections within Europe and overseas. Frankfurt's dense transportation network ensures a seamless connection to all road and rail links.
Frankfurt is an international meeting point. It is home to the oldest trade fair in the world, the world-renowned Frankfurt Book Fair. It also offers many cultural attractions, among them two operas, concert halls, theatres, and a great variety of museums and art galleries. Situated on one of Europe's great rivers, the Main, Frankfurt is a vibrant city with many recreational facilities which cater to the city's international population.

Cosmopolitan in nature, Frankfurt is home to a large community of expatriate workers and offers a wide choice of entertainment in the English language, from cinema to theatre, literature and sports. About half of Frankfurt's citizens are foreign-born. There are a multitude of ethnic-based associations and food from around the world is easily available. Frankfurt is a city in the heart of Europe: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Zurich can all be reached in under four hours by high-speed rail.

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