Open University of Cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

No. Students: 4,200 (2,300 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 249
Funding type: Public Member of EADTU
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

studies available.

* Unique distance learning methodology Study from any place in the world, learn at your own pace, study will working and since there is no need to travel to Cyprus, no further expenses on travelling and accommodation other than the tuition fees.
* Customized curriculum OUCs programmes are structured on the basis of modules (offered on a semester basis or are year-long). Students have considerable freedom in choosing academic direction and modules that relate to their specific interests and ambitions.
* e-Learning Platform: eClass OUCs e-learning platform is a complete and continuously evolving e-learning management system that supports all phases of the educational process. It provides synchronous and asynchronous communication tools for students to interact with their tutors and colleagues.
* Lifelong and independent learning No age restrictions on applications, no entrance exams. Applications are submitted online and students meeting the minimum entrance criteria to the various programmes of study are admitted to the university. Moreover, at the Open University of Cyprus independence in learning is promoted and students adult learners - are asked to develop a mind-set of independent and original thinking.
* Innovative Programmes Updated and new programmes of study are being developed to respond to the needs of students, society and labour market. Programmes at Master level are offered in the English language. PhD studies are also available in English.
* Student Mobility Opportunities for students to study or undertake a work placement period abroad.


As of the academic year 2013-2014, the Open University of Cyprus (OUC), the countrys second state university, has an enrolment of over 4200 students and has already developed 21 dynamic programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate (Master and PhD) level. Aiming to become an attractive, regional, educational institution, OUC actively participates in many of the largest and most significant, international university networks and educational associations.

The Open University of Cyprus is a state university that offers bachelor, master and Ph.D. programmes, all accredited. Being a distance learning university, the mission of the OUC is to help individuals meet their learning needs and provide them with full access to university education and knowledge, regardless of age and background and above and beyond the usual time and place constraints of a conventional university. This is the reason why we, at the Open University of Cyprus, believe that the future lies in distance education!

OUC offers various programmes of studies at all levels (undergraduate, master and doctorate) in both Greek and English language over its (3) Faculties: the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Management. In addition to academic programmes, OUC offers stand-alone modules (i.e. short courses), for those who want to keep up with the changes of modern times, upgrade their skills and knowledge and specialize in an area that will help them further develop their professional career.

The Open University of Cyprus is also expanding its international presence by forging alliances with universities and research centres, for the promotion of education, lifelong learning, research and student and staff exchanges.

Open University of Cyprus: Power - Knowledge - Lifelong Learning


Cypriot state universities are accredited by Law. All bachelor and master programmes offered by the Open University of Cyprus are thus accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

Moreover, OUC places an emphasis on the quality and contyinuous development of its programmes, research and other operations. All OUC programmes are structured on the basis of the European credit transfer system (ECTS), which facilitates international transparency and recognition of degrees. The quality of OUCs research and education is also independently acknowledged by external organizations.



e-Learning Platform
OUCs e-learning platform is a complete and continuously evolving e-learning management system that supports all phases of the educational process and is the online space where students can:

* find and manage all electronic content and study materials;
* organise their study calendars;
* find information on assignments and submission of papers get feedback on their progress

Moreover, the e-learning platform offers a range of tools that can facilitate group and individual work, including:

* chat and messaging for synchronous communication
* scheduling and conduct of synchronous meetings between teachers and students
* video streaming
* plagiarism detection
* Wikis, Blogs, questionnaires

Students Portal

A dedicated Portal has been created for all OUC students. This portal provides prospective students with a platform for electronic submission of admission applications to the academic programmes offered by the Open University of Cyprus, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

In addition, enrolled students can use the Portal for many other services, such as to enroll in modules, change personal data and passwords, request issuing of various certificates, control their student accounts and access their grades.

OUC Library
The OUC Library is a gateway to a comprehensive collection of books, journals, periodicals and other related publications from printed databases. Through the e-library; students have access to global electronic sources, such as international databases, e-Journals, e-books, as well as digital collections/resources. In this way, library members, such as Faculty members, administrative staff, visiting professors, students and others involved in research are welcome to use the collections and library services provided by the OUC Library. Members can also benefit from the electronic resources of prestigious, international publishing houses, use electronic and conventional reference services, make use of the OUC Library's interlibrary loan and document delivery services, use search and management tools to create bibliographies and much more.

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