EOI Business School

Madrid, Spain

No. Students: 4,300 (1,075 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 575
Funding type: Private
Listed programmes:
Type of education:

*: Approximate

Why should I study here?

Discover the top reasons to study at EOI Business School

  • We hold the key to a new kind of employment and green jobs, We are fully committed to digital culture, creativity and innovation, We teach people who support and promote a more fair, sustainable and renewable World, and we use new technologies as a bridge between countries and ideas
  • 1st business school founded in Spain (in 1955), 1st Spanish institution focusing in environmental education courses (in 1976)
  • Our approach combines theory and practice in courses designed to explore different disciplines and introduce you to a global perspective. International benchmark in sustainability and regulated sectors.

POR QUÉ EOI: 10 razones de éxito

  1. Porque ser el primero siempre es importante: 1ª Escuela de Negocios: (1955) fundada en España, (1976) que imparte formación medioambiental, (1997) en implantar metodologías de aprendizaje online en los programas Máster, (2009) en integrar la metodología mobile learning,
  2. Porque 50.000 alumnos han sido formados en sus aulas y hoy ocupan puestos relevantes en todo el mundo
  3. Porque tienen el respaldo de los grandes
  4. Porque cada proyecto en el que participan es único y así lo entienden
  5. Porque son una Escuela Abierta: te enseñan lo que enseñan
  6. Porque las claves de su modelo educativo están orientadas a la creatividad, el trabajo colaborativo y el aprender haciendo
  7. Porque la actitud emprendedora es un eje central de sus programas
  8. Porque la mejor manera de aprender es desde la experiencia
  9. Porque tu empleabilidad y mejora profesional es su objetivo
  10. Porque el mundo es global y la internacionalización es la respuesta


EOI Business School is...

  • a Business School that promotes the value of people in a global economy, based on solidarity, social responsibility and business ethics.
  • A Social School, in which competition does not come in conflict with cooperation.
  • An Open School, that believes change is possible and necessary.
  • A Digital School, where technology is naturally integrated, promoting a participative and collaborative spirit. A Green School, that fosters the transition to a sustainable economy.
  • A Creative School, committed to identify talent.
  • And finally, an Active School, that believes in experience as a relevant source of learning.

EOI Business School, created in 1955, claims to be the first school offering business administration training in Spain. On its webpage, it also claims to be one of the oldest in Europe although there are many older business school in many European countries. For more than five decades, EOI has taught over 50.000 students.

EOI offers Graduate Programs for young professionals and Executive Masters for professionals with over five years of experience, as well as a number of other programs and specialized courses within the areas of Business Management, Technology, Innovation, Environment, Sustainability and Communications.


EOI fue fundada el 12 de julio de 1955 fruto del acuerdo alcanzado entre los Ministerios de Educación e Industria siendo la primera escuela de negocios de España y una de las primeras de Europa.

En estos más de 60 años hemos contribuido decididamente a la modernización de la economía e industria española y hemos sido protagonistas de algunos hitos importantes en la formación de directivos en España. Así en 1976 comenzamos a impartirse los Programas Medioambientales siendo la primera Escuela de Negocios Medioambiental que concede un título reconocido oficialmente.


Madrid Campus

EOI is located in Madrid in an area called "University City" and this name comes from the grouping of several universities, colleges, research centres, etc.

Seville Campus

Our headquarters in Seville are located in the Parque Tecnológico Cartuja '93 (in Isla Cartuja), near the city centre. Its an area from where new technologies and innovation in enterprises are fostered in the region.


Disabled access

To make our school a place open to all, we have adapted accesses and facilities that provide people with physical disabilities access to our centres and their daily lives in them (ramps, services, lifts, etc.)

Alumni community

We have our own platform to be able to access services (vacancies, training), social benefits and keep in touch with students, alumni, faculty and companies.


To complement your knowledge or research on a particular issue, we have a specialised library from where you can access publications and documents about the economy, environment, sustainability, etc.

Assembly hall

We carry out all kinds of events during the course, with the collaboration of companies, institutions or networks and groups. To accommodate these events, EOI has a specially-equipped conference room for such occasions.

Lecture rooms / Labs

Our classrooms are equipped with all necessary learning resources. It also has Labs: space to work in groups. You'll find open WiFi in all the Schools facilities: even in the garden!


You'll spend time with us and for your convenience, we have our own self-service restaurant and cafeteria, but youll also have a room equipped to heat and eat your own food if you prefer.

Bank service

La Caixa cash machine is located on our campus so you dont have to travel to find a bank if you need to perform a transaction or get cash.

Accident insurance

Just for the fact youre studying with us, youll have the peace of mind of accident and liability insurance. We also offer the possibility of hiring an additional policy if you so wish.

Student life

Studying at EOI is much more than going to classes. It's an intense experience where you'll be part of a community, take part in activities, share experiences, enjoy the city that welcomes you, but above all, you'll grow as a person.

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