Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

Dublin, Ireland
ITB has 2 academic schools: the School of Business and Humanities and the School of Informatics and Engineering. This section will provide you with information on each of the schools and their departments.


ITB has 2 academic schools: the School of Business and Humanities and the School of Informatics and Engineering. This section will provide you with information on each of the schools and their departments.


The School of Business and Humanities is primarily focused on the development and provision of courses in Business, Sports Management and Coaching, Languages, Social Care and Social and Community Development. The range of courses offered reflects the diversity of higher education opportunities available at the Institute. Courses are developed and delivered to enable students to acquire the knowledge, develop the skills, and cultivate the attitudes necessary for success in employment. Both the theoretical and practical aspects of each course are reviewed regularly to ensure ongoing relevance to career opportunities in the industrial, commercial and service sectors.

The "ladder" system of progression between courses provides opportunities for students to progress from


Nationally accredited courses on offer at the School of Informatics and Engineering reflect the interdisciplinary approach to teaching, course design and research. We currently serve the needs of a knowledge-based society by offering a range of vocationally oriented higher education programmes in the areas of electronics, computer engineering, computer science, creative digital media, mechatronics, horticulture and apprenticeships. The school and its departments actively promotes the ladder of educational opportunity with graduated programmes of study allowing progression from Higher Certificate to Ordinary Bachelor Degree to Honours Bachelor Degree and to postgraduate awards. The combination of a modern learning environment and a professional and supportive staff ensure that all students have an opportunity to engage in and contribute to a comprehensive and contemporary experience of higher education.

The expertise of school staff have enabled a range of partnerships with local industry and the community to develop. In particular this co-operation in our core areas of curriculum design and research has ensured that our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes have direct relevance to industry and society.

Our goal is to provide an attractive option for all students seeking further and higher education opportunities in engineering, computer science, apprenticeships or horticulture, in the area we serve.

Higher Certificate to Ordinary Bachelor Degree and on to Honours Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate levels. A high level of motivation and commitment is necessary for students to reach their full potential. The learning process is facilitated within a positive and supportive environment, which encourages students to access the most up-to-date technologies and other resources provided at ITB.

The School of Business and Humanities has also established links with partner institutions in Europe to facilitate student exchanges, particularly for those taking European languages as part of their courses.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (2)

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Institute of Technology Blanchardstown!


At ITB we are committed to introducing our students to the latest technologies and providing a learning environment where the use of up-to-date and innovative techniques and equipment is the norm. To this end, our lecture theatres and laboratories are state-of-the-art, and ITB aims to retain this leading edge as the Institute develops further.

Lecture Theatres

All of our lecture theatres are equipped with full audio-visual suites. This includes high-end data projection facilities to run presentations and applications directly from a fully networked PC; video, audio and TV projection facilities; along with real-time video capture and projection.

Computer Laboratories

Our computer laboratories are kitted out with high-specification PC's which are linked into our Local Area Network and directly to the Internet through dedicated leased lines. Our lecturers can also avail of Smart Board projection facilities.

Language Laboratories

Our computerised language laboratories are designed in order to make full use of the latest audio based language learning software. This involves the use of high-end PCs with facilities for playing, recording, and processing audio content.

What Services do we provide ?

The Student Services office provides a range of financial, academic and personal support for students attending ITB.

The Student Services Office staff are available to meet with any student who has individual difficulties. The Service aims to provide both advice and practical supports in a wide variety of circumstances.

Student Service is totally confidential and is free to all registered students.

Student Life

The greater Blanchardstown area is located approximately 10 kilometres north-west of Dublin City Centre within the South Western Portion of County Fingal and on the borders of Counties Meath and Kildare. The area has experienced a period of unprecedented economic growth over the last decade and is now the industrial and commercial hub for Fingal with large concentrations of retail, pharmaceutical, IT, distribution and service companies.

The Blanchardstown shopping centre is one of the largest within Ireland and has impressive retail outlets, restaurants, cinema, theatre and other leisure facilities including the Draíocht Arts Centre and a public library.

ITB first opened its doors to students in 1999 and now caters for almost 1,500 students. In addition, to the economic infrastructure surrounding the Institute the area is served by a number of amenities including the National Aquatic Centre, which is unique in Ireland, a major hospital and a wide variety of recreational venues including the Phoenix Park.

A number of Dublin Bus routes serve the Blanchardstown area. From City Centre to Blanchardstown routes 38 , 38A and 70 operate. (Under the Network Direct Project Routes 38, 38a, 38b, 38c have been amalgamated in to 38 & 38a w.e.f. 31st Oct 2010). Route 76 serves those travelling from Tallaght, Clondalkin and Balrothery to the Blanchardstown Area.Local services include 220,236,37,238, and 270. (These link the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre with the surrounding area). Route 40D serves those travelling from from Dorset Street, Glasnevin and the Finglas area.

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