Corvinus University of Budapest

Budapest, Hungary
Corvinus University of Budapest invites you to join the community of international students who are visiting its programs in foreign languages in order to either get a degree or simply to spend a semester or a year gathering credits for their studies.



In 1846, József Industrial School opened its gates with departments for economics and trade for upper grade students. The immediate forerunner of the Corvinus University of Budapest, the Faculty of Economics of the Royal Hungarian University, was established in 1920.


The University admitting more than 14,000 students offers educational programmes in agricultural sciences, business administration, economics, and social sciences, and most these disciplines assure it a leading position in Hungarian higher education. At the same time, its key ambition is to display the institution's uniqueness and to exploit the synergies resulting form professional diversity and from studying multiple disciplines.


Corvinus University of Budapest defines itself as a research university oriented towards education, where the scientific performance of the academic staff measures up to the international standard and the students can obtain a competitive degree having a standard and knowledge content identical to similar-profile universities and acknowledged on the European Union's labour market and on a global scale.

Corvinus University, which functions as a real 'universitas', accepts students at six faculties and offer courses leading to degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral level in countless specialisations taught in Hungarian, English, French or German, qualifying them in a wide variety of fields.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (7)
Business & Management (6)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Computer Science & IT (1)


Student services

The Directorate of External Relations of Corvinus University facilitates the internationalisation at the University by taking care of various related activities, which could best be described by the words: initiation, coordination, support and representation. Most of these activities are in connection with student exchange and the partner agreements it is based on.

Library services

The fourth international EconBiz Student Competition was held from March 21st to April 10th 2016. Because the Library has joined the EconBiz Partner Network in 2013, Corvinus students were also invited to participate in the competition. The Corvinus student Tsengel Battur was awarded with the second place among the international winners. Congratulations!

ICT services

The Information Technology Center (ITC) is in charge of maintenance of all computers installed at Corvinus University. The aim of ITC is to improve the university’s qualities and effectiveness through the implementation and maintenance of information technology.

CUB’s computer network consists of about 1200 computers in auditoriums and other various places throughout the premises.

Student Life

Campus life

The University is not just an educational institution, it is also the place where new friendships begin and often last for a lifetime.

University years are unforgettable for every student: long chats in the cafeteria, watching football in the local pubs, the dances of the Freshmens Ball and parties over the year are those memories you will talk about when you meet your long-time university friends.

The University promotes and supports student organisations, cultural events and other community building activities to make your university years a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Student clubs

  • The Student Union is a special unit among university bodies. Its central responsibility is to represent the students’ interests. Its members are elected annually. Each faculty has its own SU board, which are coordinated by the University Student Union (EHÖK).
  • Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe, European Students Network Association
  • AIESEC, as the UN acknowledged, is the world’s biggest international non-profit organisation which is run by students. It is present in more than a 100 countries, on 1600 universities, with 50 000 members. Hungary joined this network in 1972, and by now we have 12 offices in 8 cities.


There are 9 accredited doctoral schools operating at Corvinus University of Budapest, which have achieved high academic prestige.