The University of Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is the first Bulgarian high academic school establishment. Its history is an embodiment and a continuation of the centurylong cultural and educational tradition of the Bulgarian nation.



  • In 1880 the Bulgarian Ministry of Education tabled a draft of the Main Educational Act for the Schools in the Principality of Bulgaria in the National Assembly.
  • The classes began on 1st. Oct., 1888.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • PhD Students
  • Lifelong Education


Sofia University research activity has been developing under the Strategy for Scientific Research (2009-2014) established by the academia. It identifies the priority research areas, following Sofia University tradition to ensure freedom of choosing particular research goals to the lecturers at the same time. Project funding has won recognition as the main instrument for supporting scientific research. Today, Sofia University takes an active part in a number of projects funded by national and European programmes, by ministries, national agencies, NGOs and business enterprises.


Housing services

The Social and Public Services (SBO) Department has at its disposal 6,300 beds and 3 students’ canteens, where about 3,000 people on average eat daily.

Library services

The University Library possesses a rich multidisciplinary fund that numbers more than 2 510 000 library entries including both scientific literature and study manuals, some rare and valuable publications, well stocked periodicals, e-publications, etc.

Student Life

Student clubs

  • Students' Council
  • Business Club
  • Students' Diplomatic Club
  • European Law Students' Association
  • Association of Sociology Students
  • Society of SYLFF fellows in Bulgaria
  • Stuidents' Club of Political Scientists
  • Balkan Youth Club


Accredited by the Bulgarian National Accreditation Agency. Degrees are recognized in all countries of the EU, EEA, Switzerland, the USA, and Canada.

Other Degrees