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Milan, Italy
For over 30 years, MIP Politecnico di Milano has been recognised as a prestigious business school, attracting graduates interested in a career in business or in public administration. MIP is a consortium between the Politecnico di Milano, many Italian institutions and several leading public and private industrial groups, integrating a typically academic specialist know-how with practical professional elements derived from the world of business and consultancy.

About MIP Politecnico Di Milano

Established in 1979, MIP is now recognised as one of the most prestigious post-graduate management training schools in all business and public administration-oriented areas. MIP, with the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering has been part of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management since 2003. The School of Management includes all the research and training activities in the field of economics, management and industrial engineering. In the newly released Financial Times rankings, the 75 Best European Business Schools, Politecnico di Milanos School of Management holds position number 40 with four programs, three of which are Master programs: the International Full-Time MBA, the Executive MBA, the Master of Science in Management Engineering and as new entrant at No. 17 the Customised Corporate Education Programs.

For the third consecutive year the Financial Times confirms the high quality of the programs of Politecnico di Milanos School of Management, ranking the School amongst the best business schools in Europe. The School of Management has jumped 16 places since it first appeared in the ranking in 2009 and today holds position number 40. A fast and constant rise, as three years ago the school was not listed in the international rankings.

The climb in the Financial Times rankings of Politecnico di Milanos School of Management started in 2009 when it was ranked 56th amongst the best European business schools, as the only Italian School with three Master programs listed: the Executive MBA, the Full-time MBA and the Master of Science in Management Engineering.

MIP is structured as a Consortium where many national institutions and some of the leading private and public industrial groups work together with Politecnico di Milano. MIP Politecnico di Milano allocates a considerable part of its resources to support innovation and growth of the global business system and has created an international network to put this orientation into practice.

Accreditations of MIP Politecnico Di Milano

MIP has always been recognised for the quality and excellence of its programmes; over the years it has established lasting contacts with leading national and international institutions for management training accreditation.

In 2007, the School of Management achieved the prestigious EQUIS accreditation (European Quality Improvement System) and joined the circle of the 140 leading business schools accredited by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

In Italy, MIPs MBA and Executive MBA programmes are among the Master courses accredited by ASFOR (Corporate Management Training Association). In particular, the Executive MBA was the first Italian EMBA to have obtained this prestigious recognition in 2004 and is the only programme in Italy to have gained a second certificate of quality in 2008, following the accreditation of its e-learning platform.

Through its Executive MBA, MIP is a member of the EMBA Council, an association of the worlds most important business schools whose activities and international network promote excellence and innovation in executive training programmes.

MIP is certified ISO 9001:2000 for its financed training projects (IT03/0772) and ECM project - Educazione Continua in Medicina Healthcare Lifelong Learning Education).

In order to ensure the increasingly efficient and transparentmanagement of its operations, MIP has implemented an Organisational and Management Model, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (Model 231).


Are you an international student joining MIP? Are you new to Milan?

The International Students Office will help and support you in some of the procedures connected with your stay in Italy. ISO will also offer support for everyday difficulties you may encounter living in a foreign country. You will receive different assistance according to your needs.

Examples of ISO services for international students

  • Accommodation in one of the Residences with which we have agreements (full support)
  • Lists of website and some advice for those who prefer private accommodation
  • Support and help for problems concerning life in Milan
  • Support in opening a bank account (if required)

ISO services for NON-EU students:

  • Full assistance for Permit to Stay Procedure (first issuing and renewal)
  • Full assistance for Fiscal Code issuing procedure
  • Full assistance for enrolment in the National Health Care System

ISO services for EU students:

  • Full assistance for Fiscal Code issuing procedures
  • Full assistance for problems related to Health Insurance

Student life at MIP Politecnico Di Milano

Why study in Milan?

5 good reasons!


Milan is without a doubt the nerve center of the economy and business in Italy. Some of the most popular and successful companies in Italy were established here: Alfa Romeo, whose name is synonymous with the automotive world (1910), Pirelli, the famous tyre company founded in 1872 and Prada, the fashion brand founded in 1913. Several of the most important companies in Italy and in the world choose Milan and its surroundings for their branches (Nestle, Bugatti, Huawei, Vuitton, Mercedes etc ) . Print media too, has a strong base in the region: "Corriere della sera" is the most important daily in Milan, "Gazzetta dello sport" is nations official sports newspaper, and "Sole 24 ore" is the most important financial newspaper in Italy


Milan has much more to offer besides excellence in business. The city is rich in history with fascinating sites such as CASTELLO FORZESCO and LA SCALA theatre which has hosted some of Milans extraordinary talents for generations.


While studying here in Milan you can enjoy a big slice of Italian Culture. From LEONARDOs LAST SUPPER to the newly opened museum, MUSEO DEL 900, there is a huge variety of choice.


Milan is well known worldwide as the Italian fashion and style centre. Here not only is some of the best shopping in the world, but you also have the chance to participate in various fashion events that take place here.


Milan is near to the famous city of LECCO and COMO and their wonderful lakes.

If you enjoy cultural tourism, Milan is just few hours by train from Venice, Genoa, Florence, and Rome.

If you like skiing or relaxing in ancient Roman baths you can visit BORMIO and LIVIGNO in the north.

Do you prefer the sea? The Ligurian Sea and Adriatic Sea are just a shot trip from Milan!

Moreover, thanks to its several airports, you can also visit southern Italy as well as the two islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

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