Bergen National Academy of the Arts

Bergen, Norway
Learning and teaching at KHiB are based on artistic research and experimentation. Through an active and visible role we convey the importance and value of art and design as integral to society.



KHiB offers three-year bachelor programmes and two-year master's programmes in both Art and Design and have employed Research Fellows associated with the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.


The Norwegian Government has decided to initiate a new recruitment programme for higher education in the arts. The Programme for Research Fellowships in the Arts will be an equivalent to academic Phd programmes.

Master's Programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (2)


Library services

The Academy has a library on campus located in Vaskerelven 8. It offers books and periodicals on the subjects of art and design. Although primarily for students and staff, the library also welcomes the public.

Student Life

Campus life

A new building is under construction where the whole KHiB campus is going to be located under one roof. The world-renowned Norwegian Architect office Snøhetta have designed the building. The new building is due to be completed and taken in use in 2017.