The University of Siena awards first cycle, second cycle and single long cycle degrees in the following faculties: Economics, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, Arts and Humanities in Arezzo, Medicine and Surgery, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences and Political Science, as well as several interfaculty degrees.The teaching activities of the University of Sienas first and second level courses are generally carried out in one of the nine faculties.Postgraduate education at the University of Siena is carried out in postgraduate schools, masters programmes, training, advanced training and refresher courses and summer schools, while postgraduate research is performed in the doctoral schools.


Scientific research is carried out within the Universitys departments, which are organized into one or more research sectors according to their aims or methods. Within each sector, research activities are launched and coordinated and proposals are defined for the establishment and organization of doctoral research programmes.The consultancy and research activities carried out at the University for third parties are also usually performed within the departments.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (5)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (4)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Medicine & Health (3)
Business & Management (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Humanities (1)
Law (1)


Student services

Based on a special agreement with the University of Siena, the Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario (DSU-Toscana) promotes various cultural and recreational activities for university students.

In particular, the DSU-Toscana encourages students to participate in theatrical and musical events by offering contributions, reduced rates, partial reimbursements of cinema season tickets or passes and organises other cultural initiatives such as guided tours of museums and the area.

Housing services

Limited number of places at the University Residences owned by the Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio (Regional Office for the Right to Higher Education) are reserved for International Exchange students.Almost all of the rooms are twin rooms with 2 beds. The current price per person is 297,00 euros per month.

Medical services

  • EU students with an European Health Insurance Card can use the public health service Azienda Sanitaria Locale.
  • You can choose a doctor for the entire period of your stay at the Front Office of the University, via Banchi di Sotto, 55 (Siena).
  • For appointments with a specialist go to the public health centre in via Pian dOvile, 9/11 (Siena).

Student Life

Sports facilities

In collaboration with the Regional Authority for Higher Education Grants (Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario - ARDSU) and Siena University Sports Centre (CUS), the University promotes sports for students by offering courses for free or at reduced rates in: basketball, football, volleyball, rugby, judo, weight training, fencing and tennis.

Other Degrees