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Roskilde, Denmark
The most important task of Roskilde University is to contribute to experimental, innovative forms of learning and knowledge creation.
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About Roskilde University

The most important task of Roskilde University (RUC) is to contribute to experimental, innovative forms of learning and knowledge creation.

The university is research-driven and provides education for future generations of managers, teachers and experts based on advanced knowledge.

RUC is characterised by:

  • merging knowledge through interdisciplinary research and teaching
  • pushing boundaries for knowledge through a problem-oriented approach
  • focusing research and education on fields where the university has international or national status
  • bringing university and society together.

Educational Principles

The basic educational principles at the university are problem-oriented project work, participant direction and joint responsibility. From enrolment to graduation, students are trained to assess the importance of academic problems and the relevance of selected theories and methods on a scientific basis. Project work is participant-directed and builds on the importance of student commitment and own and joint responsibility.

The phased choice of specialisation is based on the students experience with the problem areas of the individual subjects and the scientific approaches. Students gain their first experience at the basic studies, which point them in the direction of advanced-level courses, where many different specialised course studies may be combined within and across disciplines and main subject areas, both during the bachelor studies and the masters studies.

At RUC, students are responsible for and control their education themselves. Based on their own critical sense and active participation, students are guided through their study programmes at RU which offers an international, interdisciplinary and educationally challenging environment providing the perfect framework for their studies.

The interdiscplinary study programmes at Roskilde University are completely unique. At RUC, you are not required to commit yourself to a specific subject area from the outset. As a full degree student, you can choose that combination of courses that will support your academic interests and your future career plans. If you are planning to come to RUC as an exchange student, you have inspiring courses to choose from within one subject.

Throughout your study period, you will be part of a student community where students collaborate in project teams. Academic supervisors will guide you in your work and make sure you get the advice that is relevant to you.

You will achieve a strong academic profile, strengthened by the special skills acquired from studying at RUC. You will learn how to;

  • work interdisciplinary and think out of the box
  • apply scientific methods to solve the problems of the surrounding world
  • independently define and solve problems
  • manage projects and collaborate

RUC prepares you for a career in today's society. We provide you with the skills required by the business community and organisations; namely to be able to work on a project-oriented basis, solve problems, innovate and collaborate across various disciplines.

Student life at Roskilde University

RUC has a study environment where the focus is not only on academic studies, but also on the social environment. Students are affiliated with so-called "houses", which is a distinguishing feature of RUC.

When you begin your studies at RUC, you belong to a house together with about 120 students; this is where you attend classes and it is the workplace for your study secretary and four to six teachers. Each house has group study rooms, computers, copying facilities and a kitchen. It is your house, which you have your own key to, and the house structure means that you have a close contact to your fellow students, teachers and the secretary of the house. You will therefore quickly establish a social network and a place where you feel at home.

Roskilde University is located in beautiful green surroundings between the capital Copenhagen and the historic city of Roskilde, which is known for its cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum and the largest music festival in Northern Europe - Roskilde Festival.

Being part of the greater Copenhagen area, RUC has its own train station, and is reached in only 25 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station. Four trains per hour makes it easy to get from the vibrant city life of Copenhagen to the dynamic study environment at RUC. In fact, 80 pct. of the students at RUC choose to live in Copenhagen and commute to RUC every day.

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Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies

Many organisations offer scholarships or grants. Some of these might help you to study for a Master at Roskilde University!

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