The University of Aberdeen is today at the forefront of teaching, learning and discovery, as it has been for 500 years. As the 'global university of the north', we have consistently sent pioneers and ideas outward to every part of the world. We are an ambitious, research-driven university with a global outlook, committed to excellence in everything we do.
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The University of Aberdeen is today at the forefront of teaching, learning and discovery, as it has been for 500 years. As the 'global university of the north', we have consistently sent pioneers and ideas outward to every part of the world. We are an ambitious, research-driven university with a global outlook, committed to excellence in everything we do.

For over five centuries this University has been dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledge and the creation of ideas through excellence in scholarship. The combination of our rich academic heritage and our glorious medieval campus at Old Aberdeen make the University one of Scotlands great institutions.

The impact of scholars and alumni from Aberdeen can be seen the world over but never more so than today. We are committed to being a great international university which brings its intellectual strength to benefit all of the communities we serve - local, national and international. That reflects the character of the City itself which is regarded as the energy capital of Europe and one of the strongest local economies in the UK. The University has an important role in making Aberdeen such a vibrant and distinctive economic, cultural and social centre.

One of the reasons I joined the University was how ambitious it is about its future. I am equally struck by the great sense of community there is at Aberdeen and the affection the University engenders in the hearts of those who come into contact with it. There is an atmosphere here where a shared sense of pride in the Universitys past achievements sits at one with an ambition to make the next chapter in its history even more successful. That makes Aberdeen an exciting and very special university.

Whatever your interest in the University is, student, staff or visitor, I welcome you to our webpages and invite you to visit our community in person. You can be sure of a warm welcome if you do.

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Founded in 1495 by William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen and Chancellor of Scotland, Aberdeen is Scotland's third oldest university, and the fifth most ancient in the whole United Kingdom.

Much of the original King's College still stands today, a famous historic landmark beloved of generations of students, academics, and local people who are, inspired by the finest examples of medieval and Renaissance craftwork remaining anywhere in Scotland.

Over the centuries our graduates and scholars have changed the world in many fields of human endeavour. Their legacy and inspiration lives on today in our wide-ranging museum collections, and in our uniquely-rich historic collections and archives, soon to be available to a wide audience in our new University library.

Museums and Collections

As an ancient university our historic collections offer unique opportunities in teaching, research and engagement with the wider public.

Our collections have an astonishing quality, depth and richness, covering a broad range of scientific and cultural diversity. Their outstanding variety and antiquity touch on almost every field of human knowledge and endeavour, and constitute a powerful record of the intellectual development of the University, Scotland, Europe and the world. Our collections also chart the pioneering lives of Aberdeen graduates across the globe as explorers, scholars and entrepreneurs.

Our seven museum collections are the sixth largest in the country, and are recognised to be of national importance.

Our special libraries and archives house 200,000 rare books and over 4,000 irreplaceable archival collections, containing material in some 25 different languages. The new library, due for completion in 2011, will help us preserve these priceless treasures for future generations, maximise their research potential, and allow everyone to enjoy them through exhibitions and other events.

Kings College Chapel

Standing at the centre of Kings College Campus, the Chapel serves as a constant reminder of the Universitys foundations in 1495. Its architecture recalls the Universitys history with Pre-Reformation furnishings to the Aubertin Organ, installed in 2004 through the wonderful generosity of many donors.

The Chapel offers a beautiful and historic setting for concerts, private reflection, prayer and weddings. The Chapels Crown Tower, initially an acknowledgement of James IVs support for the foundation of the University, remains one of the most adored, historic and beautiful landmarks of the University. Built by around 1520, it was blown down in 1633 and is one of the only two crown towers in Scotland. These pages contain information about its history as well as current events and activities please take your time to browse through and we hope that you will find something of interest.

Aberdeen City and Shire

Aberdeen is Scotlands third largest city and Europes energy capital a place with historic charm, a thriving economy and cosmopolitan community of some 220,000 people.

A coastline of spectacular beaches and dunes stretch north of the city, while to the west lies nearby Royal Deeside, home to some of the most beautiful countryside in Scotland and the eastern gateway to the mountainous Cairngorms National Park.

With a student population of over 40,000, Aberdeen caters for all cultural, leisure and entertainment tastes. His Majestys Theatre, The Music Hall, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, and The Lemon Tree regularly attract national and international artists and companies. The city also boasts three cinema multiplexes, Aberdeen Art Gallery, a Maritime Museum and first-class sports facilities.

Student Life

Welcome to one of the most dynamic, prosperous and beautiful regions of the UK. The city of Aberdeen truly has something for everyone - from the bustling city centre of Europe's energy capital to the superb countryside and coastline in an area rich in historic and natural interest.

Students describe Aberdeen as having an unrivalled social scene, which caters for all tastes in arts, culture, leisure and entertainment. Communication and travel links are excellent, which means getting around the rest of Scotland and the UK is easy.

The City of Aberdeen is an attractive, prosperous and friendly community of 250,000 people. Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city and the cultural centre of the north-east of Scotland. Big enough for the "big city" experience, student friendly Aberdeen is compact enough to make it easy to find your way around and make friends. In addition, it is a clean, well-kept, safe and friendly place to live. Bustling by day and lively by night, Aberdeen is a centre for industry, research, learning and life.

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