European University at St. Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg, Russia
European University at Saint Petersburg is the top research school in social sciences and the only international university in Russia. Here students from different countries study Russian and Eurasian history, culture, politics as well as energy politics. EUSP stands for high quality of research and education and is accredited by the Russian Federation. It is also the only university in Russia approved by the US Department of Education for federal student financial aid.
  • 4 Masters
  • 180 Students
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The European University at St. Petersburg is an independent graduate university located in St. Petersburg, Russia. It was founded in 1994 and today is the University is widely recognized as one of the leading academic institutions in humanities and social sciences in Russia.

EUSP is the only university in Russia delivering full-fledged MA programs in both Russian and English. Now apart from the pioneering program in Russian and Eurasian studies (IMARES, started in 1998) graduates of Western universities can study in MARCA (Arts and Culture) and ENERPO (Energy Politics) which are also fully delivered in English. EUSP, a very small university with just 210 students, attracts students from all over Europe and North America. They constitute the highest proportion of international students in Russian universities: 25%.

In addition the University offers a number of smaller international programmes with instruction in English, ranging from a "semester abroad" curriculum, special summer schools to Russian language courses.

Master's Programmes

Social Sciences (4)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Humanities (1)

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The EUSP Library Students and scholars who come to IMARES have at their disposal one of the finest collections of recent English language books and journals in Russia, arguably the best in St. Petersburg. EUSP holdings, all referenced in a computerized catalogue, are concentrated in the fields of history, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology and philosophy. The University conducts an active exchange program with libraries in the United States and acquires new material on a regular basis. EUSP also has an expanding Russian language collection, where acquisitions are made in accordance with syllabi requirements.

Since its foundation the University has occupied the 18th century Small Marble Palace also known as the Mansion of Count A.G.Kushelev-Bezborodko, a senator during the reign of Russian Emperor Nicholas I. The building is situated in the centre of St.Petersburg near the Neva river at 3 Gagarinskaya street. It accommodates all the university and departmental offices, study rooms, auditoria, the computing centre and the library, as well as the university publishing house.

Also the University has a dormitory for students coming from outside of St.Petersburg. It is located at 21 Zhukovskogo street, in the historical centre of the city.

Student Life

Through the many special programs and events it sponsors, the distinguished visiting scholars and guest speakers it hosts, its special facilities and location in the cultural capital of Russia, EUSP offers a multifaceted environment which can enrich a students graduate experience far beyond what the classroom alone can provide. EUSP strongly encourages interaction between its students and faculty. The student lounge of IMARES is open all day and most evenings during the week for its community to enjoy. Traditional forms of rich Russian social life mix with Western academic habits: the famous Friday Interdisciplinary Seminar, diverse discussion groups, Happy Hours, holiday parties and other social gatherings provide a congenial atmosphere for informal and lively contact. International students profit greatly from their daily interaction with their Russian counterparts. The student body of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology is known for its scholarly excellence and wit. Given the fact that EUSP grants the highest stipends in Northwestern Russia for students who qualify, the Faculty has consistently attracted the very top of those wishing to pursue scholarly careers. Those Russian students who choose to take IMARES classes rather than to complete a standard MA in Russian, are distinguished even more by their intention to fulfil the requirements in a foreign language.


The European University at St. Petersburg stands for quality of research and education and is accredited by The Russian Federation.

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Saint-Petersburg, Russia