University of New York Tirana

Tirana, Albania
The University of New York Tirana (UNYT), Albania is a fascinating blend of challenge and vision, in response to the needs of a global society and era. Currently, UNYT offers a selection of dual Bachelor and Master degrees in collaboration with prestigious American and European universities.



The University of New York Tirana was established in September 2002. It got its license from the Albanian government in August 27th 2004. The University was established to fulfill the regional needs for an American educational system and to prepare future leaders and business executives with liberal arts and business education, a cross-cultural perspective, and a competitive spirit.


  • Department of Economics and Business Administration: courses in Economics, Management Science, Finance, Marketing, International Business, and Business Communication
  • Department of Computer Sciences: courses in Computer and Information Science
  • Department of Science and Mathematics: course in Mathematics for Business and Computer Science.
  • Department of International Relations and Political Science: courses in International Relations and Political Sciences
  • Department of Arts, Humanities, and Psychology: courses in Psychology, Art History, and World Civilizations.
  • Department of Media and Communications
  • Department of English Language and Literature


Research projects are fundamental to the character of UNYT, its reputation, and contribution to society. The overall goal is to increase research capacity and intensity by raising the proportion of academic staff conducting research and producing publications and other outputs of the highest quality. UNYT supports interdisciplinary research across all of its departments.


Career Service Office

  • The Office purpose is to assist students in preparing for life after graduation, whether that means starting a productive career, going to graduate school, or other meaningful options. What you will do after you graduate must be a well-planned decision, with research beginning in the freshman year.

Master's Programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)


Student services

Academic Support Center promote and to enhance the quality of life and study of UNYT students, to monitor student’s progress, upon registration, students are assigned a faculty advisor who is in charge to support his/her advisees in the course of their studies.

Library services

The UNYT library aims to create an inspiring environment for study and research. As far as the information is concerned, students can access it not only through the physical library, which currently numbers 7000 titles of academic books of multi-disciplinary content, but also through the on-line library, which contains numerous scientific e-books and e-journals.

ICT services

UNYT Computer Labs’ machines are equipped with the necessary software needed by the students to accomplish their assignments and school work.

Computer Lab 2B is open to students when it is not in use for class hours. The Lab hours schedule is published/posted in the campus’ designated areas on per-semester bases. The facilities offer constant wired and wireless access to the Internet.

Medical services

University life is a time of change, growth, and transition. The Counseling Center at the University of New York Tirana is dedicated to students through these times of adjustment. The mission of center is to promote the academic success, personal development and psychological well-being of all students and to encourage a university environment that is conducive to growth and learning.

Student Life

Campus life

UNYT has recently entered the new premises at one of the most pleasant neighboorhoods in Tirana. UNYT campus offers a possibility for the students to enjoy a complete experience from the educational side to the entertainment aspect.

Sports facilities

Sport is very important in our life. It can make our life comfortable and happy. If we can play sports we can learn time management and responsibility and team work and etc. For these reason, we are proud to offer to our students, staff and community, a very contemporary Athletic Area. Special areas are dedicated for Ping-Pong, Football, Basketball and Volleyball, etc.

Student clubs

The Student Union, or the student’s government, is the representative of the UNYT student community in every aspect of the student life. The Student Union provides a direct channel of communication with the UNYT Administration to the student community as such, it enriches the student life by organizing different events, trips, parties, tournaments, and responds to student’s needs or complaints. The goal is not only to organize students for specific objectives from time to time, but also to bring them close to each other, creating a healthy and friendly community.


  • UNYT received its institutional accreditation by the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sciences
  • Reaccredited by the Ministry of Education and Sport