The Technical University of Kosice (TUKE)

Koice, Slovakia
TUKE will provide its environment with scientific and technological knowledge basis, innovation and workforce, in order to form beneficial and sustainable future and high quality of life. This will be achieved at TUKE by innovative research and excellent education in all scientific branches of respective University Faculties.



The Technical University of Koice was founded in 1952, but its roots must be sought much deeper in the past. As early as 1657 the Universitas Cassoviensis was established in Koice, but technical education in Slovakia was only elevated to higher - education level in 1762, when the Austro-Hungarian monarch Maria Theresa established the Mining Academy in Banská tiavnica.


  • Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology
  • Faculty of Metallurgy
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Aeronautics


The tasks and the services that the centre provides include cooperation with industries in the field of applied research, innovations and technology transfer (ITT) from academy to industries, support for research, scientific and innovation projects, support for intellectual property protection (IPP) of results of the scientific activities conducted at TUKE, support for human resources development and methodology of services for the abovementioned fields, promoting achievements in ITT using a portal information system.

Master's Programmes


Housing services

The main mission of government bonds TUKE the law is to provide accommodation and meals for students of the Technical University in Koice and Preov.

ICT services

Institute of Computer Science (ICS) is a workplace with a university-wide scope, whose main mission is to ensure implementation of tasks related to the development and use of information and communication technology at the Technical University in Koice (TUKE) in collaboration with the faculty computer nodes. It is a regional hub Slovak Academic Data Network san.