The university was founded in 1631, and was divided in the 1970s into three separate institutions: Louis Pasteur University, Marc Bloch University, and Robert Schuman University. On 1 January 2009, the fusion of these three universities recreated a united University of Strasbourg, which is now amongst Europe's best in the League of European Research Universities.


The University of Strasbourg fosters innovation and positions itself for future excellence in education and research. The projects are fueled by their determination to achieve international prominence and to assert the position as a research leader.They are also committed to enhancing the curriculum and implementing facilities which will provide the students with the best possible learning environment.


The University of Strasbourg is driven by the ambition to rank among the best research universities. Strasbourg is a cluster of activity in many scientific fields such as biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical drugs, chemistry, material physics or space sciences and is strongly involved in the development of research in humanities and social sciences. Unistra has 73 research units and 6 research federations covering a broad range of academic disciplines. All research units are members of one of the university’s ten doctoral schools.

Master's Programmes

Business & Management (3)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Engineering & Technology (1)


Student services

One-stop student services centreFrom 31 August to 24 September, 20 organisations and university services will provide you with all the assistance you need from a single location, the Platane building. Thirty people speaking 20 languages in total will take turns to help and inform you.The services will include:

  • Strasbourg Eurométropole (city services)
  • SNCF ( French national rail company)
  • CTS (Strasbourg transport company)
  • Vélhop (Strasbourg’s bike hire service)
  • the Prefecture (from September to November)
  • CAF (Social Welfare Family Allowance)
  • CPAM (Health insurance office)
  • CROUS (Regional students representative body)
  • The European Council
  • ASTUS association (association of public transport users)

Housing services

  • Regular international students
International University HouseThe premises include 170 modern and comfortable studio flats, from 18.5 to 40 m². Half of them are accessible to people with reduced mobility. A range of services are included: 7 days a week reception, catering facilities, WIFI internet access, a laundrette, a sports room, a music room, and bike hire services.Private halls of residence
  • Doctoral students
European Doctoral College International University House
  • Post-docs and researchers
Arconati Visconti Residence International University House

Library services

The university libraries’ printed collections cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines :

  • 1,3 million books
  • over 20 000 printed journals
  • over 85 000 printed doctoral theses
  • 115 000 various documents (sound or video recordings, maps, manuscripts).

ICT services

  • Most university buildings are covered by the University's WIFI network Osiris.
  • The Digital Work Environment’s (ENT) portal provides members of the university community with many services: e-mail box, news, enrollment, exam results, schedules, educational tools (IT and Internet certificate, Univ-R application), and a virtual library among others.

Medical services

Mission Handicap's services include:

  • supporting students with disabilities through their studies and guide them on their carreer paths
  • coordinating all activities related to disability support in University (support for students and staff, disability awareness events...)
  • implementing national or regional plans

Student Life

Campus life

The city of Strasbourg supports the development of art and culture through a strong cultural policy. Arts institutions, festivals and the various cultural events that punctuate the year are the beating heart of the city. The University takes an active part in the local cultural life by organising seminars, debates, exhibitions, shows, round-table conferences and symposiums.

Sports facilities

They also host a range of creative and cultural and sports activities across the campuses which all students can participate in.

Unistra's Physical Activity and Sports Service (SUAPS) manages sport facilities on campus and offers over 50 activities - classes, intensive courses, outings - to students and university staff. SUAPS also organises training and competitions at academic, regional and national level. There is a sport here for you!

Student clubs

The University of Strasbourg's student clubs and societies, led by student volunteers, are an active part of university life. Unistra's 150 student associations offer a wide range of services to students, organise social events, cultural and sporting activities, and community team work. Whether you want to get together with fellow students from your course or make friends with people sharing the same interests, you will find an association to join!

Other Degrees