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Cassino, Italy
The University of Cassino was established in 1979. Because of its geographical position, the University is now a meeting point for the regions of southern Lazio, Campania and Molise.

About University of Cassino and Southern Lazio

The University of Cassino was established in 1979. Because of its geographical position, the University is now a meeting point for the regions of southern Lazio, Campania and Molise.

The university counts five faculties - Economics, Engineering, Arts and philosophy, Law, and Sport Sciences - 12,000 students, 336 faculty members, 13 departments, and 47 laboratories. It also counts 345 staff members, spread between Cassino and the branch campuses of Sora, Atina, Frosinone and Terracina. Students can choose from 18 first-cycle degree programs, 14 second-cycle degree programs, one single-cycle degree program, 10 master degree programs and 8 doctoral degree programs.

The international orientation of the university focuses both on research as well as teaching activities. The Faculty of Economics has recently launched a first-level degree program in Global Economy and Business which is completely taught in English.

The University of Cassino plays an important role on the territory and serves as a social lift. In fact, 34% of our graduates come from families of farmers and workers and find in our institution a way for social escalation.

Below is our students' employment rate one year after graduation:

Economics: 63.66% of students

Engineering: 72.70% of students

Arts and philosophy: 16.70% of students

Sport Sciences: 64.70% of students

Law: 20% of students

Data refer to 2009.


ICT Center

The Computer Center of the University (CASI) is responsible for all matters related to Information Technology (IT), from the Internet to the official website of the University. CASI also manages the telephone network of the University. The center is currently focusing on the reorganization of the computer facilities and procedures of the central administration, including the financial management and the implementation of services offered by the Student Registry Office. Through the regular updating of hardware and software across the University, CASI seeks to facilitate and support the work of all students, faculty and staff.

University library system (SBA)

The University Library System (SBA) coordinates and manages all libraries of the University of Cassino. The Portal of the University Library System enables users to easily access a wide range of printed and digital resources. It also offers a rich and varied series of services designed to improve and enhance university life.

The library system consists of three Library Service Centers (CSB), organized in three main academic areas: law and economics, engineering, and arts and philosophy. Each CSB has its own library with specialized facilities and equipment as well as trained personnel. New library services will soon be established at the branch campuses of Frosinone, Sora and Terracina.

In addition to paper volumes available through the University OPAC, the library system also offers an extensive digital library, consisting of electronic resources (journals, monographs, miscellaneous, conference proceedings) which are available by subscription or by "open access" . The partnership with the Library System of Southern Lazio (Sibilla) has further enriched, through inter-library loans, the amount and variety of resources available at the University of Cassino libraries. The University Library System has also joined CIBER, an inter-university network whose main objective is to share electronic, bibliographic, and documentary resources.

All students have access to the Student Web Community of the University of Cassino. To sign up students are required to user the user name and password that they received when they first enrolled. Our Community is a social network for students where they can share information, thoughts and anything regarding their studies. Along with the Student Web Community there is a Faculty Web Community. Both communities are part of an academic social network project promoted by the University of Cassino. Below, are the services offered by the Student Community:

U-Forum. It is a web service for forum discussions related to academic and learning activities.

U-Chat. It is a chat service now available only in word format but soon will be available also in audio and video formats.

U-sms. This is an innovative service. Every student can send a text message with his/her cellular phone. The message will appear on the web page and video devices available at all facilities through the Info.TV system.

U-post. This service allows students to post brief comments or announcements on the community's web page.

Wireless service is available at all of the university's facilities and buildings.

If you would like to download the user's guide to all services, please click here.

Netzine is the web space that allows students to post periodical news.

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