Delft University of Technology

Delft, Netherlands

No. Students: 17,500 (2,300 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 2,700
Funding type: Public
Listed programmes:
Type of education:
University ranking:

*: Approximate

* Quality of education TU Delft is the highest ranking Dutch university in the World Reputation Ranking 2011 of the Times Higher Education. The TU Delft leads the way in research into technological innovations. Students from TU Delft have been responsible for highly impressive projects: take, for example, the solar energy-powered car Nuna, the flying robot Delfly and not to forget, the Plakkies.

* Wide range of programmes At TU Delft, you can choose from a whole range of bachelor and master degree programmes, as well as postgraduate courses including PhDs. All the programmes encourage and demand critical thought and creativity. TU Delfts excellent research and education standards are backed by outstanding facilities, research institutes and research schools.

* Fascinated by technology Problem-oriented, creative, innovative, learning by doing, teamwork. If you long to find creative solutions to everyday problems, then TU Delft is the place for you. TU Delft will inspire you to find technological solutions, even to the less obvious problems, whether these involve energy-saving transport, sustainable building methods or new, better designed products. Developing products and technology that people love to use to enhance human and social progress: that is what its all about.

* International orientation We are committed to the international exchange of knowledge. TU Delft works closely with international companies and universities. You will meet countless international students and staff here at the university. At present, approximately 14% of the student population is made up of foreign students; the average percentage in the MSc programmes is as high as 30%.

* Good prospects A degree programme at TU Delft will turn you into a professional with a sound, technological training, analytical skills and the ability to solve complex problems unaided. All these competencies are valuable assets on the employment market. TU Delft maintains close links with (inter)national industry, a strategic alliance contributing to the relevance of its academic programmes and career prospects for its graduates. The degree programmes provide ample opportunity for you to carry out research, projects, an internship or a final thesis within a company. This will give you a head-start during the early days of your career.


Established in 1842, TU Delft is nowadays ranked among the top universities of technology in the world (#18, QS). TU Delfts excellent research and education standards are backed by outstanding facilities, research institutes and research schools. TU Delft maintains close links with (inter)national industry, a strategic alliance contributing to the relevance of its academic programmes and career prospects for its graduates.

The student body is made up of over a 100 nationalities. The university has partnerships with more than thirty universities all over the world, enabling students and researchers to increase their international experience through cooperation and exchange. TU Delft is also a member of the prestigious IDEA league of five leading engineering universities in Europe (Imperial College London, ETH Zürich, ParisTech and RWTH Aachen).

TU Delft disseminates its knowledge by training highly qualified knowledge workers and by stimulating the application of research results (knowledge as capital). Its programmes are internationally attractive. One of the driving aims behind the vision is to attract and utilise a variegated pool of talent. Education and research, both important prerequisites for knowledge transfer, are interwoven and harmonised.


NVAO independently assesses the quality of higher education in Flanders and the Netherlands. All of TU Delfts educational programmes are accredited by NVAO and therefore meet the European quality standards. Alongside the national accreditation system, many of TU Delfts education programmes are recognized as substantially equivalent to the best programmes in the USA by the American Board of Engineering & Technology (ABET).


We take good care of our students. The campus offers a broad range of sports and culture facilities. Each MSc programme has its own student society, which has a role in the quality of teaching but also organizes leisure activities. Our career centre helps students with their next steps in their careers before, during and after their studies.

The range of extra services for international MSc-students is extensive:

- for non-EU students the university mediates in your visa application and arranges your obligatory health and liability insurance

- we help to arrange housing for all international students

- Dutch language courses

- airport meet and greet service

- a special introductory programme during which you will get an introduction to living in the Netherlands and to the educational system of TU Delft. Moreover, you will meet your fellow students and we will help you arrange all kinds of practical matters

In 2010 Delft University of Technology won Nuffics orange carpet award for its large diversity of academic, social and cultural activities for international students.

Student life

Delft is an interesting and attractive historic town located between the larger cities of The Hague and Rotterdam. Those two cities are within a 15-minute journey by train. European capitals as Amsterdam, London and Paris are favorite student destinations during their stay in Delft. Looking at the ancient canals lined with merchants houses, the old churches and the amazing town hall, you can see that the citys history is still very much alive. At the same time it remains a very modern, safe and vibrant city. Ten percent of Delfts inhabitants are students and the university has attracted a large number of technology-oriented companies.

In Delft you will find many things to enjoy student life. The city has numerous cafés, pubs, a big cinema and a theatre. There is an abundance of reasonably priced (internationally oriented) restaurants. Every Thursday and Saturday there is a market at the central market square.

Developing and creating innovative ideas can also take place outside of your study programme. Delft offers all students great opportunities to start your own company or to participate in one of the universitys exciting students projects. Examples are the Nuna Solar Car, the Formula Zero racing team, or Dare, the group of students building and launching rockets.

Student societies

Student societies organise cultural, sporting and political activities. Joining a student society is a great way of getting to know people. These societies also encourage personal development as they give you the opportunity to help organise the activities being arranged for students. You will find an overview of all Delft student societies on the website of the Verenigingsraad (or VeRa), the coordinating body for Delft student societies.

Study associations

Every programme at TU Delft has its own study association. A study association represents student interests, organises programme-based activities, such as study trips and excursions, and provides entertainment. Members of a study association usually benefit from substantial discounts on the textbooks

The City of Delft Delft has a reputation for being a friendly city; bars and terraces along the canals and on the city squares, quirky shops, affordable restaurants and great cinemas. It is easy to find your way around as everything is close together. Delft is bursting with activity from spring right through to autumn, including music festivals and street theatre.

Master's Programmes at Delft University of Technology

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