International University of Southern Europe - Valencia

Valencia, Spain

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The Valencia Business School is a private and independent institution of higher learning and forms an integral part of the International University of Southern Europe that groups the business, management, language and cultural studies at its main campus in Barcelona and its satellite campuses in Madrid and Valencia into one international university dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective.

Operating under the authority of the coordinating United International Business Schools organization, our study programs and courses are regularly reviewed and modernized in cooperation with the Global Council for Management Education, the organization's academic council. Partnerships and links with other schools, colleges and universities are developed and maintained through the International Student Mobility Initiative.

Committed to offering quality business and management education at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level, we strive to continuously improve our career-oriented academic study programs in accordance with the demands of the global marketplace as well as with the guidelines received from reputable American, European and international educational organizations.


The Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration degree programs of the International University of Southern Europe, as developed by the United International Business Schools organization (UIBS), are accredited by the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), a registered affiliate of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).


Finding accommodation

Accommodation is generally provided in cooperation with several student housing service agencies in the city. Several rooms are reserved only for our students. Upon acceptance, an overview of service agencies and housing options is provided. More information about accommodation and housing is available upon request.

Academic guidance and student counseling

One of our greatest assets is our ability to work with students individually. We help them plan their academic and professional future and want them to make the most out of their experience while studying at our school.

We emphasize on individual counseling, on personal development and on cross-cultural thinking, and prepare students to critically reflect on issues, to communicate effectively, to value teamwork and to appropriately use ICT to meet a company's ever changing organizational needs. We are convinced that fostering in students a desire for economical, social and environmental responsibilities, will reflect on their future development as a leader.

Career preparation and job placement

We support our students in planning their career paths by offering the possibility of meeting with business professionals interested in recruiting graduates. Our study programs are designed to meet the demands of a broad range of business professions. Students are also assisted with finding attractive internships and jobs with local companies as well as with multinational companies and organizations. In addition, we also review our students' CV's and provide useful tips for job interviews.

Working paperless in the Digital Age

Course materials are published in a digital format on the Online Student Portal. Students are advised to have a personal laptop available for the duration of their studies. The school is equipped with the latest wireless technology linked to a broadband internet connection. Upon registration, students are provided with a personal e-mail address and are authorized for access to the Online Student Portal. Books are available in our library for study purposes and can be lent out upon request.

The Online Student Portal provides access not only to course materials but also to class schedules, available jobs and internships, information about events and student activities, course registration and enrolment, and various other relevant information. The Forum allows students to publish classifieds, engage in online discussions, share pictures and interesting links and stay in touch with fellow classmates or with students from other campus locations.

Student life

Beyond our challenging academic curriculum, we offer our students a real experience in one of Europe's most diverse student communities, the city of Valencia. Living and studying in Valencia is truly an exciting and wonderful experience!

The establishment of the European Union has made Spain into one of its most important economic centers. In this dynamic community, students are encouraged to participate in various economic activities and social events.

We consider networking as important as the academic curriculum as lifelong contacts made while studying at an international university such as ours will unquestionably be beneficial when embarking on professional activities in the future. We are certain that the time spent in Spain will remain as one of your greatest memories!

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