Radboud University

Nijmegen, Netherlands

No. Students: 19,000
Funding type: Public
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Ten reasons to study in Radboud University

1. International recognition
You will be studying at the fastest rising Dutch university in the international university rankings. Moreover, the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to a professor connected to Radboud University. You will be studying at a truly excellent institution.

2. Personal approach
Our personal style of teaching offers you plenty of opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers in interactive, small seminars, ensuring a high-quality Master's degree. Teachers and professors are easily approachable to discuss your study subjects.

3. Extensive freedom of choice
You decide which specialisation and subject choice is most appropriate for you. We offer you a great deal of choice and in many cases, you can put together your own made-to-measure programme based on your own interests. This has resulted in stimulating research and interesting study choices.

4. Excellent services
Radboud strives for the highest quality, also with its services. This has even been acknowledged by the European Commission, who recently stated that Radboud University has an impressive range of activities for outgoing and incoming students and a high sense of concern for quality'.

5. Valuable diploma
After successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a Master's degree from an outstanding university and you will have gained critical skills and an insight into research and practice within your own subject area.

6. Build a valuable network
By studying at Radboud University, you ensure yourself of the opportunity to build a powerful professional network of valuable contacts. Naturally, you become part of our alumni network to stay closely connected to your fellow classmates and professors.

7. Career prospects
As a student, you will benefit from the presence of numerous Dutch and international companies and institutions, such as NXP and the Radboud Medical Center. After graduation, you will have a strong, clearly identifiable professional profile for the job market, increasing your chances of finding employment.

8. Historically and culturally rich city
Studying in Nijmegen means living in the oldest city of the Netherlands, where you can find Roman ruins and modern architecture side by side.

9. Greenest campus in the Netherlands
The Radboud campus in Nijmegen is considered to be the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands. Also, it is one of the very few study locations in the Netherlands where you can live on campus.

10. Prime location
You can take advantage of the favourable location of Nijmegen. Major cities in the Netherlands are just a train ride away and via Düsseldorf Weeze Airport (Ryanair), only 40 minutes away by bus, you are well connected to the rest of Europe.


Renowned for its big, green campus in the oldest city of the Netherlands, it has nine faculties which are all located in one territory. University enrolls over 19.000 students from all over the world in 107 study programmes (40 Bachelors and 67 Masters programmes). Radboud University strives for excellence in every aspect by stimulating inspiring learning environment and investing into modern up-to-date facilities. Several new buildings have been completed in recent years. Two of these buildings are the Gymnasion, houses the University's sports facilities and great Huygensgebouw, houses science faculty. Furthermore, Radboud University Nijmegen has been appreciated for its personal approach and student-oriented, small-scale teaching style. Student motivation and enthusiasm are key features of the truly proactive learning system where everyone is encouraged to develop unique critical and analytical thinking, which is why Radboud University Nijmegen graduates are well known for their decisive academic, research and professional skills.


Radboud University Nijmegen offers a number of outstanding facilities which makes it increasingly easy for foreign students to study in Nijmegen:

* Growing number of English taught programmes
* Excellent Library with more than one million books available for students to read on the spot or take away
* State-of-the-art computer and electronic facilities
* On campus Study Store where students can find all the necessary study materials
* On campus CopyShop for printing, scanning and copying
* Modern and large spots centre facilities

All the University buildings, lecture rooms, facilities, research institutes and the University Hospital are situated together on the former Heyendael estate. The University Library covers the whole campus. Apart from the Central Library there are six further locations. The campus libraries are designed in such a way that it offers not only a place to find a book but also a quiet and modern place to study, meet in groups or enjoy chat in the lounge. The University Library offers an ultimate study environment.

The University Sports Centre is located in almost the centre of the Campus territory. It offers more than 70 types of sports activities to choose from as a course (2 month period) or join for a class. Sports activities range from football, swimming, rowing, tennis, squash to sports such as pole dancing, horseback riding, kickboxing and many more.

Student life

Students at Radboud University are very eager to promote international contacts. They also realise that when foreign students come to Nijmegen it is essential for them to feel at home. Foreign students are therefore cordially invited to participate on a fully equal basis in a number of student organisations.

Social clubs

An academic study should naturally include general, social and cultural education, but also plenty of opportunities for relaxation. These can be found at one of the many social clubs! The social clubs atmosphere and activities are quite diverse, so there is something for everyone. All the Nijmegen social clubs are mixed; the debating societies may be either male- or female-only.

Study clubs

Most studies have a study- or faculty club. Becoming a member of such a club is a pleasant and efficient way to deepen and broaden ones knowledge. In addition to this, it is an easy way to get to know ones fellow students. As a member of a study- or faculty club you can often get study books, or go on excursions, at a discount. In addition, there are study trips to go on, and seminars and lectures to attend. Of course there are also parties, get-togethers and galas on a regular basis.

Ideological associations

For those who are interested in politics or ideology, there is every opportunity to find the club of their choice In Nijmegen, there are four ideological associations that together have some 200 members of various religious convictions. Socialising, making friends and doing things together are most important. Besides this, the members feel it is important to give meaning and expression to their religious convictions.

Cultural societies

Do you like to tango? Would you like to make films, write for cabaret or play in an orchestra? All these things are possible in a cultural society. There are over 15 cultural societies, ensuring that you can get all the cultural enjoyment you need.

Culture on Campus

The University is not just for lectures: you can also become acquainted with art and culture. Besides musical performances, cabaret nights and discussion programmes on the CultuurCafé stage, as well as movies, there are also lunch performances, and a daily opportunity to enjoy various exhibitions. Moreover, Culture on the Campus organises festivals in various parts of the campus, as well as working together with the study clubs of Radboud University and the various stages in town.

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