Founded in 1974, PSB Paris School of Business (formerly ESG MS) is a European elite Grande Ecole management school that combines academic excellence, international awareness and professional experiences. Member of the Conference of Grande Ecoles, we offer several programs including Undergraduate (International BBA), Graduate (Grande Ecole program), and post-Graduate (MSc, MBA, Executive DBA).

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The quality and diversity of the faculty: the PSB teaching staff is known for its academic excellence and pedagogical level.
  • Location of the Campus: Paris is a city offering a unique study abroad experience
  • Growing notoriety: PSB Paris School of Business' degrees are recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education



Founded in 1974 by Pierre Azoulay, PSB Paris School of Business is a European elite Grande Ecole management school that combines academic excellence, international awareness and professional experiences. The school is part of Groupe ESG, a network of seven business schools in Paris with a combined alumni of 26 000.


With close to 40 programs taught in English and over 100 taught in French, we are dedicated to providing high-quality education in the fields of business, the arts, cinema, culture, design, theater and many more. The faculty is comprised of nearly 90 tenured professors. This “nucleus” is backed by more than a hundred lecturers who contribute specific supplementary knowledge and business experience for our business school students.


PSB Paris School of Business has a research lab, including 35 kinds of research spread in 3 areas of research: Economics & Financial, Marketing and Management. The Research Department allows PSB to achieve its mission of conducting, coordinating, publishing, and disseminating research that adds value to managers.

PSB Paris School of Business has about 180 scientific publications including scientific articles, works and nearly 750 intellectual contributions.


PSB Paris School of Business prepares students for a bright career. Graduates are sought after by NGO's and multinational companies in many different fields according to their studies. Students can project themselves in business development, purchasing, international branding, consulting and many more.


Student services

Student coordinators will help students organize their intake and their stay in Paris. Specialized offices are available as well for students for any inquiry that they may need. Student association offices are also available. Students help each other for day to day issues that they could have lived in Paris.

Housing services

PSB Paris School of Business will help you find an accommodation in Paris. We have several partners for short-term and long-term stays. We also offer a specialized website opened to enrolled PSB students only to help them find an apartment compared to their needs and wants.

Library services

A library is accessible for PSB students within the Campus for them to study in groups or individually. PSB also offers a partnership with the American Library of Paris giving them access to over 100 periodical titles for consultation and over 2000 digital articles and books.

ICT services

PSB Paris School of Business gives access to every student with high speed fiber internet connection. We also provide personal support for any issue that you could have with the connection on your device. Computers are also available on campus in the specialized computer rooms.

Medical services

With the French law, every student in France must have a social security that they will choose on the day of their arrival at PSB Paris School of Business. This card will give you access to reduced prices for doctor appointments, pharmacies and any medical situation. There are health care facilities available around the campus and easily accessible for students.

Student Life

Campus life

In September 2014, PSB Paris School of Business moved into the 1st Parisian Cluster Campus founded by Studialis and their partners from the Innovation Factory. The Campus site is near the Olympiades metro in the 13th arrondissement. PSB Paris school of Business is located in the center of Innovation of Paris. It is easily accessible with many different trains, subways and bus lines deserving the area.

Sports facilities

PSB Paris school of Business offers sport association where students meet up in order to play different sports. We also have partners with sport facilities in order to have a reduced price in gym membership, pool access, spa and so on.

Student clubs

Paris School of Business dedicates 1 Million euros to student associations. There are many different activities available for students ranging from entertainment, art, politics, luxury, cooking, events and many more. Students are free to join any association that they would like. Every semester, a meet-up is organized to discover these different associations and help students decide which one they would like to participate in.


PSB Paris School of Business offers 2 AMBA-accredited programs, the Grande Ecole Master in Management and the International MBA.

Other Degrees

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