Faculty of Military Medicine

Ldz, Poland Medical University of Lodz
Military Medical Faculty has arisen from former Medical Military Academy. The aim of education at the Military and Medicine Faculty is to prepare graduates to perform the occupation of a physician and to equip them with the following qualities required of a good physician: good clinical skills, ability to deal with problems, human approach, ability to take in new knowledge, and teamwork skills.



The curriculum consists of preclinical subjects such as normal anatomy, chemistry, biology, bioorganic chemistry, biophysics, and physiology and others, which are taught mainly in first two years; paraclinical subjects (taught in years 2-6) such as pathomorhology, pharmacology, pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, medical psychology and others.

Teaching clinical subjects (internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, neurology, dermatology and venerology, endocrinology, infectious diseases etc.) is offered in years 3-6.

In the course also includes social sciences and humanities and others subject such as physical training, Latin and modern foreign languages.

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (3)

Other Degrees